Human Biological Science

Many serious effects of the alcohol are on human body because it affects the digestive system of the human body as well as smoking effects on the lungs. These effects are due to the non absorption of particles of the alcohol and nicotine which enter in the human body. Inhalation system of the human body got affected with consumption of the alcohols. In present case Gustav is adduct of alcohols that’s why he got stress about his work because consumption of the alcohol distress the human brain which stop to grow further. Breathing of the Gustav got affected with the consumption of the alcohol as well as smoking , so , when lift became faulted, he has to walk through the stairs which turn him into difficulties because inhalation of the air in his lungs is not properly that’s why he face difficulty to breathe. Other major reasons are which turn Gustav to in difficulty, very low platelets as well as higher weight than his height which may cause difficulty to inhale the air in his lungs for the purpose of the breathing. Major diseases which cause with the consumption of the alcohol, lungs of the person got affected and cause the breathing problems. Platelets of the Gustav are low to their normal condition which turns Gustav into difficulties during the walking through the stairs. Current person have low platelets, if value of the platelets got low to 20,000 per microliter cause the serious threat foe the patient. (Gulliver, 2006)

In this case study Gustav is smoking as well alcoholic addicted, have the low platelets and weight which creates the major breathing problems during the exercise. Due the drugs addiction lungs of the Gustav got affected which cause the breathing issue during the exercise because lungs don’t perform the function properly due to the swelling. As, there is swelling in the lungs are which affect the exchange of the gases between skeleton muscles and lungs of the Gustav. Lungs of the Gustav became narrow due the swelling which create the breathing issues for the Gustav during the exercise. (Gulliver, 2006)

There are many factors which include in ANS system in physiology but current patient is addicted of the alcohol and smoking also over weight, so the main dominant ANS factor is the breathing. Consumption of the alcohol are distress the brain of Gustav which stop to grow further. Breathing of the Gustav got affected with the consumption of the alcohol as well as smoking , so , when he walk through the stairs which turn him into difficulties because inhalation of the air in his lungs is not properly that’s why he face difficulty to breathe which is the most prominent ANS in the physiology. (Stenbäck, 2007)

Gustav has many health problems in his body which include the overweight, stress, low platelets, and high blood pressure. Cortisol can handle different function of the human bode which include the balance sugar level in the blood, metabolism of the body as well as memory of the human body. In current case, Gustav has tress, low platelets, high blood pressure which cause the increasing the blood pressure, heart beat and stress in the human body. The exercise is necessary for the Gustav to keep the actual level of the Cortisol l in his body to perform the actual performance of the Cortisol. (Badrick, 2007)If we talk about the role of the kidney and (ADH) antidiuretic hormone in the human body, antidiuretic hormone plays the important role in the human body to maintain the presence of blood pressure in the human kidney as well as in blood vessels which preserve the fluid in the body by reducing the water amount which passed out from the body in urine. Gustav is a smoker and alcoholic addicted which affect his kidney as a result disturbs the balance between ADH and function of the kidney to maintain the fluid pressure in the body of the Gustav. So, Gustav is not maintaining his homeostatic fluid mechanism. (Albazi, 2020)

Urinalysis is the medical test which performs on the urine for the diagnosis of the disease of the specific person. In current case Gustav is the patient, there is need to perform this test for the diagnosis of his several disease. Many affected parts of the body can be identified with the help of this test including specific gravity. For this purpose, special urinary strips are used, resulting color of these strips are the helpful to diagnose the specific disease. Gustav’s blood components are affected with the alcohol and smoking, urinary test is useful for diagnose the diseases due to the smoking. After the performing this test, resulting of these smoking and alcoholic habit can be identified. Because Inhalation system of Gustav’s got affected with consumption of the alcohols that’s why he got stress about his work because consumption of the alcohol distress his brain which stop to grow further .That’s why ident cation of these diseases easily can be identified through the Urinalysis. (Marks, 1969)

Kidney of the alcoholic, smoking affected as well as overweight person can be affected, kidney can’t perform its task properly. There are many tasks which have to perform by the kidney including blood filtering and exact amount of the water which I required in the body. After the consumption of the alcohol, functions of the kidney may affected as well as disturb the functionality of the cells. Blood pressure of the Gustav is also varies due to these problems, Gustav’s blood pressure is high in present case study due to the taking of drugs. As a result length of the blood veins are also varied of Gustav due to these diseases which affect the function of the kidney. (Najafipour, 2016)

In current case, Gustav’s blood pressure is high due to the addiction of the alcohols and his overweight. Rein-angiotensin aldosterone is helpful to maintain the blood pressure in the vessels for maintain the blood pressure in the body of the Gustav. This system consists of three parts including rein, angiotensin and aldosterone. The functions of these parts are to maintain the blood pressure in the vessels and tissues which is helpful to maintain the blood pressure of the Gustav which is mentions in case study. (Yuan, 2015)Gustav has blood group O+ which is universal donner. On the other hand if Gustav in this case study is required a blood only can receive blood from O+ and O -. If B- group give to the Gustav causes to his kidney failure and ultimate death. The main purpose of the platelets is to produce blood clotting. The average platelets in the normal body are 150k to 350k. The platelets of the Gustav is low to normal which cause the different issues like don’t control the bleeding of the Gustav through the clotting of the blood cells. (Aflatoonian, 2011)

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