Work and Employability

  1. Based on your learning from the course, outline why it is important for Google to have an effective Human Resource planning process and then discuss how you would assess the future demand for human resources at Google. Use examples in your discussion to further explain your answer (6 marks).

At Google, it is essential to have a successful HR planning procedure because of quite a number of reasons. Google is among the biggest and oldest tech giants in the world. Almost everyone in this world with a computer at their disposal uses Google in some or the other way. For this reason, it is important for Google to have an excellent workforce which provides its customers and clients the best of products and services. Google is a company which believes in delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. It can also be noticed that Google has diversified products and services offered by its diversified businesses. These range from online advertising, cloud computing, software and hardware solutions and electric self-driving cars among a host of other solutions. Different HR strategies are required to answer the varied requirements of the workforce, which aims to deliver the best solutions to end users. As new technology comes up, the future demand for HRM at Google is only going to increase. There would be a need for HR managers to watch out for surplus or shortage of talent in the company as well as for establishing a balance between the supply and demand of qualified professionals.

  1. Based on your learning from the course, outline why having good recruitment practices would be important at Google and then discuss two benefits of using internal recruitment methods to recruit and retain staff at Google. Use examples in your discussion to further explain your answer (6 marks).

Google is a multinational tech giant and one of the most esteemed and important enterprises in the world. It caters to its audience with numerous technological products and services. Google’s carries out operations within diverse domains such as online advertising, cloud computing and software and hardware products. The products and services of Google are considered world-class. All of Google clients, customers and consumers have high expectations from Google with regards to the provision of high-quality products and services. Therefore, it becomes highly essential for Google to acquire the best, the most professional, experienced and talented workforce from all over the world. The case study points out that the success of Google depends on high-quality HR management. Good recruitment practices would help retaining an adequate workforce. One benefit of internal recruitment is that through promotions, transfers and giving full-time jobs to trainees and interns, they are appreciated for the commendable work they have done and such talented employees are retained by the company. The other benefit of internal recruitment is that the employees get to take part in all the different kinds of activities and businesses Google is into and this gives them hands-on experience in a lot of trades. For example, an employee working on Google Drive could be transferred to the Loon LLC department which is a totally different project.

  1. Based on your learning from the course, discuss the importance of why on-the-job training would be important at Google and then outline one way you could improve the training and development practices at Google. Use examples in your discussion to further explain your answer (6 marks).

The world of technology is highly dynamic, ever-growing, ever-evolving and continuously changing. It is driven by great zeal, inquisitiveness, curiosity, experimentation, inventiveness and innovativeness. The aim of technology is to make human lives easier by answering the most deep-rooted questions in science. For these reasons, not only the hires and interns but also the highly skilled professionals need to be updated about the day to day developments taking place in the field of technology. This is why Google gives due importance to on-the-job training of its employees. The field of technology requires smartness and excellence on the part of people. On-the-job training helps the Google personnel to perform their tasks efficiently and excel in their different job roles. Not just Google, this is true for any company. One way through which training and development practices at Google can be improved is by creating a package wherein the trainees have to work on simulations, analyse its results, sit for on-the-job trainings, mark its key points and then have discussions together on what they learnt in the training and development program. Such a training would ensure all-round development of the employees and interns deployed in the different departments of Google and help them in their careers.

  1. Based on your learning from the course, discuss why an effective performance management system would be important at Google and then outline two strategies to manage employees with poor performance at Google. Use examples in your discussion to further explain your answer (6 marks).

Google is a reputed organisation with high stakes in the global market. The acceptance of its products and services in the market depends on their reliability and superior quality, factors which Google has taken good amount of care for since its inception in 1998. Google has been able to maintain its brand image through the sheer hard work and perseverance of its employees. It is Google’s policy to only recruit the best of the talent from all over the world. This ensures high performance on the part of its employees and consequently, the success of the business. An effective performance management system is important at Google because such a system can keep track of the performance of employees who are responsible for delivering high-quality products and services to its consumers. Such a system can record, analyse and furnish reports on the performance of employees and can be suggestive of the ways in which they can better their performance. One strategy to manage employees with poor performance could be transferring them to different departments within Google so that they can learn and relearn different kinds of work. Another strategy could be to conduct regular training sessions and workshops for such employees so that they can improve their performance.

  1. Based on your learning from the course, discuss why the use of motivation theories to reward employees at Google would be important and then outline how you would apply one of the motivation theories to enhance the motivation of employees at Google. Use examples in your discussion to further explain your answer (6 marks).

There could be several motivating factors for employees at Google. While some are driven by the compensation Google provides, others could be content with the work culture and all the fun they can have on the job. It is important for Google to reward its employees as it is one of the most prestigious organisations to work at in the world and also one of the wealthiest with an annual turnover of a couple of hundreds of billions of dollars. Google would certainly take care of its employees who have contributed in such a huge success of the organisation since its inception. Another reason why rewarding employees at Google is important because Google’s business is spread all over the world and employees often times work in pressured conditions. Rewarding them might take some stresses and loads off their heads. I would apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs motivation theory to enhance the motivation of employees at Google. This theory focuses on the psychological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love need, esteem needs and self-actualization of employees, thus motivating them to perform better and work towards achieving professional as well as their own personal goals.

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