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Employability skills.

Personal branding.

Personal development plan.



Introduction to Employability Portfolio

I am looking for an opportunity where I can use my digital marketing skills and become an asset to the organization. I have a keen desire to help other business to grow well in the market place. I love to take challenges as it motivates me to do something creative and extra-ordinary. I have good communication skills and I am adaptable to circumstances. I always to try to improve my strategic and analytical thinking and apply them to those areas where there is a need. My educational background makes a perfect fit for digital marketing specialist of a creative agency.

Summary of Employability Portfolio

In this research, I am going to discuss my employability skills for the job role I am applying for. The report thus put forth about the knowledge, skills and ability required for attaining the job. Besides this, it also discusses areas where there is a need for improvement and where I need to develop my skill set. In the next section, the report covers personal branding so that it becomes easy for the person to find out whether I can work on the specific ole which I have applied for or I am not eligible enough for the position (Behle, 2020). In the last section of the report, I have prepared a personal development plan to improve my skills and knowledge in the domain so that I can get selected for the candidature which I am thinking of. I have also mentioned some of my goals on which I am working. These are demonstrated in the form of SMART goals which are required for fulfilling the requirements of the job position. At last, the conclusion section throws light on the crux of the portfolio so that it becomes easy for the recruiter to finalize whether they will select me for the position or not.

Employability Skills

Graduate employability framework has ten different elements which must be present in the candidate for obtaining or creating the work. These elements include a higher education degree, respectable grades and level of achievement, knowledge, career focus and goals, identity, the match between industry employment vacancies and type of the degree, internships, skills, attributes and co-curricular activities (Adeyinka-Ojo, 2018). After finding all the elements I realized that there are some elements in which I have proficiency whereas there are somewhere I lack. The skill sets which I lack in can result in hindrance in my selection process of being a specialist in digital marketing.

The elements of graduate employability in which I am proficient are the following elements-

  • A higher education degree

I have done specialization in marketing from Melbourne University and have secured good percentage. This indicates that I have a thorough knowledge of the field and this is why I can apply all the core concepts that I have learned in the university in the creative agency as well (Nesaratnam, Karan & Von, 2018). It states that I have broad-based- full knowledge and experience in the field. I understand having a higher degree in the master is essential for getting a good job thus I have attained it so that I can get the dream job which I was looking forward since I gained consciousness.

  • Attributes

A recruiter often sees that a person has some attributes in them or not like teamwork, resilience, adaptability, flexibility and so on. The best thing about me is that I have all these attributes in me. I adjust according to the situation easily. This indicates that I am flexible at my work. I even have worked in the teams before and thus I know how to corporate with the other team members while working on digital marketing of the product. I understand that things keep on changing in the digital market and thus it is very important for a good candidate to able to show some resilience towards the work (Peeters et al. 2019). The algorithm keeps on updating and now and then there is a new version available for digital marketing and thus I keep myself updated to the latest trends and news in digital marketing.

  • Work experience

I have worked as an intern in Yango for three months. During my work there, I had learnt various things which is very important for digital marketing. Earlier I used to think that I have all the knowledge and I can do anything but when working in Yango I realized that it is not just about the theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge as well and thus I started enhancing my practical knowledge from there (Pheko & Molefhe, 2017). This has become one of my competitive advantages in comparison to others. 

The elements of graduate employability in which I am lack are the following elements-

  • Problem-solving skill

I identified through self-evaluation process that I do not have problem-solving skills and need to work on it so that I can enhance my skills and work on the development of this skill which I do not possess.

  • Technology

I also identified that I do not have a command on the latest technology as it keeps on changing and thus I need to cope up with the latest technology so that I can start working on the new one without having any problem.

Both these elements play a very important role and to be a strong contender I have to start working on improving them so that in any case I do not lose out any kind of marks.

Personal Branding

It is very important to set up SMART goals for development purpose. It is because if a person does not have smart goals he or she will be able to grow well in the business (Ferns, Dawson & Howitt, 2019). It is thus very important for me to develop these smart goals so that I can achieve them and become a successful digital marketing specialist in the creative agency which I am trying to accomplish.

I have all the required skills. I am creative and I also possess knowledge which is required for digital marketing. I am analytical skills which are very important for digital marketing. I have all worked in a team and thus possess some good team leadership capabilities. If I get the chance to be the specialist in digital marketing I will not let the company down and this is the reason for which the company should hire me (Ferns, Dawson & Howitt, 2019). I am not perfect but I am trying to become a perfect candidate for marketing on whom the company can rely on marketing its products in the online environment. If I get the chance I will make the most of it and will prove by enhancing the company's return in the market.

Personal Development Plan

S no.

Specific goals




Time frame


To read as many case studies as I can in the digital marketing field

Conducting test

I will read at least 2 case studies in the weak and try to understand it properly so that I can apply its concept in the domain.


6 months


To keep myself updated with new technology

Reviewing work on new technology (Frankham, 2017).

If required I will attend classes to learn the latest technology and try to create a grip on the new technology which is very important currently.


Every year


To increase my self-managing capabilities

Check the work in this direction

I lack in self-managing and organizing things for myself but now since I am working for getting a good opportunity, therefore, I feel that I have to start managing myself and take it as a first step towards marketing specialist.


3 months


To enhance my knowledge in the field more

To participate in quizzes and exams

I will never stop learning because if I want to be successful, I need to work on new things. I need to understand new skills in digital marketing. If I will stop learning I will stop growing and at the current stage, I cannot afford to stop growing.




To reach the top position in digital marketing

By checking growing speed

I may get selected for the position but this does not stop me from my ambitions. I have to be well proficient enough that I can be at the topmost position in the company in digital marketing.


5 years from now

Conclusion on Employability Portfolio

It can be concluded from the findings that I will try to improve all the areas in which I lack so that in future I do not have to face the same difficulty which I am facing currently. It is because I believe nobody is perfect everyone learns from the experiences and not repeating the same mistakes is what I am looking forward to. I am sure that If I work on the above-mentioned plan I will be able to achieve all those things which I have dreamt of. The only thing which I have to keep up is I have to stay determined and work hard. I am sure I will become a successful person if I will follow the personal development plan.

References for Employability Portfolio

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