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  • Subject Name : Accounting and Finance


Part A:

Overview BHP ltd:

Environmental and social performance:

ESG activity:

Environmental, social and governance issues:

United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG):

Part B:

1-The Likely Impacts of the changes on the cost and profit structure of Teaser Malt:

2-The likely impacts of changes on the cost and profit structure of Chockoballs.

3-Recommendation to committee on whether to go ahead with changed plans.


Strategic Management Accounting - Part A

1. Overview BHP ltd:

BHP, previously BHP Billiton, is a BHP Limited trading firm and BHP Group plc, a large, England-focused publicly-traded company focused in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with multiple lists of metals and oil mining multinationals. Broken Hill was founded in the Silverton mining city, New South Wales on 16 July 1885. BHP, the largest market-based mining firm in the world, was the third-largest in Melbourne by 2017. One of BHP's main principles is sustainability. It means first and foremost health and welfare environmental sustainability and the help of our citizens. In anything BHP do BHP take into account the well-being of our people, the society and the world? But it goes deeper – by understanding and resolving global problems, BHP is committed to contributing positively to a better world for all. BHP has dedicated itself to creating a prosperous economy for many years. As the planet moves to a decarbonised future, demand will continue to rise for our natural capital. With an increase in emphasis on commodities that form a greener environment and help to fuel economic growth, BHP keeps our asset portfolio plain (Gray et al., 2019).

BHP is mindful that, because the value BHP generate together is fundamental to shareholder value, BHP needs to establish faith in and establish mutually beneficial relationships over the long term. Therefore, our success is not only calculated in terms of profitability but also in terms of social importance. Social value is a major barometer of our success as it tests our willingness to promote good protection, contribute dramatically to societies, improve environmental sustainability and safeguard human rights. BHP promote equality and sustainability in our workforce, support and advocate indigenous cultures and inspire companies within our supply chain to take a similar sustainable strategy.

2. Environmental and Social Performance:

BHP is an organisation dedicated to our clients daily. BHP believes your thoughts make us a stronger company and appreciate your reviews. BHP frequently consult and discuss a variety of policies and governance concerns including our climate, social and governance approaches with members and representative organisations worldwide. BHP also discussed Samarco, human rights, portfolio, the development of long-term value, philosophy, sustainability, intent and management rewards, some subjects BHP also discussed with investors in the past. BHP faces diverse and unforeseen environmental threats. They demand coordinated, collaborative efforts to minimise water and ecosystem impacts and to minimise emissions of carbon. BHP accept our obligation to take climate change steps as a global producer and user of fossil fuels to reduce our greenhouse gas (gHG) emissions.

Our five-year aim to sustain overall OSG emissions at or below FY2017 levels is a promise. BHP remains committed. In the financial year, 2019 BHP had 3% below our target base of operating GHG emissions. BHP know BHP have plenty to do. Under the Paris Agreement, our goal is, in the latter half of this century and the next, to reach a net zero-emission. An additional medium-term goal will be set for the year. In July, BHP revealed that BHP had developed an investment programme to cut GHG emissions from our sector and across the supply chains in the United States of America for a five-year duration of 400millionUSD (Gray et al., 2019).

This year, BHP released our Declaration on Water Stewardship, which outlines our 2030 vision of a clean water planet. It points out our steps to enhance the conservation of water within our activities and seeks to improve water quality outside our operations. BHP's commitment to biodiversity conservation since 2011 is over US$ 75 million.

3. ESG Activity:

BHP understand that the essence of our actions may have major consequences on the climate. Furthermore, BHP relies on access to ecosystem services including land and water and access to them. The environmental rivalry is rising as the sensitivities of our natural environments are intensified by climate change. BHP agree that BHP is accountable to play a leadership role in reacting to these global challenges through the Climate Change Declaration and our Water Stewardship Statement. Our mission, our sustainability charter concept and core business status statements and principles are part of BHP's commitment to the environment. Following our Charter, BHP understands that across all phases of our operating operations, BHP plays a role in mitigating adverse environmental consequences and adding more to the natural environment resilience. BHP also acknowledge that BHP has a substantial contribution to the social benefit of our environmental success and environmental impact management in our host communities.

The rigorous recognition, evaluation and risk management (both risks and opportunities) of all phases of our operations, including research, development, service and closing, underpin our environmental protection strategy. To define and mitigate risks including environmental risks, BHP introduces a company-wide risk system and BHP communicate with stakeholders and take account of their prospects and experience in our decisions. BHP have public environmental and longer-term goals for poBHPr, wildlife and greenhouse gas emissions as well as promises in our policy statements on climate change and water stewardship. These priorities include reducing carbon, allowing sustainable use of energy and trying to meet global strategies including the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In compliance with external monitoring frames, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), BHP track and report our group's success on many environmental metrics and initiatives.

The OR E&CC norm defines necessary minimum standards for the organisation to perform on our obligations and risk management. It takes an adaptive risk-based approach to handle all organisational impacts on soil, habitats, water and air that are true or relatively foreseeable (which include direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts). BHP build and incorporate practises for tracking and analysis to guarantee the continuous control of environmental risks through strategic preparation and project assessment processes in our risk appetite (Paynter et al., 2019).

4. Environmental, Social and Governance Issues:

The success of BHP is based on stable, flourishing and dedicated world cultures. Success is assessed by the involvement of the meaning groups and whether BHP is sustainable in the community. Our five-year group priorities, which resolve a range of sustainable growth issues, have been advanced. This paper further addresses our gender representation aspiration for 2025. This involves calling for more flexible working practises and a society that encourages our inclusiveness and diversity. BHP officially supported the Uluru Heart declaration in January 2019, as part of our collective commitment to values, calling for greater voice to Indigenous Australians and greater constitutional recognition. Our relationships with traditional landowner operators are vital for our company and necessary for us to support their attempts to lift the voice of the indigenous peoples.

In FY2019, our charitable social contribution totals US$ 93.5 m, including US$ 55.7 m in programmes and grants for local community growth. In the financial year 2018 that amounted to US$ 77.1 million. BHP is committed to accountability and should always bear in mind that our partners must produce real gains today, while BHP achieves sustainable value. BHP need to keep engaging in a more equitable and diverse workforce, to face our sustainability goals and remain at the forefront of transformation, as our people are moving us further towards a more prosperous and effective future. I'm grateful for their hard work and devotion (Gray et al., 2019).

5. United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG):

BHP at the centre of environmental development; accountability soon becomes a modern market paradigm. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) marked the advent of a new age of social development goals to solve urgent challenges across the globe. The active engagement of industry is a key driver of these targets, but the good practice has not yet been developed for Corporate Reporting on SDGs. A ground-breaking action framework has been developed by the United Nations Global Compact, which is the largest corporate sustainability project in the world, and GRI, the world's leading sustainability monitoring service. The GRI Standards and the Global Compact Improvement Correspondence will be augmented by the SDG business reporting that will facilitate measurements that monitoring of SDGs (Brandt, 2019).

The importance of corporate non-financial reporting is progressively understood. The initiative will draw on GRI – the world's most commonly utilised framework for sustainability reporting – and the Ten UN Global Compact Guidelines, to help companies include SDG reporting in their current processes. This will allow the organisation to work to make the SDGs a possibility. The Sustainability Report is our Contact of the UNGC on success in adopting the standards and promoting its wider policy goals and as a signatory to the standards of the UN Global Pact (UNGC). More information can be found on bhp.com website, and BHP encourages readers to use this site for access to case study information and relevant topics. Through our Sustainability survey, BHP has obtained external minimal confirmation.

Strategic Management Accounting - Part B

1-The Likely Impacts of The Changes on The Cost and Profit Structure of Teaser Malt:

The cost structure shall be the term used to describe the share of fixed and variable costs in the overall cost of a particular institution. Managers can control the percentage based on responsibilities. An example could be an automated equipment investment that reduces varying labour costs. This moves the costs from a variable cost (work to produce) to a fixed cost (equipment purchase and decrease). For example, when a company has $80,000 in fixed costs, $20,000 in variable costs, it describes its cost structure as 80% fixed costs and 20% variable costs.

 In establishing the break-even point of sales, the contribution margin is used. The break-even point of sales in total dollars may be calculated by dividing the total fixed costs by the contribution margin ratio. To break down, a company with a fixed cost of $100,000 and a 40 per cent contribution margin must receive $250,000 in income. To perform the CVP analysis of the desired result, profit may be added to the fixed costs. For instance, if the previous company has requested a financial benefit of $50,000, the total sales revenue is divided by a contribution margin of 40% of $150,000 (the sum of fixed costs and the requested income). This example shows a necessary turnover of $375,000.

2-The Likely Impacts of Changes on The Cost and Profit Structure of Chockoballs

Given that profit is the difference between total and sales expenditure, profit increases as sales grow. Profit is increasing steadily concerning sales unless the unit sales are exceeded by variable costs. If unit variable costs exceed sales per unit, there is a significant problem of the cost structure. Your business will never profit and not be viable. As when the price diminished of Chockoballs the demand increased the less sale price directly affects the profit by increasing demand it shows profit directly affected will sale price (Paynter et al., 2019).

3-Recommendation to The Committee on Whether to Go Ahead with Changed Plans

One of the fundamental management activities is to make decisions. Decisions Strategic decisions at the top level are more complicated, complex, and the consequences of strategic decisions are long-term in nature, unlike tactical and operational decision making. Small companies' strategic decision-making is significantly complicated by limited resources given their low-employee organisational structure, few or no permanent staff, limited capital, simple technologies and processes, incapacity to use economies of scale, and how to gain financial sources. This also includes effectively sales price as well cost of production fixed or variable costs which can directly affect sales and the most important profit. Therefore, alternatives are chosen and then managed to achieve business goals through implementation.

References for BHP Billiton Limited Analysis

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