Social Determinants of Health 

Introduction to Employment Opportunity for Australian Aboriginal People

The study aims to outline the policy which mandates big businesses and corporations to employ indigenous Australian. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander lag behind in the development activities due to illiteracy as well as due to unemployment. This assignment is the third part of the other two assignments which discusses the social determinants of health for indigenous people that focuses on education and income of the aboriginal people. Providing all the benefits to aboriginal people is one of the constant challenges for the government and non-government authorities in Australia (Wilson et al., 2018). This study will focus on the policy that aids government bodies to provide employment opportunities for aboriginal in terms of giving a job to almost all the candidates who are eligible. The policy is to provide the job equal job opportunity to the aboriginal people. This study demonstrates the rationale of the project, its aims and goals as well as the implementation and evaluation plan of the policy.

Project Rational: Employment Opportunity for Australian Aboriginal People

In order to enhance the living standard of aboriginal people, it is very important for the government as well as other nongovernment body to provide equal employment opportunities to them. Employment is a key factor that can improve the conditions of aboriginal people and help them to utilise the benefits given by the government and non-government bodies to them. There are various benefits of employment as it improves the health status and education level as it also contributed to enhance self-esteem and reduce social alienation (Daly, 2018). Unemployment leads to various health issues and there are various health problems that aboriginal people are already facing but providing them employment opportunities will help them improves their living standard. Therefore, this study will focus on the project plan that will provide job opportunities to aboriginal people in different associations and business.

Project Goal: Employment Opportunity for Australian Aboriginal People

The aim of the project is to implement a plan that has the aboriginal people to get good job opportunities in future. The study focuses on the project that is to provide employees up to 3% of the total workforce in Australia. As per this plan, the organisation needs to fix a quota for the aboriginal people so that an accurate number of people will be appointed in the organisations, businesses and Corporation. Three per cent of aboriginal among the total workforce should be appointed in the organisation as the employees (Schultz, Abbott, Yamaguchi & Cairney, 2018). These need to take up to almost one year to complete this plan as various factors need to be undertaken in order to implement this plan. The organisation needs to be very specific in order to appoint aboriginal people. As in the hospital management, the aboriginal people ratio is increasing in terms of employment which is a great initiative taken by the government by appointing a large number of aboriginal people in the field of Health Care. The study will demonstrate the implementation and the execution plan for this project within the given time frame and all the aspects of completing this project.

Project Alignment with Government and Non-Government Bodies

In order to initiate and implement the plan, it is very important for the government as well as non-government authorities to be proactive in terms of implementing this plan. The government needs to take strict actions and make it as a rule for every organisation to appoint aboriginal people as a permanent employee of the organisation. The government authorities and the organisation needs to take corrective plants and conduct research for the exponents which are having good qualification and are eligible for working in an organisation. Apart from this, the non-government authorities such as aboriginal communities make aboriginal aware of the job opportunities that help them to improve their living standards. The organisations and aboriginal communities should work together. Apart from this, it is also important for the government and non-government bodies to work together and check the actions that not only beneficial for the organisation but also aboriginal people (Altman, 2018). The organisation should provide job opportunities for aboriginal people as most of the organisations have a manufacturing role so they need labours in the organisation. The need to fix proper quota for the aboriginal people as 3% of the employment seats should be available for the aboriginal people in the organisation.

Implementation Plan

Steps through which this plan can be implemented through the government and non-government bodies proactive the participation in the plan. Firstly, organisations such as Healthcare, IT sector non-government and many other organisations need to consider and give equal opportunities for all the candidates not only the aboriginal but also for the candidates which are eligible for the position. In the field of the health sector, the aboriginal people are already developed and emerging as a brilliant option to give better health facilities to aboriginal people. There are various steps through which this plan can be implemented.

  • The very first time for implementation of this plan is the role of aboriginal communities which is a direct link between the authorities as well as organisations with aboriginal people. The aboriginal communities need to make aboriginal people aware of the job opportunities in different fields and also make them aware of the importance of education. If the education level is good for aboriginal people then it is easy for them to get a job in the business and corporate world. The aboriginal communities need to engage the aboriginal people with the employment opportunities that can enhance the way of living of aboriginal people. These community needs to collect the data when sending data to the organisation in order to make employment rate higher of aboriginal people.
  • The organisations need to provide equal opportunities for all the people not only to the aboriginal people but also the people who are eligible for the organisation vacant position (Parmenter & Trigger, 2018). If the candidates are not eligible in terms of qualification than the job role such as for labour can be provided to the aboriginal people aboriginal people. Apart from this organisation also implement policies in terms of any discrimination faced by the employees in the organisation so that of the discrimination happens in the organisation it will be eradicated. This process will take time almost 6 to 10 months in order to collect the data of the aboriginal people eligibility for jobs.
  • The government authorities should also make this is a rule to appoint aboriginal people in the organisation without any discrimination in giving opportunities to them. If each organisation can appoint 3% of aboriginal people in the organisation workforce then most of the aboriginal people will be employed and it will help them to enhance their living standards. In the field of Healthcare, there are a large number of aboriginal peoples are serving and therefore other organisation can also employ a large number of aboriginal people in their organisation. If these differences eradicated then it will be easy for aboriginal people to take easily communicated and interacted with the world.

The Time Period for Implementation Plan

This plan will take time for almost six to ten months to successfully implement. However, this will be completed soon if the participation of the communities and organisation is proactive. Apart from this, the organisation needs to make all the strategies about this plan so it will also take a bit of time to manage the operations and employee aboriginal people in the organisation.

In the healthcare sector, the aboriginal peoples are already employed and they are serving very well. Aboriginal people can easily adjust to other corporations and associations in order to get a job.

Roles and Responsibilities

In order to implement this plan the government associations, government authorities, the organisations and aboriginal communities need to work together to make this plan successful one. All the aboriginal communities need to engage together and provide a platform for employment for aboriginal people (Arthur, 2018). The government needs to make this as a rule for each organisation to appoint aboriginal people and their workplace up to 3% of its total workforce. The organisations also played a very important role in order to provide a proper environment for aboriginal people as no discrimination will be seen in the organisation in order to have smooth working.

Evaluation Plan: Employment Opportunity for Australian Aboriginal People

After the implementation of this plan, the government needs to evaluate the success and the gaps in this plan. The government authorities need to engage with the aboriginal people and identify the issue that they are facing while working in the organisation. Government authorities should also get involved with the organisation and listen to their reviews and issues that they are facing by employing aboriginal people (Cairney et al., 2017). A proper team needs to be appointed in order to analyse the gaps and take appropriate actions to eliminate these issues faced by the organisation and the aboriginal people. This plan is very effective for organisations as well as for the aboriginal people.

References for Employment Opportunity for Australian Aboriginal People

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