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A public policy is designed by the government of a nation to meet the social, economic, and legislative needs of a society. The policy developed by the federal government should ideally be very comprehensive in its nature; however, there is always scope for further development of the policy and a perfect legislation may not exist. Policies and legislations are subject to change depending on the changing needs of the society.

In the purview of popular and unpopular opinions formed by the actions of a government - some policies may be opposed by the opposition party with or without plausible ground. Let us consider the political scenario in the U.S.A: the opposing party is represented by the Republicans, and the ruling party is represented by Democrats. The policies designed by Mr Obama who is the elected democrat can be opposed by the Republican Party. Every policy designed by the U.S.A. government is subject to exhaustive negotiations and discussion in the American parliament. The exhaustive nature of negotiations undertaken by the bureaucrats to approve a legislation or public policy in the parliament is the essential form of a democratic style of government.

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