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The term psychopathology dates back to 1913 when Karl Jasper, a German/Swiss psychologist, first use the term in the book General Psychopathology. Factually speaking, psychopathology is a field of study in which psychologists study abnormal cognition, behavior, and experiences. It can further be divided into two broad categories-

  • Descriptive

  • Explanatory

Now, this is not the only thing that the students of psychopathology studies. There are several theories, diagnostics, research domain criteria, etc. they have to go through in detail. No wonder they feel exhausted with all the research papers, case studies, etc. they have to go through. So, to help these noble students, experts at My Assignment Services united under the same roof to provide them with the best psychopathology assignment help through guided sessions. Keep reading to know more about how they are going to help!

What is psychopathology?

Before going into the detail on how My Assignment Services is going to help the students of psychopathology, let's get into the technicalities of the subject.

In this section, we will understand what is the exact meaning of psychopathology?

As we have mentioned-above psychopathology is a field of study that focuses on the abnormal cognition, behavior, experiences of the individuals. In simpler terms, it is a study that is related to the in-depth study of mental health or mental illness. Psychopathology tries to find out the answer to the questions like- what is the cause of the mental illness, how is it developing, what are the outcomes of the mental illness, and so on.

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It more or less focuses on the causes of mental illness because prevention is always better than cure. The sooner we understand what are the causes that lead to the development of mental disorders, the better and effective treatments we are going to discover.

It is similar to discovering the phenomenal features of My Assignment Services the sooner you discover them, the better it would be for your psychopathology assignment help through guided sessions.

What are the causes of psychopathology?

Pinpointing the exact cause of the psychopathology might be hard, as it may vary from person to person or it may vary depending upon the conditions as well. But some of the most common causes of psychopathology consist and are not limited to-

  • A family member with mental illness-

According to the researchers, there are a lot of factors that contribute to mental illness. This is one of those factors. It is analyzed that people with mental illness, have someone in their family with psychopathology disorder.

  • Substance or alcohol use-

These are other factors that contribute to mental illness. According to researchers, substance or alcohol use for the long term may increase the chance of developing mental illness.

  • Past Trauma-

This is another factor that contributes to mental illness. Many times all the bad experiences put a strain on the brain that leads to developing in different mental disorders.

  • Biological factors-

Several biological factors like genes, brain chemistry, etc. are also considered to be responsible for developing mental illness.

As we have mentioned earlier that these are some of the notable causes we can name. They are not limited! With the new findings in the field, we can safely assume that we can discover more of the causes of mental illness sooner or later.

Diagnostic systems for psychopathology-

We all know that mental illness is one of the serious concerns for human beings. Diagnosis of these illnesses is one of the primary duties of any psychopathology expert. With time there are a lot of the diagnostic systems that have been introduced. Some of them are-

  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-

It is an assessment system developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. Currently, it is in the 11th version and is popularly known as ICD-11. It is approved by the World Health Assembly that consists of the health ministers and health experts from 193 member nations of the World Health Organization. It focuses on exterminating the mental illness as well as medical issues on a global level.

  • Research Domain Criteria (RDoC)-

RDoC is mainly focused on planning and funding the research. It does not group psychopathology in disorders, as it focuses on research from various areas, including neuroscience, experimental psychology, genomics, etc.

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