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Case Study: John Grant

There are several related problems in the major nursing environment. There is no teamwork, as well as there may not be any mistakes in medication or nursing services to John. Nurses may not have time to take a break, as well as not only will John stay until he recovers, but John's workload on care will not be shared among similar workers (Lacey 2012).The cost will eventually outweigh the costs of the organization as well as John.

In the nursing assessment at the beginning of John's care, the performance as well as documentation is essential. It’s possible that John's nurses can do the same, but none of them want to be able to talk about their past mistakes in nursing practice. Therefore, in John's case, it's important to be able to avoid such mistakes (Henderson 2009).This can only occur from the enthusiasm as well as full performance of the nurse. If John is in a position to communicate verbally, the performance includes a full diagnostic or chart. If he can't speak, you need to observe the reaction as well as movement of drugs to understand the basis of the next course of action for care. This should be done while recording all activities as well as progress for future reference.

Complexity as well as the presence of many nursing activities as well as commitments may require future reference. If documentation as well as John's high quality care can be harmonized, such nursing services will be incomparable. This is because there are people who claim they have difficulty maintaining the document during the nursing process, as well as the challenge is behind them. Behind the need for both performance as well as documentation effort, the point is to provide a record of John's care as well as his baseline health information. The mutual ability between John as well as his nurse will improve the quality of nursing care (Henderson 2009).

The fact that John has an inset of arterial lines may lead him to several complex medical treatments as well as nursing services. You also need a consistent blood monitoring system to check the pressure. Monitoring blood pressure is one of the importances of system insertion. The monitoring system must contain a catheter inserted into the artery of John's body's fate. The catheter is connected to devices such as pressure tubes as well as transducers, both connected to the monitor. The monitor displays output information that pulls out information about John's health.

Devices must be managed to avoid malfunction or data retrieval (Woodrow 2009).On John's side, complications may occur as well as are related to the system that relates to his immediate health. The unit may not contain all of the required ingredients, or the label information as well as medication order may not match. They can cause more medical complications for John's health. These problems can be avoided by closely monitoring the system that contains all the information displayed on the monitor.

In most cases, John is tired as well as tired at night, so CPAP requires treatment. This ventilation mode is often applied when John is sleeping. It is a treatment that helps him breathe if he is not diagnosed with dyspnoea.The machine used helps to raise the throat air pressure so that the airway does not collapse when you inhale unconsciously. It also helps reduce snoring as well as increase the concentration of nurses' health (e.g., Norman D). 2006).John's ease of breathing increases his air circulation in the blood as well as helps with cellular manipulation, including digestion, cell production, as well as production for faster healing.

John can heal faster only if there is enough oxygen in the body cells. There may be several issues related to using CPAP with John. It may be outrageous to get used to some kind of ventilation, but he must get used to it (Norman D, et al).2006).Because adaptation to it is a problem, the nurse has to deal with John's reaction to the machine, as well as deal with it in a subtle as well as patient manner. He or she needs to monitor how John adapts as well as handle the use.

John's apparent intercostals catheter will require the use of intercostals catheters. The use of these medical devices will help release the fluid as well as air that accumulate in the pleural space of John. Such air as well as fluid not only reduce lung expansion, but also make John difficult to breathe as well as hypoxia (Woodrow P 2009).When these fluids as well as air are discharged, the intrathoracic negative pressure that originally existed is restored. In many cases, they are placed on the water seal to maintain the pressure required. Nurses should not dress around the tube when managing devices during client treatment. When a patient feels anxiety about dressing as well as unconsciously kicks it out of service, the device can also cause fluid as well as air accumulation that can lead to the problem of patient breathing. The resulting death can eventually occur, so proper management is required.

Whenever S/C heparin is administered, there is a controversy about the use of alcohol swab. The use of alcohol cotton sticks is based on the idea that alcohol can help clean up a patient's body injection site before injection. Alcohol cotton sticks are considered safe because they are distributed mainly in a water proof sterile container. It is primarily disposable as well as can be used for various purposes, such as cleaning equipment. There are alternatives such as soap as well as water, as well as cotton sticks are always used when they are not available. The argument against their use involves the possibility of using a single swab for several purposes or patients. A swab must be used once, not just one patient. This even requires the promotion of more distribution of the swab than the needle. Other mistakes related to alcohol cotton sticks include attempts to blood clot after injection or stopping bleeding. This should not be done on medication (Workman 1999).

The six drugs prescribed by John were given to help him in his overall recovery. His prescription plays a role in his health care. First, in addition to the importance of sleeping, he has to remove the pain. Not only does he have a bruise that needs to be cured, it requires his third prescription. He has a problem with the respiratory system, as well as his heart rate is so low that his blood pressure is low. He needs to get his sense again, but his restless behavior may not be based on poisoning as well as should not be treated as a sedative. If so, rehabilitation is the best way to avoid future alcohol-related accidents. He should be offered an option to remove restless behavior, but it is more important to find the course.

John has many other emotional needs besides physical requirements. He lost his wonderful wife in a car accident. He may also face the challenge of driving under the influence of alcohol. Apart from this, he has to recover completely while he is at home. This is the fact that he demands physical assistance such as walking when he lacks sufficient energy. We need to be prepared for this before he leaves the hospital. Moral support as well as encouragement may come from his children as well as relatives. He should be encouraged to live without his dead wife. His children shouldn't allow him to drive until he is completely competent after he recovers. This is important because without these types of support, along with other types of support that he can use, he may find life very difficult for him.

The use of mission statements, values, or philosophy by healthcare organizations usually derives their practical value. An example of a Mission Statement as well as an Australian hospital that is worth reflecting John as well as his family's beliefs is St. Andrews Hospital. The mission of the hospital is clearly stated as "medical as well as surgical excellence."The statement reflects John's family's belief that a well-trained medical facility can protect people from death (Springhouse Corporation 1993).The Hospital's Vision Statement says not only will it provide excellent medical services like the services offered by John, but it will also be the best private hospital in a country with a culture of patient-to-practice medicine as well as the value of care, preparation as well as delivery.


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