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Understanding People and Organizations

Executive Summary of Understanding People and Organizations

The key purpose of this report is to analyze the expected strengths and weaknesses of the group concerning emotional intelligence and team dynamics and to provide recommendations to improve. Working in a team of employees with intercultural background and diverse knowledge is challenging and complex. It requires effective emotional intelligence and the concept of team building to know how it plays a significant role in ensuring organizational and team effectiveness. This paper will provide a significant understanding of the various factors involved while working in a team with diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities. Moreover, a reflection on how team members gain effectiveness and the strength and weaknesses of team members which are needed attention to improve considerably.

Introduction to Understanding People and Organizations

With emerging organizational needs and requirements, companies are seeking for productive employees who can work in diverse culture and background. Working in a team of employees with intercultural background and diverse knowledge is crucial and plays a significant role in ensuring organizational effectiveness (Wakeman & Langham, 2018). It is evident that co-workers with diverse cultural background bring productivity and effective experiences to the workplace within groups and team of employees (Collins, Gibson, Quigley & Parker, 2016). According to a study by Lee and Wong, (2017), states that emotional intelligence of team is anticipated to provide a significant effect on solving conflicts among intra-team and team effectiveness (Lee & Wong, 2017). This indicates that emotional intelligence plays an important role in ensuring team effectiveness and help in solving complex issues and conflicts among team members working in the same team (Lee & Wong, 2017). Understanding the concept and theory of emotional intelligence, team dynamics, and how they ensure team effectiveness will help gain significant knowledge to utilize them in real-life workplace or setting (Wakeman & Langham, 2018). Thus, the main purpose of this report is to assess the expected strengths and weaknesses of the group concerning emotional intelligence and team dynamics and to provide recommendations to improve.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand emotions is crucial for every team member working in a diverse group. Understanding other emotions help one another to develop notions and empathy for each other and together they make a cooperative team with mutual goals and productivity at the same time. As mentioned in a study by Kaur, Shri & Mital, (2016), the concept of team emotional intelligence is a crucial factor to consider within the workplace as it describes a capability of one to monitor self emotions as well as of other individuals in order to differentiate amid and label diverse emotions appropriately (Kaur, Shri & Mital, 2016). Considering such fact, emotional intelligence within my group was effective enough that it has created an amount of empathy within us, friendly conversations about relationships, and an attempt to manage a disorderly co-worker effectively to avoid conflicts and ensure group dynamics at all times. Moreover, with effective emotional intelligence among team members, it has provided significant help in influencing the way of our team's performance and behaviour proficiently. As indicated in the LPA, the competency level of self-awareness, I have gained 8 points which signify I am good at it. Besides, in relationship management, I have scored 6 out of 10 which determine my emotional intelligence competency level in the team. In addition, concerning social-awareness and self-management, I have scored 7 and 4 which is quite well; however, there is a need to improve in self-management factor.

Team Dynamics

Building a strong and fruitful relationship with co-workers in a team is an important factor to consider while working in a group of team members. Team dynamics is an essential factor that refers to the behavioural relationship among team members of a specific team working towards achieving the common goal (Presbitero, Roxas & Chadee, 2017). According to a study by Presbitero, Roxas & Chadee, (2017), reveals that by utilizing structural equation modelling practices and information from a large-scale survey of employees within Australia, it indicates that inter-team dynamics have a better direct outcome on organizational learning as compared to intra-team dynamics (Presbitero, Roxas & Chadee, 2017). The findings of the research study have indicated that the ability of knowledge-sharing concept helps the team considerably in gaining team effectiveness (Presbitero, Roxas & Chadee, 2017). This means interrelationship among team members is a crucial factor to consider as they help in providing effective results that lead to gain productivity and performance of the team remarkably. Besides that, to assess the StrengthsQuest Talent of team members, it can be determined that all the members of our team comprise the strength of being an achiever, activator, analytical, arranger, and communication. This has considerably led our team to gain effectiveness and maintain a high zeal to achieve set goals proficiently and jointly.

Analysis of Understanding People and Organizations

Analyzing the dynamics and roles of team members gives an insight into the various factors involved to understand gaps or competencies effectively (Wakeman & Langham, 2018). Concerning such fact, team members in our group are well behaved, connected, and productive in achieving the set goals successfully. It has been understood that members of the group have a similar outlook on the perspective of succeeding mutual goals and objectives of the team. Also, it was been observed that members in my team were having good analytical skills, and have great compassion towards helped one another in the times of need and requirement to achieve goals. The behavioural relationship among team members is good enough that it has a successful lead to gain team effectiveness significantly. Team dynamics as stated above is the main reason that helps to gain team productiveness has shown it gets influenced by team members LPA, StrengthsQuest Talents, emotional intelligence and cultural backgrounds. By having an effective emotional intelligence among team members, good StrengthsQuest Talents, and the ability to work in a team with the diverse cultural background are well connected with the factors that ultimately lead to gain the required team dynamics and team effectiveness at the same time.

Capacity to Contribute

By looking at the assessment of my competencies being working in a team, it has been understood that I have performed fairly well and have a probability to improve further to gain the desired goals effectively. The concept of emotional intelligence and team dynamics has provided me and our team with great understanding and has helped considerably in identifying the factors that are a necessity while involving in a team effectively. Besides, it has been learnt that in order to work in a team, it is essential to gain sufficient knowledge on the various concepts that are crucial for team members to understand, By gaining such factor, it will make one realize about the importance and shall assist significantly in developing positive perceptions towards team members and contribute equally towards achieving team goals effectively. Compassion, communication, analytics, and mindset are an essential factor for any team members to develop within themselves to ensure a smooth flow of functioning of oneself while working in a diverse group. Moreover, emotional intelligence towards one another and the ability to cope with the diverse cultural backgrounds amid team members is crucial to make sure gaining group or team dynamics efficiently. Thus, these factors have learnt as essential and provide a significant understanding and knowledge of how a team works and how the team achieve success and effectiveness mutually.

Recommendations on Understanding People and Organizations

Improvement is a continuous process and is an essential factor when it comes to ensuring effectiveness. Relating to such fact, by analyzing the competencies of our group and mine it has been understood that there is a significant need for improvement to fill the gaps of weakness and ensuring strengthening the areas effectively. The following are the recommendations regarding how I could further improve my contribution towards the team:

  • Attaining knowledge about diverse cultures of teammates and having an insight on the same will give a significant understanding of cross-cultural backgrounds of the group.
  • Communicate with every team members effectively in order to know their issues, competencies, empathy, knowledge, and ability to help others during needs.
  • Having team-building exercise to understand the loopholes, capabilities, and weaknesses considerably and which shall lead to assess the areas of improvement.
  • By establishing rules and regulations of the team will ensure effectiveness and discipline which will consecutively lead to achieving team effectiveness by means of fewer conflicts arousal and negativity within the group significantly.
  • Giving rewards and recognition to team members upon successfully attaining set goals and targets will improve zeal within team members which shall ultimately result in gaining productivity and satisfaction among co-workers.

Conclusion on Understanding People and Organizations

Working within a team with the varied cultural background is quite complex and challenging; however, with right directions and implementations, overcoming such challenges is possible and effective. Concerning such fact, it has been comprehended that emotional intelligence and team dynamics both are interrelated and attaining one will lead to gaining the next one proficiently. By looking at the competencies of mine and other group members it has been observed that the entire members are quite competent and having an effective emotional intelligence to support and achieve success jointly. However, there is still a need for improvement is the areas where competency fell short. It has been understood that empathy, communication, analytics, and mindset are vital aspects for any team members to develop within themselves to make sure a smooth flow of operation of oneself while working in a diverse team of cultural backgrounds. Comprehending team members’ emotions assist one another to build up compassion and together they make a cooperative team with mutual goals and productivity. Thus, in order to work in a team with varied cultural background, it is important to develop emotional intelligence and team dynamics effectively to make sure gaining accomplishments efficiently.

Reference List for Understanding People and Organizations

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