Table of Contents

Part A : Business Process Models and strategy analysis.

Business Process Models.

The business technique of Agile.

Flowchart strategy.

SWOT analysis.

Part B: Open Source Software Comparison Table.

Part C: Report


The present situation of the company.

Internal relation and culture of the organization..

Expenditure throughout open-source software at the program..

Suggested market approach for CC band.

Business Plan Accuracy.


Part D: Reflection..


Part A : Business Process Models and strategy analysis

Business Process Models

Business Process Model, as well as Notation (BPMN), is a norm that allows companies to recognize their internal management processes via schematic depictions. Doing so will enable companies to recognize their specific internal and also some outside vulnerabilities and much more effectively adapt to business-to-business (B2B) management circumstances. The following paragraphs describe several different business models that adhere to the BPMN framework (Vermeulen, S., 2017).

The management strategies consist of a stream of activities here between various workers and also some machines inside an enterprise. Both Chris and Clive will leverage this method to connect to the individuals involved, including concert halls, manufacturers, event planners using computerized technology, and use the configuration method, their current gigs announcements, and also some details concerning future tours as well as musical albums. This model methodology could also be used to preserve details regarding CC music concerts and also some knowledge about both the band and economic measurements in processors. It includes analysis (present scenario) and simulation (long term circumstance) of that same CC Music market structures. related knowledge from those in the various processes is collected, like those of knowledge collection, market management modeling, workflow design, implementation, execution, and CC music confirmation.

The Business Technique of Agile

Agile Business Model is actually a considerably modern as well as streamlined methodology which blends management planning approaches through various evolutionary concepts to create a scalable organization. This model would have been of great benefit to CC music as the company will only be willing to sustain itself in whatever problem about the company and management of transaction distribution displays etc. Via the agile framework, CC Music would have the versatility to adjust throughout their promotions and performances to that of the fresh and changing needs of both consumers and fans. Through such a template, they will also have applications in the process that enables them to function efficiently as music promoters to support their specific music and other growing artists as well. The benefits and guarantees of CC Music when making some sort of management judgment are:

  • Chris and Clive will still be in the phase of developing their advertising capabilities in order to continually develop the distribution mechanism and grow their market.
  • During these conferences, they will, therefore, be encouraged to develop their interpersonal abilities with the various persons like those of executives from many other music labels, distributors, event managers. Good communication spowers can help all of them further spread CC Music and use this model.

CC music's inventory control program often has to be systematically utilized within the enterprise. The inventor's key roles involve satisfying the company's overly high demands, including through further stage shows and fans' requests with the Northern band's music available for free broadcasting across the web. Development conditions throughout the studios while a live recording of every rock music or the solo work allow expenditure considerations to become made by Chris and Clive which can also be handled through easily and use a reasonable inventory program. Judgments such as with the amounts of money being paid as just an estimated contribution to activity planners or in galleries as well as many other third parties are decided by shareholders that use the stock or strategic planning framework like Floating. Applications can be collected from those in the various fans and expenses such as those of the expense of having every gig can also be effectively calculated by Chris and Clive (Figl, K., 2017).

Flowchart Strategy

The flowchart methodology uses different types of boxes to demonstrate the phases of the leadership method, and the order of operation is described through markers. The numerous commercial scenarios in CC music can be summed using the flowchart methodology such as determining the schedules of a tour, determining the expense considerations, scheduling their visits, shareholders to be interested.

SWOT Analysis


Chris and Clive provide experienced learning musical, that is actually one of its greatest potentials because they provide the technical awareness of performing music, and songs, that will also be incredibly useful with them in the market. They were also part of the entertainment business in the northwestern part of England and collaborated with such a popular Northern soul group .What would be an additional benefit and power to them in addition to having re-existing music industry contacts. Both have prior expertise of arranging production works, performing at gatherings, and also some planning conferences, gatherings, radio, and television programs.


 Chris and Clive don't have enough information regarding their market strategy. They are not that much informed of that same company technology which ought to be acceptable to the specific requirements of CC musicians. A further deficiency is because they would never have such a collective of appropriate practitioners along with sufficient supporters or economical assistance in their respective business currently.


Considering the potential market strategies of CC Music, it is a smarter investment strategy for the company to employ several experts rather than depend on Clive's niece and Chris's daughter. which is since Chris and Clive with their involvement with the famous northeastern soul group have become very widely known around the world. The incentive is to consider staying with the other musicians and band experts as entertainment is some kind of business unit which is more about innovation and performance, and many more citizens will connect to much more creative CC music proposals. Chris and Clive both have expertise in that area music and they could also use an efficient fleet management program, like those of Music 3d, to handle the existing resources throughout the organization. It will be able to track clients and activity firms, as well as many other shareholders, and should also reduce the expenses associated with resource planning.


New arrivals are also challenged because various music businesses are going to come up and therefore can take benefit of inept advertising through CC musicians as well as data maintenance structures. Furthermore, music is such a space that consumers now can stream music openly through YouTube as well as other web platforms by making and distributing songs from either the cloud (Gürel, E., & Tat, M., 2017).

Part B: Open Source Software Comparison Table

The software's Name.

Automated salesforce

Available supported Operating systems and features

CRM strategy 1: SugarCRM enterprise edition

The integration of the sales force is possible on this platform.

Supported on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Linux. This app takes control of advertising strategies and perhaps even customer satisfaction.

CRM strategy 2 (proxy): Open CRX strategy

There isn't one available here.

It just supports Windows, Linux, and Mac. The development of business revenue, and also some consumer and partnership operations throughout CC music will also be tracked and handled.

CRM Solution 3: (proxy) Fat-free CRM

Not sponsored by SalesForce.

Centered on the "Ruby on rails" operating system architecture This can support handle leadership as well as create new markets for CC music.


The software's Name.



Available Operating systems supported/features

Solving Resource Planning 1: Float

Float provides strategies according to a number of customers. It provides the introductory fourteen-day free subscription including all the app capabilities. Small – $50 per month recurring payment or $60 month-to-month No floating usage fee.

ForecastingDetailed layout of drilling down budget policy making exporting and also some monitoring for production of CC music. Circumstance is dependent on CC outdoor events.

Cloud-based platform for Windows, Mac Os.

Solving Resource Planning 2: (Alternative) Hub planner.

With such a business product, Hub Programmer provides a new plan with such a pricing model with such a business arrangement with such a Sixty days trial period.

Timing of resources timesheets and also some approvals reports including analytics project user interface Solution for enterprise monthly subscription with hub organizer accessible.

Cloud-based approach for Windows, MAC OS.

According to the above analysis, it can even be determined that the sweetness CRM enterprise version would also be one of the best market development applications for CC music because it has all the functionality essential for the organization. It has also the potential to combine the automated distributing systems with those of the Sharepoint program. In addition, it still has the ability to run on distinct operational environments and guarantee the seamless implementation of both the administrative and advertising activities for CC music. Fat-free CRM can also be considered as a feasible alternative option for evaluating and measuring customer experience, it has expenditures from which Chris and Clive can also communicate individually with viewers, consumers at the moment of a display or event, and reply to their questions in live.

Most intriguely, this application has various functionalities upon which CC music can draw further followers and customers by supporting their music as well as the northwestern group with the press even further by providing initial free streaming music as well as other campaigns for the marketing. The industry's best energy development software would be Float because it has a premium plan for micro and medium-sized companies that offers the companies almost all of the functionality required for good resource planning. Float is the perfect resource optimization app to use for CC music by Chris and Clive. The float may also be a good replacement for distributing documents inside the process which have been created automatically in existence. Real-time issue scenarios can also be replicated and use the program in order to keep Chris and Clive alert and educated on any current and future issues for the firm (Herden, A., et. al., 2016).

Part C: Report

Introduction to CC Music

There will be numerous organizational frameworks along with knowledge techniques which are now being thoroughly tested in today's environment by that of the enterprises. Because of the rising competitive existence of international markets, also there are various forms of vulnerabilities as well as challenges throughout companies such as information storage drives and worker discontent that must be counterattacked. This study will help establish a necessary information development plan for a business named CC music to enhance the management structure of the company and the administrative activities. Business intelligence methods and also some free software tools will indeed be discussed in-depth and presented in a tabular format to help the audience understand this better. A descriptive chapter on the management program will also include my own personal opinions (Passman, D. S., 2019).

The Present Situation of CC Music

The current state of affairs in CC music is described such that Chris and Clive, who have previous experience as a music instructor, would like to maintain their relationship with entertainment and still want to collaborate with such a northern soul group they also known for a considerable period. We have previous experience performing music, organizing tours and activities, and proceeding forward to much more pragmatic strategies to the very same. As they actually do not have sufficient experience in the business strategy and perhaps even the side of the business of that same music business, both are searching for a qualified response to the very same.

Internal Relation and Culture of The Organization

The interpersonal contact between both Chris and Clive and also the other people employed in the company is extremely critical inside the company. All changes to the music's laws or intellectual property rights or other employment practices must be conveyed to all of the corporation's shareholders who are to be updated, including such customers as well as other music representatives. These circumstances can, due to a complete lack of interaction, cause some serious disputes and therefore should be avoided. The major constituents of CC culture and music are also mutually advantageous relationships with the shareholders and also some judgment call-making based on evidence and evidence.

Expenditure Throughout Open-Source Software at The Program

Also, Chris and Clive will step forward more to the initial resource investments which are completely relevant to growing CC music. Such investments include the investments they will charge to that of the northern soul group so that they also can start composing and choreographing good music and work on their latest albums which will be supported by CC music. While there are expenditures every CC music has to create to capture the band's newly established music. There will always be a clip of the track in contemporary patterns that need to be made to render it a commercial success. And so there are again associated costs for making lightweight and competent quality pictures. The most critical expenditure or expense variable lies in either the expenses associated with group promotions abroad, including flying, living, fees to the light, and sound people at the establishments of third parties, etc. There have been huge amounts of money often involved with advertising and the marketing of CC Songs Corporation's songs. CC music must also shoulder the burden of their very own music's constitutional rights and intellectual property rights which they must receive from the government.

CC Music also will invest in free software applications for the Sugar CRM. This could be a very productive expenditure for all of the organization as it has choices for analyzing and researching the feedback from customers (fan base). For this scenario, and supporters as well as customers who might schedule the group for gigs and activities in the upcoming generations. This one, in addition, would also help CC Music strengthen its company efficiency. It will allow the company to keep its supporter base informed throughout all times and guarantee that if any problems encountered by the fan or thoughts or feedback loops they express about the group are handled appropriately.

Suggested Market Approach for CC Band

In order to satisfy the company's ever-changing needs and to maintain that perhaps the fan base remains properly managed and consistently growing, it is really necessary for CC Music Company to make sure that somehow the Customer Relationship Vulnerability scanning they use is applied strategically. A further significant thing that even the organization needs to remember seems to be that the program would manage a reasonable involuntary bumping capability. Not that all fans will turn around in a live event, for example, someone else has bought the ticket. In this case, it is a strategy of sales maximizing profits for the business because it has purchased additional seats than what the location can handle. Likewise, there have been payment concessions accessible for underprivileged kids as well as other fan categories who would like to buy CC Music music or attend the northeastern soul band's musical performances. By just doing so, they would be able to market vast numbers of advertising to third party companies and increase the profits produced from this one. It will also allow Chris and Clive to further develop the order administrative system to ensure optimal operation within the business.

Business Plan Accuracy

The BPMN user experience design has a number of features and advantages retained by that of the Sugar CRM and Float business administration program. The business process model notation (BPMN) will also help CC music continuously achieve results like those of commercial tracking and launch of latest album releases and continuously preserving most of fans engagement. It should aid continuity in the performance of CC Music by continuing to conduct data-oriented administrative activities including data collection, process management building, creation of process templates, implementation, testing, and real-time execution of corporate strategy within the organization. Once more, a sound marketing strategy instills throughout the company along with the concept of responsibility through which CC entertainment is both accountable for the atmosphere and ensures that perhaps the music they make and endorse does not in any way impact the climate. The implementation of physical disks, as for example, will impact the atmosphere as it causes a waste of physical belongings. There is little or no external duplication and thus an online distribution policy can be built in which the listeners provide immediate access to the internet to the album and the music is accessible free of charge streaming online (Seiki, K., 2018).

In order to be a hit for the new approach in CC Music, it is important that the performance of Chris and Clive matches to the greatest extent possible with the perception predicted by audiences. Where there is an intention to make four bookings for all of the northern soul group for just a given month, further bookings should not be encouraged as well as the requisite details should, therefore, be adequately transmitted to the members of the band. An online fantasy help desk support should also be installed into which fans and supporters can submit their group questions and complaints, and request details about both the current gig changes. CC music could also have a party at their own office where they can sell more tickets, obtain group brochures and flyers every day to keep the audience satisfied and much more involved in CC music. CC Music should use the system or Public Architecture of Engineering to ensure that properly qualified practitioners manage the float and that Sugar CRM technology wants to make sure that the measurements and tests are correct and that there were no simple mistakes throughout the outcomes.

Recommendation on CC Music

The northern soul group will suggest performing with the subgenres certain artists and bands and accepting feedback from many other performers who can make them better themselves. They may also advertise their music on sites such as Reverbnation and also some Bandsintown and Songkick. It will also enable users to access completely free to certain content.

Part D: Reflection

I have interpreted the principle of business process model notation (BPMN) to shape the latter analysis. I was able to integrate effectively, direct the company with respect to the correct technology for the operational activities, and learn the additional functionality of the two different applications that CC music is using for its potential administration activities. The business had no clear plan to market their concerts and CC music didn't have quite the knowledge how else to deal with that of the northern soul group they've been popular for years. I was able to develop a full expenditure/cost map for the business that clearly outlined the various cost considerations CC music had to face by incorporating the float program including describing existing operating standards. I am also able to direct Chris and Clive on their novel enterprise and suggest methods for optimizing revenue by marketing techniques such as complimentary offers and charitable presentations that they can do.

I have also made suggestions to Chris and Clive to employ more experts in the potential to maintain a successful emergency response inside the company to resolve any unexpected circumstances inside the company. I also have learned how to manage and execute complex tasks on time. I've heard about different facets of project planning. I clarified criteria including the Cost Performance Index (CPI) that calculate the efficiency of the business's investment to reduce unnecessary expenses. I helped CC company formulate frameworks to accomplish its sustainable goal of destroying itself from the marketplace as more of a like successful international group by maximizing and enhancing its core audience growth and also its enjoyment.

Reference for Operations and Information Management

Figl, K. (2017). Comprehension of procedural visual business process models. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 59(1), 41-67.

Gürel, E., & Tat, M. (2017). SWOT analysis: a theoretical review. Journal of International Social Research, 10(51).

Herden, A., Farias, P. P. M., & Albuquerque, A. B. (2016, April). An Agile approach to improve process-oriented software development. In Computer Science On-line Conference (pp. 413-424). Springer, Cham

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Vermeulen, S. (2017, October). Real-time business process model tailoring: the effect of domain knowledge on reading strategy. In OTM Confederated International Conferences" On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems" (pp. 280-286). Springer, Cham

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