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Gender Roles

Introduction to Gender Roles

Gender roles in community includes how we are supposed to think, sing, wear, shower and perform according to our assigned sex. Girls and women, for example, are generally required to dress in tra-ditionally feminine ways and to be respectful, welcoming and caring.Men are supposed to be pow-erful, hostile and brazen. Each population, ethnic group and community has assumptions regarding gender roles, although they may be quite different from one group to the next. Through time, they will even evolve within the same culture. Pink used to be deemed a masculine colour in the US, for example, while blue was deemed feminine. Regardless of their gender differences, the form in which work is separated between men and women is commonly referred to as the ' gender division of labour.

According to Married at First Sight, a mamamia article describes the roles of women in todays gen-eration, where women are independent and are not dependent on anyone be it emotionally, socially or financially. The women have breaker all the stereotypes. They have carried over this independ-ence to the next level as they take the decisions of their life according to themselves, not consider-ing the view and opinion of the society and also not caring about the feedbacks given to them by the surrounding people (Mamamia, n.d). Specifically marriage according to them has become a non-serious part of the life whereas in previous generations women used to consider it as the most sig-nificant part of their lives. Every situation and decision has its pros and cons. Similarly this transi-tion of thinking and perceptions on one side has made women emotionally independent and are able to raise voice against the violations if they experience any but on the other side this has breached the ethical values and thus has produced a bad picture of marriage to the society. Also, into days generation, the gender roles are not practically applied in real lives. In a family where woman is re-sponsible for maintaining the house hols and men are believed to rule over the house, the independ-ence of women and liberal thinking of men has changed it all (Mamamia, n.d) Now a days it is quite normal if woman rules over the house and earns whereas man takes care of the household. The gender roles seem to have been changing at a fast pace and thus evolving both its good and bad sides of the picture.

According to a podcast about the gender division of labour, traditionally, the gender division of la-bor assigned domestic production to women, tasks which included both providing food and caring for their families. The transition from free trade to a business economy continued to leave women with unpaid duties and obligations, and therefore removed from national accounts (ILO, 2008). Both the gender separation of labour and gender disparity in a community relies on the existence and social significance of gender disparities in abilities and features of a culture. These presumed beliefs require performers in all situations to be consistently classified as men and women, and to be recognized as more or less appropriate candidates for various roles and places in society. Women are typically heavily clustered in industries needing reduced expertise, offering less opportunities for job progress, and linked to caregiving, which also correlate with low incomes as well.

Vertical inequality, on the other hand, applies to the degree to which men and women hold multiple authori-tarian roles within the same occupational field. Women continue to inhabit the lower levels of the social hierarchy within the same field. For all time, the gender division of labour is not fixed; it evolves in reaction to wider cultural, political and social shifts. Several migrants are also pressured to join jobs they are overqualified for (ILO, 2008). The jobs of immigrant women as maids or care-providers in developed countries may not require them to develop their skilled field of work. For example Buying products for domestic use is a male activity in certain societies, while in others, women manage domestic transactions.

A Mamamia article about working mothers states that working mothers should avoid whining that they have never had it so easy to play tennis and plan poker games when labour-saving tools set them home. The study reflects that housing is much less energy consuming today than it was in the days leading up to vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc (HIRSCHOWITZ, 2010).Now, howev-er, there are stresses on women that just weren't there in those days but while dealing with the chil-dren's social needs, combines these days with a major emphasis. It was not a concern until the late 80s, along with the advent of the positive discipline revolution and the recognition of childhood problems. Back in the ' classic ' days, balanced food was not the priority at all. We eat vegemite sandwiches, fishing fingers, salami, everything the mother considered simple. There is now an enormous emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating which helps the mother function even more. The mothers in the early decades were held responsible for the upbringing of the children which has al-together changed in the present time (HIRSCHOWITZ, 2010). Men hold equal responsibility for bringing up the children.

Lia Incognita, “Does Feminism Speak for All Women?

The article sheds light on the perspective of an aboriginal women. It deals with a Childs perspective who is an aboriginal and has been dealing with the descrimination for being black since her child-hood. Aboriginals are continually restricted and mocked by virtue of race and sex, and thus find op-pressions to be intertwined and contested (Liddle, 2014). The study describes that responses to gen-der problems are heavily influenced by their cultural background, and vice versa. The prevailing basic philosophy of feminism in Australia is that gender disparity has culminated in male domina-tion in industry, policy, law and the media. Feminism work has broadened Australia's spectrum of political science to cover topics relating to femininity, motherhood, and abuse against women. In-digenous feminism aims to draw on conventional frameworks while simultaneously integrating feminist concepts that are new, intersectional (Liddle, 2014). Indigenous feminism varies from postcolonial feminism, since others have suggested that postcolonial philosophy has generally dis-missed colonial past because it occurs among indigenous communities. Intersectionality is im-portant for feminist debate and action, addressing the numerous ways in which the exploitation of women's rights includes the discrimination, marginalization and exclusion of certain marginalized communities, i.e. queers, persons of colour, people with disabilities, the disabled, the disadvan-taged, transgendered and non-gendered, etc.

Frances Beal, “Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female,” in The Black Woman, Toni Cade Bambara (ed.), 1970

The study tends to analyze the situation of the black woman in America. According to which an un-precedented attack is taking place on any Black man, woman and infant living in the United States. This situation has driven both man and woman through several personal challenges, which has add-ed to the chaos that we see in the black family system (Beal, 1970). Thus, intimate partnerships be-tween black men and women have been ripped away and the division of man from woman, mother from boy, etc. has become one consequence. America has described the positions every person should be subscribing to. It has also described "manhood" in terms of its own interests and likewise femininity. (Jeopardy,2008). A woman who remains at home, cares for kids and the property, also lives an incredibly sterile life. As a satellite she will lead her entire life to her friend. He goes out of society and takes a bit of the planet back to her. Her desires and view of the world are not her own and she can not establish herself as an person, being reduced to a biological role only. This kind of woman lives a parasitic life which can be properly characterized as legalized prostitution (Beal, 1970). Many black women have to work supporting their families to shelter, cook and clothe. Black women make up a large portion of the black labour population, and that is valid for both the wealth-iest black families and the so-called "middle-class" families which concludes that gender stereo-types affect and even characterize people's attitudes and interpersonal relationships.

References for Gender Roles 

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