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According to the ITV’s Crime and Punishment series, Ross Kemp features with armed police men. This is fronted by a former hard man who seems to go beyond the days attained in real-life challenging situations as compared to finding mischief being a Mitchell brother. This hard man has been forced to wear a bullet-proof vest as he rides with armed West Midlands Police armed members. They seek to cover Birmingham which is a city with several firearms incidents per head unlike any other place within the UK. The trip begins in suburbia which is a place that no one has ever admitted to ever expect to get guns that be usable for various myriads of crime. Additionally, this hard man alongside the police officers further step into the shady era of gun smuggling when he comes across a dealer who chillingly makes a claim that the police seem to be rather powerless in stopping them from bringing weapons into their nation. According to Kemp’s report, it is possible to say that his claims are true based on the findings in the forthcoming sections.

1. Using Kids as Gangsters

In itself, this is a rather chilling era where gangsters boast that it has since been easy to make a little kid to become a killer through handing them guns. In fact, the heavily masked men who have been linked to some of the biggest gangs within Birmingham confirmed to Ross Kemp the way that they have handed guns to kids. They have further explained how they came into contact with guns at very tender ages of 13 and 15 years of age.

This is a shocking conversation where they claim that kids who are way younger now are becoming targeted to be recruited as gun users. In fact there is a member captured on camera claiming that 15 years of age is rather old since some kids are given guns at even 12 or 13 years so that they may practice using it while at school.

2. Donning Body Armor

Ross Kemp joined the West Midland’s Police tactical firearm team in investigating the manner with which the rate of gun crimes has exploded in Britain. At the time of this shocking sequence, most men tend to boast of the manner with which they held guns in relatively short durations where they were phone calls away from finding hitmen for hire or even for keeps. The most empowering moment was seen where deadly weapon would be kept within their hands that made them quite invincible.

In fact the streets shower a lot of praises on hitmen who join the club for the first time. Some tend to claim that the power and even their extension hits like thunder. Gun men normally feel pretty well to be with their weapons (Bows, et al., 2020).

Most of them have claimed that they wish to keep their guns with them daily since they do not seek to lose it. Ross Kemp managed to follow police men into many properties within Midlands where they sought to uncover their guns. A lot of surprises have also emerged on the house setting existing within most suburban streets. Out of all proportion, the saddest irony was seen with the standing house just outside the suburban area in Birmingham where the hard man was donned in the same regalia he had while on missions abroad. Police managed to uncover a sawn-off shotgun and also a pistol within the garden of house that existed behind the people.

3. Smuggling

The urban regions of Birmingham sought to gain a grip of increasing gang violence. Ross Kemp has claimed that most inner city regions have sought to change the market. In fact this is the region that had two big gangs fighting one another over turf. This led to dozens of splinter groups where all of them are ready to take varying top position in violence. An arms smuggler at the time of filming revealed that they would make above £500,000 weekly by bringing in guns into the country. This is quite unbelievable especially with the rise in the number of policemen on the streets. The absence of policemen have made life more difficult since cops have completely lost control. The cycle is rather typical since cuts tend to come in, policemen smoke them out from the streets then a spike of gun violence ensues.

4. Arming Police Men

From the path assumed by events, it is possible that violence is surely rising in Birmingham. It may take five years or even a decade but surely a day will come when armed police will become completely sad for their current service. This is the reason why some of these officers seek to become armed so that they feel quite safer when handling kids with guns and even machetes. A lot of individuals could join the force in a bid to carry their guns even whenever they are not under any force.

5. Effects of Guns

One poignant scene shows the manner with which hit men have been brought down in the recent past. it is heart-breaking to lose a young soul just because of violence. Parents may go a large extent in protecting their kids no matter the extent with which they participate in violence. Some parents have gone a long way in moving their kids who engage in violence out of the area and even home-school them. However, some seek to try hard but in the end they may not prevent their kids from facing the wrath of the law.


Birmingham serves as amongst the widest and also densely populated city in UK outside London. It has a population of above one million inhabitants as the metropolitan area even goes past 3.8m people. Currently, this city serve as a key commercial center which is highly significant as a transport hub within the UK. The crime rate in Birmingham unlike other regions of the country is quite high.

Some of the reasons for crime is derived from the antisocial behavior that records one of the highest crime rate that is recorded in the city within the recent times. An excess of 55000 incidents tally to 25% of the overall crime rate here. Vehicle crime is one big crime in Birmingham which has not been recorded rather clearly in the recent past. This is a huge issue within Birmingham city and also in terms of national leverage and ranks.

The crime rate in Birmingham has been increasing. According to the analysis shown, the overall recorded crimes within the year has been on a rising trend. These crime statistics have had a declining trend in the recent past though but the uptick year was 2016 that ranged way above other years. Birmingham is the host to some of the pleasant places within the UK (Carr, et al., 2017). Southeast Birmingham is in fact regarded as the best places within the country to live. Some few regions though have suffered from concentrated crime. Just like many big cities, crime rate in Birmingham has become concentrated within the city center. Ladywood in the western area has suffered from a high rate of crime. According to the mapping tool present, a keener look into the city’s crime rates reveal that Birmingham is a great place to be. As per the recent Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) assessment, the police force appeared to have sound performance in some of these regions:

  1. The degree with which the police force has become effective in maintain safety and lowering crime

  2. The degree with which the police force has legitimately kept people safer and lowered the crime rate

The force has appeared outstanding in the degree with which they are efficient at maintaining safety and lowering crime. It is equally significant to understand how to avoid becoming a victim. West Midlands Police have also advised that despite the difficulty involved in protecting vehicles from thieves, many car crimes could be committed by opportunists who become easily deterred by cheaper security measures and also common sense. The police advise involve the following:

  1. Ensuring that your car has an alarm fitted on to it

  2. Ensuring that your vehicle has an immobilizer mainly if it has gone past four years

  3. Ensuring that your car is fitted with a locking petrol cap and also wheel nuts

  4. Locking the steering when leaving the car

  5. Security etching the windows of your vehicle

  6. Marking every valuable in the vehicle using marking solutions

  7. Fitting removable car stereo with security codes in safer places

  8. Fitting approved vehicle-tracking devices

  9. Locking every item when leaving the vehicle even for a short period of time

  10. Not forgetting to leave behind the ignition safe for when seated on the driver’s seat

  11. Removing every valuables each time you exit the car and never leaving any item on display

Every time travelers consider going to England, London city hits them first. However, as one crafts their UK itinerary, they should not overlook Birmingham which is the second biggest city in England. Birmingham plays home to Cadbury chocolate amongst other hip hotels, museums, architecture and restaurants fitted with curated arts and culture lineup. Birmingham has been gearing up to even host commonwealth games through investing a lot of dollars on facilities and upgrading the city standards. However, safety is a paramount issue where several mobsters have now been infamous due to social media attacks on gangsters. The city has been riddled with most violent and shady doings (Haleem, et al., 2020).

In reality, the crime rates in Birmingham has gone below other cities due to the intervention of armed police officers. This being the case in big cities, it depends with the places one visits and what they go to do there. There are certainly some rough areas in existence that nobody may wish to explore. There are also some behaviors that keep raising the chances of becoming a victim in this region. To become safe in Birmingham, it is imperative to realize where one is headed. Most suburbs are lovely and worthwhile to visit. However, there are equally worst areas within Birmingham that is known for crime including Lozells, Handsworth and Northfield where everyone should steer clear from these roughest regions.

Public transportation offer more security unlike private cars. This is because there are some issues linked to a wider portion of crime rates. If one takes a hired car, they should observe the right safety precautions (Millman, et al., 2019). One must be on a high alert for suspicious behavioral patterns given that terrorists target neighboring cities within England.

The rate of crime in Birmingham has constantly been exposed to the presence of gangs. In the past, there used to be organized gangs but now there are a lot of active warfare that has kept on between crews. Some gang members may be rather unlikely to catch travelers so that they escape being caught on crossfire. The safety of Birmingham depends mainly on the places that one visit. Even if a place is not as dangerous as so, one may want to understand the environs of Birmingham so that they do away with unsafe neighborhoods. The southeastern end of the city has been deemed as UK’s best destination spot for living within the city. In fact one may easily enjoy a pleasant time while staying free from danger. Some suburbs are very predictable in terms of peace derived.


Bows, H., King, H., & Measham, F. (2020). Conceptualising safety and crime at UK music festivals. Routledge.

Carr, R., Slothower, M., & Parkinson, J. (2017). Do gang injunctions reduce violent crime? Four tests in Merseyside, UK. Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, 1(4), 195-210.

Haleem, M. S., Do Lee, W., Ellison, M., & Bannister, J. (2020). The ‘Exposed’Population, Violent Crime in Public Space and the Night-time Economy in Manchester, UK. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 1-18.

Millman, C. M., Winder, B., & Griffiths, M. D. (2019). UK-based police officers' perceptions of, and role in investigating, cyber-harassment as a crime. In Social Issues Surrounding Harassment and Assault: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice (pp. 113-130). IGI Global.

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