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Diary Entries - Section 1

September 12th, 1953

Dear Diary,

The last few years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster. After being separated from the rest of the unit during a Greek campaign in 1941, I was handed over to German troops and held prisoner of war there until 1945. It was almost hell, I mean, I am pretty sure that is what hell must feel like! I never thought I would see the end of it! At least I was acknowledged for the lost years from 1941 to 1945. I have since been attempting writing and trying to give a detailed account of my experiences of the war, but life has kept happening in between.

How my interest grew towards journalism after having failed at Medicine and having just returned from the war, is something I hope to figure out in this lifetime. I have started working with the BBC network after first having worked as a journalist for the ABC broadcasting network in London.

I must tell you that everything is complete apples with Martha! We just got married and have gotten’ back to Australia. Martha was a typewriter at the London High Courts[1]. The wedding was a complete dream, just as Martha had dreamed. It was a delight to see her all smiles throughout the whole thing! But we just had to return home for the Aussie weather ey!

Having to take some serious things into account now since being married to the missus. Need to get that bizzo up and running and try teaching some journo to them Aussie mates from all the techniques and skills I picked up at the London ABS and BBC networks. Martha and me have been wanting a child and we thinking of getting a child, I don’t mind being an older parent, as long as I’m a parent! We got to trying some time back and she is now pregnant! Her pregnant morning sickness often makes me think she's as crook as Rookwood! But I am a good husband and don't go troppo and take good care of my missus! Hopefully, I don't play a Barry at the caregiving! Only she can tell!

December 17th, 1954

Dear Diary,

You probably don’t know this but sweetpie Martha gave birth to our beautiful baby boy and my hands have been full since that lad came into this world! He is complete apples and I never tire from nursing him all day, I could do it endlessly! But these babies grow at the speed of a rocket! Martha gave birth to Billy in the middle of the night and I think that is why he always knocks me up at night! Nursing a baby is no walk in the park, mate! I go troppo[2], he cry all day, Martha and I have been on odd terms because of this!

We need help with Bill otherwise we go nuts! The kid is amazing though. Very talented young lad and Martha and I cannot imagine having ever loved and adored anyone quite as much as we have him. Just the sleepless nights got me all groggy, ey! Need that cuppa before I go troppo every day! His smile makes it all worth it. I look at his smiling face and I forget all worries of this world. But Martha and I having trouble in the marriage now with the kid in it. We working for tot improve but with the kid and the journo training stuff, it’s hard to balance. A guy needs some sleep too!

Little Bill makes it all worth it. I can wake up all night for the fella! Maybe we can get him a brother or sister to play with!

January 5th, 1956

Dear Diary,

Bill is growing supper made fast! Martha and I had to move back to Tamworth to get some help by the family. Although the help has been amazing with Bill, Martha and me been having trouble in the marriage because of the pressure to have another kid! But we definitely wanna wait before trying! Bill keeps us all knocked up quite enough to have another kid do the same!

We went for a little picnic in the park this aravo[3], the kid, Martha, and mom and dad. Bill had the best time. I want to make it a regular thing because he does enjoy the outdoors! Maybe he will get into sports, I mean the kid loves to play and if he doesn’t get to play outside he becomes miserable as a bandicoot[4]!

Martha made a mixed grill featuring lamb chops steak for dinner when we came back. She only made enough so we wouldn't have any leftovers since we are still saving up for a bigger refrigerator. She wore a sleeveless dirndl[5] dress that evening and looked particularly beautiful. Man, I’m a lucky fella! I have grown to overlook the missus with having to nurse Bill and shared responsibility with the training and all been quite exhausting, mate! I forgot my own wife! I must get her some flowers tomorrow! And some Anzac biscuits, she loves those! My poor wife! Dad always says: “If you don't know whether you are Arthur or Martha with the lady, you doing something wrong! " I will get her favorites first thing tomorrow after Bill knocks me up!

June 23rd, 1956

Baby Bill is growing and we have started him on solid food. Definitely not having that stew yet but baby steps for the baby! Martha suggested signing him up for swimming classes at that laddish age; we really think he will do great in sports! The job is going fantastic and life is a smooth sail on days that Bill does not become a handful. But I see a sportsman in my little mate and maybe he can join the Wallabies! Will definitely be apple buttering him into it!

On other news, I almost got my hair all shaved off yesterday. Went for a haircut since I started looking like a Bundie [6]. The aim was really to look like a flutter bum for the missus but turned out to more of a panic-and-a-half! After the barber had his own way with my hair, I got the zorros on my way home, I really wanted the missus to razz her berries!

She laughed very hard when she saw me. It was almost amusing to me too, at least I made her laugh! She has been really strong with Bill and very patient with me and my aspirations on him and his future. She only wants the best for the baby! We have also been contemplating another kid! Someone for Bill to play with, hopefully a daughter so we can have one of each. What a fat city that would be! We will be getting Bill on his swimming and rugby soon. He is a talented kid, cannot let all that go to waste ey!

Diary Entries - Section 2

August 24th, 1970

Dear Diary,

I have been blessed with a son and a daughter, Billy and Zoe, who have been doing significantly well in school here at Tamworth Public. I have been particularly stoked about Billy having taken interest in sports, just as I had always hoped! He has a bright future ahead of him since he has been quite a delight to watch as a young rugby league player in our region!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to earn well now to support the fam and keep Martha happy. I have been able to convince Bill to complete high school and move to the University of Sydney under a sports scholarship and finish a degree in business. I remember the good old days of my time at the University of Sydney studying Medicine with Jack and Dorothy!

 I have been particularly successfully in convincing my young man to get into higher education as a step forward in becoming a professional sportsman. I have big dreams, you see. My time as a prisoner in Germany taught me a lot. I want to impart my wisdom onto both Billy and Zoe. Zoe is doing amazing too. She also is attending Tamworth Public. But her interests are different, you see. She’s a girl. And what girl has ever joined the Wallabies? She is much inspired by Martha because I see her interest in agriculture just as her mum[7]. Maybe she will get into some farming business as she grows up and leaves school.

I will guide her much like I did with Billy. But with her, I think Martha can be a better guide ey. She has taken all her mother’s qualities after all!

April 23rd, 1971

Dear Diary,

I feel like I have taken care of my responsibilities as a father. Billy has had an accident and lost three fingers. Unfortunately, he cannot continue with rugby. Luckily, his degree in Business has helped him in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Zoe, too, has married off a foreign gentleman and started a small merino wool farm in Moonbi. Unlick Billy, Zoe has stayed put in the area and has been very successful in collaborating with working with her husband John in their business of supplying wool and other products across Australia. Seeing that both the kids are now independent, I feel it is now the right time for me to retire and start finally write my book.

I needed a stable income and so I needed a stable job. Working with the ABC broadcasting network all these years has been very delightful and has helped me sustain and raise my kids. But now must commit myself to writing. I want to write about the war. My experience with the war is one that needs to be shared and remembered by my kids and the following generations. After being enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces, 2/1st Machine gun Battalion in the 6th Division in 1904[8], I cannot let those experiences die with me. They need to be shared with my love for writing!

July 11th, 1976

Dear Diary,

I am filled with mixed feelings today. It is literally and end of an era. After much contemplation, I have finally resigned from the ABC broadcasting network to fully commit myself to writing. There is no better time than the preset to write amount a life full of extraordinary experiences right from the war, to my encounters in Germany, to having a family of my own. I hall write at leisure, though. There is no rush. I draw inspiration from my surroundings when I write, and no days that I lack motivation, I sit back and enjoy some tea with Martha in the garden.

I have written some drafts of my book and often use my family and experiences of the war as themes and morals in my writing. I think this is the best way to go about the book. It really need to be relatable to the readers, so keeping historical events in balance with family events is how I think will be best for the book. I want to touch as many hearts as I can, and enrich people with knowledge on history from someone who has personally lived through the war.

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