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What are the effects of parasites on their hosts? 

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Parasitology, which is a wide branch of microbiology and concerns itself with the study of parasites, their hosts, and the interaction between the two. A parasite is one of the many biotic factors that impact health as well as the population of various animals, including human beings. However, the effects of parasites on their hosts varies with the type of parasite, meaning that a parasite might lead to the death of its host due to a direct or indirect fatal effect. While direct fatal effects include the conditions when killing the host is part of the parasite’s life cycle, when there is a lack of equilibrium formation between the parasite and its host, or when the emaciating influence of parasite infection is combined with unfavourable weather conditions, pollution of the surrounding environment, or poor hygiene practices. Furthermore, a parasite can alter the behaviour, as well as the reproductive success of its host.

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But then other questions arise, such as “why do parasites need a host?”, “do all parasites kill their hosts?” and if not, “why do parasites not kill their hosts?” 

Well, a parasite lives in/on the body of its host and based upon the relationship with the host, a parasite can either harm or kill the host. An example of endoparasite, i.e., where the parasite lives inside of the host's body, is Tapeworms, which are segmented flatworms and anchorages on the inside of its host's (cow, pig, and human) bowels. Getting the partially digested food from the host's intestines, tapeworms deprive their hosts of nutrients. Fleas, on the other hand, are an example of ectoparasites, which live on the bodies of their hosts. Fleas, sticking to the outer skin of the hosts, i.e., dogs and cats, get a warm home and food in return. However, the dogs and cats got harmed as the fleas bite the skin and suck the blood out of it, making the hosts itch. Henceforward, parasites, of both endo- and ecto-type, get nutrients and shelter from their hosts. Although a parasite often harms its host, it is in its best interest to not kill its host as it is dependent, partially or wholly, on the host's body and bodily functions, for instance, circulation and digestion, to sustain its living.

Types of Host-Parasite Relationship

  1. Symbiotic relationship: this is an association wherein both the partners, i.e., the host and the parasite get benefited and neither of them suffers from any harm. 

  2. Commensalism: An association in which only the parasite derives nutrition, either in the form of food and shelter, or protection from its prey, and the host remains unharmed and unaffected.

  3. Parasitism: this is the only kind of association in which one partner is benefited (the parasite), while the other one suffers from various injuries and even death (the host).

What Are the Three Types of Parasites? 

Parasites are primarily categorised into the following three classes:

  1. Protozoa: Entamoeba histolytica being an example, protozoans represent the single-celled organisms, which can be of both free-living and parasitic nature. Their multiplication in humans, contributing to their survival, poses serious infections. Their transmission usually occurs via the faecal-oral route. 

  2. Helminths: flatworms and roundworms are the typical examples of parasitic helminths. These are usually multi-celled and are visible to our naked eyes. They can also be either of the free-living or parasitic nature, just like protozoans, although, their adult form cannot reproduce inside the human host.

  3. Ectoparasites: the term, i.e., ectoparasite, specifically refers to the organisms such as fleas, lice, ticks, and mites, although, is broadly used for blood-sucking organisms (arthropods) also. However, the arthropods such as mosquitos can act as vectors for the transmission of other life-threatening pathogens, such as Malaria causing parasite, Plasmodium. 

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