Fundamentals of Leadership


Part A..

Introduction to the Company.

Summary of type and characteristics of leadership quality of the leader.

Critical Evaluation Leadership of the Leader.

Factors Blocking Leader from changing style.

Part B..

Alternative Leadership Style.


Introduction to Water Shop Leadership Analysis

The Water Shop was established 30 years ago by Mr. Vince Russell who is the founding father of Australia’s health food industry (The Water Shop, n.d.). He has received many awards for the innovation before Russell's chain, which had 7 successful stores, was purchased by Blackmores vitamins. In the media reports, it was reported that contaminants, pollutants, and also sodium fluoride was found in the drinking water (The Water Shop, n.d.). Mr. Vince Russell after looking at the reports became alert and analyzed the growing demand for water purification products. In response to such an analysis and need for water purification products in 1970, he designed the drinking water system and commercialized it in Australia. It was the first home drinking water system made by him. With the increasing demand for the market and requirement of great quality purification technologies, the water shop was founded in 1980 which has now become Australia’s biggest independent water filtration exporter, wholesaler, and retailer (The Water Shop, n.d.). The company intends to provide high and best quality products that can enhance the health and well-being of the customers.

The company attends the world's largest trade fair and conventions of water purification twice a year which helps it to adopt the latest technology of filtration and also aids in understanding as to what kind of products requirement is present around the world. Therefore, the company ensures that the customers are receiving the best quality of water filtration solution. The company is ISO 9002 approved company and is also a member of the water quality association and therefore it provides certified as well as completely tested products that meet the AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian plumbing standards MP52 (The Water Shop, n.d.).

Summary of Type and Characteristics of Leadership Quality of The Leader

Leadership is one of the main determinants correlated with every organization's performance and failure. Leadership style is the way a leader leads others and motivates them to accomplish organizational objectives (Khajeh, 2018).

I have found that my leader works in an autocratic style of leadership wherein he presses his employees and his team members to work in a manner that requires giving ample time and effort plus makes them exert to a level which at times becomes unproductive. The team members and employees are also given fewer opportunities in case of any suggestions required even if the suggestions or advice are productively benefiting the company or are in the interest of the company. Our leader controls all the decisions over which he is empowered and invite minimum inputs from the employees. Our leader is reluctant in accepting suggestions from the employees and is more inclined to make decisions based on his wisdom and judgment. Therefore, our leader is of a controlling and strict nature.

Critical Evaluation Leadership of the Leader

The autocratic manner in which our leader operates attracts certain drawbacks which are as stated below:

  1. Such a form of leadership results in discouragement of inputs from employees which hampers the positive environment in the company.
  2. Such kind of leadership results in discouragement to the employees where sensitive employees tend to resign and therefore employee turnover is more, as well as the negative environment, can be seen.
  3. There are also cases where the employees are more knowledgeable in their respective fields compared to him and if advice is taken from them then the decision making will be effective but if proper suggestions are not taken from knowledgeable and expert subordinates then the organization fails to achieve the objective of effective and efficient decision making.
  4. Due to the autocratic leadership of our leader the organization is affected badly as employees who are knowledgeable and have self-esteem tend to resign and leave the organization (Cherry, 2020).

It is to be noted that the employees in the organization make the company achieve its objective in the best possible way and the employees of the organization, if not treated properly and are not respected as to their opinion about certain issues, the organization will fail in its objective. Employees of an organization are assets of the company and properly treating them increases the credibility of the company and effectiveness of a company and therefore proper treatment to the employees is the basic fundamental of any organization which is not at all followed under the leadership of our leader.

The model of autocratic leadership continues to grow vulnerable and unintelligent subordinates who dread taking on responsibilities. The autocratic model of leadership has a major detrimental effect on the success of workers. This leadership style appears to have fewer successful working groups and subordinates showed a high degree of frustration with the job. So, autocratic leaders continue to restrict subordinate efficiency. Such Type of autocratic leadership contributes to workers becoming unhappy with employment (Dolly and Okpokwasili, 2018). Authoritarian leadership is adversely correlated with occupational results such as staff engagement, organizational dedication of workers, job success, encouragement, and vocalization activity (Du, Li and Luo, 2020). An authoritarian leader has a detrimental impact on task efficiency (Wang, Liu and Liu, 2019).

Factors Blocking Leader from Changing Style

It seems that our leader is adamant and is inclined towards working in an autocratic leadership manner and it is difficult for him to change the approach of his leadership. Therefore, his attitude is the only issue that is blocking him from making the required changes in his leadership.

Alternative Leadership Style

The alternatives to the autocratic leadership adopted by our leader can be laissez-faire leadership, democratic leadership, charismatic leadership, and transformative leadership (Informa Insights, 2015). The leader leaves his or her subordinates to move on with their job in a laissez-faire leadership style. This can be successful if the leader tracks what is done and frequently communicates that back to his or her staff (Informa Insights, 2015). Democratic leadership style has a significant impact on the work efficiency of superiors as it factors in the profitability of large workers. This leadership model appears to provide very successful working groups and employees provide demonstrated a strong degree of success at the job (Dolly and Okpokwasili, 2018). Charismatic leadership has a significant connection to corporate growth. This helps the subordinates improve imagination and logical thought (Latif, 2016) A leader guides the workers to accomplish the mission, dream, and objectives of the organization through his confidence, experience, talents, and ability. A charismatic leader in this sense is one who has power, encourages, motivates, and instils confidence in followers. The dynamic leader is the main driver for business growth, thanks to the qualities he embodies which differentiates him from other leaders (Nikoloski, 2015). Behaviours in transformation leadership promote employee engagement and work satisfaction (Erkutlu, 2008). Therefore, in the light of the above discussion if our leader inculcates the qualities of laissez-faire, democratic, charismatic, and transformative leadership then the organization can function effectively. Although it should be noted that every leadership type has positive and negative impacts as in laissez-faire, it may also apply to cases where managers do not exercise adequate power (Informa Insights, 2015). Democratic leadership with three major components as perceptual, affective, and interpersonal scepticism can be seen as one of the predictors of corporate scepticism (Ince, 2018), and Charismatic leadership has a detrimental influence on the supporters as well. The followers of blind fanaticism are weak which contributes to self-sacrifice. Sometimes the leaders become more selfish and are not mindful of societal obligations (Latif, 2016). Hence, one type of leadership cannot fit best in our company as the leader shall be up to date and be aware of modern trends and shall not deal with every employee alike.

Conclusion on Water Shop Leadership Analysis

In our organization, only one leadership quality in a leader will not lead to its fulfilment of objective and it is perceived from the above discussion that situation leadership is a more effective leadership style because every employee in the organization is different, and treating them alike will result in discrimination as different kind of people cannot be treated similarly. Therefore, if the employees are not working properly, possess less knowledge and skill then such employees should be treated in an autocratic manner whereas if an employee is knowledgeable and highly skilful which is an asset to the company, then such an employee shall be treated differently as the knowledgeable and skilled employees deserve democratic and laissez-faire leadership. Under such leadership, the employees will become more productive and will be advantageous to the organization. The need for a charismatic leader and transformative leader is also an essential leadership style as such type of leadership inspires and creates job satisfaction for the employees. Therefore, situation based leadership is the best alternative to the current leadership which shall be adopted by our leader which leads solely in autocratic style in and if situation based leadership is adopted by our leader then the organization will be able to retain good employees, tighten the inefficient employees and create a balanced and systematic environment in the organization.

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