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For or against argument regarding global warming



Introduction to Global Warming

Global warming means the gradual rise in the entire temperature within the earth which can happen due to higher amount of carbon dioxide release, CFCs and other pollutants. The basic reason behind the causes of global warming is that, carbon-dioxide and the pollutants within the air gets absorbed into the atmosphere, and hence the planet becomes hotter. This is known as the greenhouse effect. In this context, the analysis will be done regarding the arguments for or against the concept of global warming (Amanda, 2016). Here the thesis statement is to find the ultimate reason behind the disagreement of the global warming.

For or Against Argument Regarding Global Warming

In the United States it have been argued by some of the scientists like Amanda (2016) , that with the help of burning the fossil fuel , the electricity is getting developed which is treated as one of the largest source behind the production of billions of CO2 each year. Here the coal burning power plants are some of the biggest polluters. The second source of the production of carbon dioxide are the transportation sector which actually generates around 1.7 billion Carbon dioxide within a year. However, there is also good news that with the modernization of new power plants, generation of the cleaner electricity and burning of less gasoline actually helps in declining the emissions of the carbon dioxide within the US economy. The global warming is linked to the extreme weather in a way that the global warming actually leads to frequent droughts, heavy rainfall and the cause of powerful hurricanes. In 2016 , it have been announced by the National Academies of Science , Engineering and Medicine that some of the generation of heat waves are the certain causal factors which is generally creating heat waves and it is directly related to the change in the climate.

It have again been argued by some of the scientists like James (2020), the temperature in the ocean is getting warmer on a daily basis which states that the tropical energy picks up more energy. It have been found by some of them that the hurricanes in North Atlantic have increased since 1980s. During 2005 , the costliest hurricane known as Hurricane Katrina was one of the popular and expensive hurricane in the entire history of US followed by Hurricane Sandy which have hited the East coast in 2012. The higher amount of heat waves have created many deaths of around ten thousand across the globe in the recent times. The alarming effects of the global warming are the melt of the glaciers, melting snows as well as the occurrence of several draughts. In addition, the wildfire risk have also get enhanced within the West America. The forests , farms as well as cities are some of the important factors which might destroy agriculture as well as fisheries. Side by side , it have been argued by various scientists like R (2012), China has taken up lead in the context of the global warming pollution and this way around 28 percent of the CO2 emissions have got produced. America is defined as one of the number 1 location in the context of cumulative emissions since the last 150 years. Some of the important paradigms which have been followed by the US economy to reduce the global warming is that during 2015 , the Environmental Protection Agency have pledged itself in the reduction of the carbon pollution by 2030 as compared to 2005 through the process of Clean Power Plan (R, 2012).

The EPA proposed repellent is considered as one of the effective tool so that the climatic change can easily got curbed. The clean vehicle safeguards needs to be back with the help of clean vehicle safeguards so that the climate and the earth can easily got protected. In this aspect , some of the authors like James (2020)have highlighted that the climate change is actually happening and the prime reason behind it are the humans those whose primary focus is to extract the entire good things from the earth and to cherish them for their elf benefit. In this context, the humans are not thinking about the other individuals and about the other economies present. The deforestation of the land by the humans and the cutting of trees on the regular intervals are ultimately affecting the climate and hence the hotness inside the globe is gradually increasing. The change in the climate is ultimately threatening around 40 percent of the amphibians, 33 percent corals and again more than one third of the marine mammals. The species are getting extinct 100 times than the natural extinction rate which means that there have occurred a loss of around 30 to 52 percent of the entire species found on the earth. Again some of them have shown that the climatic change or the reason behind the global warming is the ethical problem also where the contribution by the individuals are least by nature (Christina, 2019).

Some of the important consensus reports have been established like the American Meteorological Society have issued their position statement where the cause behind the climate change is the anthropogenic increase in greenhouse gas concentration within the atmosphere however in the other position statement , the Society have highlighted that human beings are also the prime factors behind the global climate change (Christina, 2019). Therefore it have been found that there have occurred a change between the agreements of the Society. It was found that there have existed overwhelming agreement among the climate scientists. Again some of the disease which are affecting the global climate are malaria, diarrhoea through which there have occurred the climate change and the future have got worsen. It have also been reflected in the assignment that the 20th century global warming have occurred not primarily due to the humans but also due to the certain naturel processes and fluctuations in the context of sun’s heat and the ocean currents. The theory on human-caused global climate and the faulty climatic models have ultimately changed the climate and lead to the global climate. It have been argued by some of the authors like Amanda (2016), that the rising CO2 have not necessarily caused global warming. The melting of the ices from the mountains are some of the important reason behind the global warming. Generally there occurs four types of uncertainty and disagreement regarding the magnitude predictions and the global warming along with its effects. The other disagreements include its level of uncertainty. In this context, the systematic explanation regarding the disagreement on global warming , the political reasons have been widely accepted (ProCon, 2020).

Conclusion on Arguments Regarding Global Warming

To conclude, it can be stated that the reasons behind the global warming needs to be understood properly before making any argument regarding the fact. The global warming can be reduced if more plantations can be started which will reduce the carbon-dioxide level from the atmosphere. Along with that there should be no cutting of trees with the help of which the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere can be gradually controlled. The reduction of the greenhouse gases along with the reduction of water will ultimately help in saving the planet and will help the environment from getting affected to the global warming.

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