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Factors Effecting Success of A Student


The study focuses on the important factors of student success. Nowadays failing at university can be depressing for a student. A student puts in a lot of effort to pass the university but sometimes he/she can fail because of many factors that depend on the schedule of the day or it can also depend on the health issues of a student. Students at university experience the challenges that come through the social experiences and new learning. According to a study demonstrated by (Kamenetz et al. (2015), states that the Australian universities adopted the factors to influence the success of the students at university and the implementation of the measures so that the transition experience can be smooth for students.

The reason behind the Australian university adopting the factors and the measure to influence was the majority number of the students tends to drop their studies at university because of the challenges and the unfavorable environment. The study documents the factors that can influence the success of the students at university. Those factors can include mental health, physical health, and the environment for a student. These factors also consist of the skills that can help a student to focus on the academic front.

Factors of Student Success

The student success depends on various factors like health of a student, environment that is provided and the support from the parents and from the university. The daily schedule of students can also fabricate a good outcome on the academic results. Students at university should not only focus on the studies but also engage themselves in the co-curricular activities like pursuing their hobbies so that it can help them to relax the pressure on their mind and it also helps them to focus efficiently on the studies. There are three factors that influence the student success including:

Time Management :- Time management plays a very crucial role in shaping a student life. It helps a student to create a framework. Time management refers to the skill to utilize the time effectively and efficiently. A study conducted by University of York (n.d.) demonstrates that the time management skill is the very first step to get success in every field however the research conducted by () states that time management only enhances the discipline in a person to achieve the quality of work. At university, students have multiple tasks to do that can result in not doing any task properly if it’s not managed according to the importance of the particular task.

Time management cannot be always successfully done as it creates unrealistic expectations. For instance, some people create a time table without measuring appropriate time required for every task they have to do and they undertake the time table as a means of reaching the task only. The unrealistic time management plan can only give the motivation at initial stage but it does not work in a log run or even a one day as the person cannot support the plan with ideal efforts needed.

One of the best options to create an efficient time management is to set some realistic goals. Then the next step comes that is to create an awareness that where the most of the time has been spent and tracking the time management. The third step includes the planning of how and when the tasks should be done, it includes preparing a to-do list, monthly plans and weekly plans. The fourth step is self monitoring the action and efforts towards accomplishing the tasks. Self monitoring refers to the self regulation that is very important for the growth of student life. The last phase of the time management is adjusting or creating some changes according to the time taken by a particular task. Time management is not for those who want the quick results as it takes time for the effective results in the long run.

Stress Management :- Students have lots of tasks to do at university and that can create the chaos in the life of a student. Some students are able to deal with the stress whereas there are many students who cannot handle the pressure. The pressure is always oriented towards achieving great marks in the test or being a good performer in all the subjects that is very hard to achieve. By just spending time thinking about how to be the best at university. According to a study conducted by Mirzaei et al.(2012) demonstrates that nowadays stress is a common issue amongst the youngsters, but there are departments in the university that help students to cope up with the stress. There are some tips that an individual can adapt to deal with stress including:

1. Students should take care of themselves. There are many factors that can help in taking good care that includes having a good diet, exercising regularly and having a good sleep schedule. These three factors are enough to create a base that can optimise and help in increasing the ability to study.

2. Students should always consult and have a good conversation with the people that are trustworthy. If a person shares his or her feelings with someone then it can help in relaxing the burden they feel.

3. Another major tip that students can apply is to do some relaxation exercises like yoga, breathing exercises and muscle exercises. All of these relaxation exercises should be done for at least 2 mins in a day to overcome the pressure that a student feels.

4. Students should maintain the time management skill as it is very important for a student’s life (State Government of Victoria, 2007). Time management allows the student to create a plan that could be a daily to-do list or weekly plan so that a student has a proper framework of tasks.

Growth Mindset :- In a research conducted by Kamenetz (2015) states that a growth mindset is a set of thoughts that believe in positively achieving any goal by putting efforts and hard work whereas a fixed mindset is a set of negative thoughts that states improving is not possible with any effort. Students should always have a positive mindset. After having a lot of tasks to do, most of the time students get frustrated and they start thinking of the negative factors in their minds. Students should practice to start believing that they can achieve anything through hard work and persistence. They should always try to improve themselves rather than complaining and getting tense due to the failure.

There is a vast difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset. If a student has a mindset that is fixed and believes that he or she cannot achieve or do best in their academic career then no one in this world can help them whereas if a student has a growth oriented mindset then he or she can improve their skills with the help of hard work in their daily life routine (Kamenetz, 2015). To have a growth mindset, it's important to have a good company and to have a conversation with those people who always encourage even the small wins. Encouragement is a very crucial factor that can influence a student’s life in a positive manner and also pushes to do much better.

Motivation can also help in building a growth mindset. Students can spend at least half an hour a day doing some activities that are not related to academics. Doing activities that they love to do like hobbies including dancing, painting, singing, etc can help in boosting their confidence. Students should also take care of their mind relaxation and can do exercises like yoga that can help in relaxing the mind. According to a study conducted by () states that a relaxed mind can think in a much effective manner whereas a restless mind can lead to more negative thoughts.


The study is oriented with the factors that influence student’s life. Students who study at universities have great expectations from them but sometimes the result can be unfavorable because of several factors. Nowadays failing at university can be depressing for a student. There are three factors that can influence and help students to be successful at university. First in time management, every student should have this ability for success in doing tasks effectively. It also helps in self regulations that are very important for a student’s life. Second is stress management in which the students have pressure that is oriented towards achieving great marks in the test or being a good performer in all the subjects that is very hard to achieve.

Stress management can help in building a balanced life. The last factor is a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a set of thoughts that believe in positively achieving any goal by putting efforts and hard work whereas a fixed mindset is a set of negative thoughts that states improving are not possible with any effort. Students should build a growth mindset by doing some activities that are not related to academics to boost their confidence. Students should always have a positive mindset. All these three factors can help in the success of a student at university.


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