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Table of Contents

Social media campaign- Setting goals and objectives.

Creating social media campaign.

Assessing social media campaign.

Social Media Campaign- Setting Goals and Objectives

Social media campaign for restaurant business named HUEATS. The new business relates to dining in a restaurant in Adelaide. The main objective is to engage local followers and increase presence in the community. Facebook as a marketing tool will help in wide reach. The campaign will be able to target Facebook users by age, location, and built-in performance measurement to help a new business grow. The social media analytics are critical in development for business revenue and engagement through its inbuilt analytics by Facebook and integration by users to the end product

Key objectives are

  • Boost restaurant awareness within a 35-mile radius of the restaurant
  • Integrate Facebook campaign with the traditional platform to share job opening for the first quarter in F&B division
  • Increase web traffic for the restaurant website by 10% for 6 months
  • Promote seasonal specials and restaurant theme nights for service attraction to 5% of F&B business work till October 2020

Social media audits help in the review of social media work across all social media channels to analyze how the channel is serving the purpose (Barnes, 2017). The social audit helps in evaluating social media and optimize a business's social media actions. The audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate profiles and strategies. Performing a social media audit is also an opportunity that can help business leverage and to assist companies in planning. The business uses the marketing techniques for established goals versus the measures taken by the business in the regard. Restaurant businesses can be established through online and leveraging user per click to attain the position in the segment. The results of the social audit are used future campaigns in operations and managing average revenue. An audit will determine business measures for optimization in future operations.

The content developed by mediums for overall marketing and communication is drawn by the user profile. The comparison in this regard can dine between LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram that are widely used for content marketing and brand integrating through its operation The impressions, reach and user-driven by platform per click are key factors as the daily average user drives business through search results that are in specific measure used for platform engagements and regularized work by ad and central team design by website traffic for changing and promoting business content across all 3 mediums. The overall marketing strategy is communication with twitter that is used as tweet enabled for sharing opinion and retweets for followers that is used for new driven measures not used for restaurant engagement in awareness and sales strategy.

Marketing is channelizing social media analytics to create experiential marketing existence by click and sale before touch and feel (Pitas, 2016). The contents are consistent by the company while previously using LinkedIn and Instagram. Communication should be the same unless that communication is designed for a niche audience or as a pilot run for the project before the planned launch to test customer acceptance and usability. The industry being competitive, the basic aims is to use healthy food as a drive for sale across social media platform.

The social media tools currently used by the company are Facebook, Instagram. Our post does not resonate with followers on LinkedIn as it’s for corporate engagement and building community for work and knowledge which created post views with one time connect to viewers. Instagram is a popular photo-sharing application with support through engagement by stories and posts. The Instagram business page gathered around 1000 followers in 20 days but per post, engagement was less. Instagram insights are split into their tabs, with post engagements showing information for activity, content and reach with demographics. The post is related to our restaurant logo and 2 daily posts on Instagram and twitters simultaneously. LinkedIn user engagement and marketing is subjected to video and for prompting culinary expertise and healthy food alternative.

The frequency of posts was less than 1 on some days. The medium is used by HUEATS for corporate communication and employee grip collaboration but direct sale and top of the mind approach did not gather post reviews for the brand through LinkedIn. Instagram with its young audience and more millennial traffic owned audience is centric for photo-sharing app turning into business-oriented with its Instagram insights well placed for feedback and counting impression per day on post visibility and outreach with the location-specific result. Social tools with its audience and size is a potential business opportunity for brands tolerated as per the product development and business design. The specification with non-edible products are designed for market sale through store purchase different than restaurant busies for dining in and operational revenue with co-existing central to social analytics to gain a competitive edge. Brand awareness is essential to the target audience and aware of utility and product value.

Social media campaign which will be on focus will be awareness and sales campaign. The use of events option to invite and remind individuals will help in maximizing social reach and brand value creation for the restaurant. The launch of Facebook event maker in the business page helps in sales and customer invitation for upcoming cuisines prepared for the day. This has an inbuilt event sharing option that can be synced with the calendar. The brand awareness on HUEATS – the hunger ends here shows the depth of options available and quality that will be provided by the restaurant. This highlights the restaurants with the prospective customer by inviting them for trying the experience

Creating a Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign for MUEATS is developed showing brand s value and capturing customer need for healthy food option.

The communication pattern for this, engage through the post will be used to click and action option for sharing content to end access point. The visual image pattern used will be used for product location to encompass reach and accessibility for the people living across the region. The text and contextual frame and styling fit to page with crisp and fine-tuned for the audience to scroll and lock attention for viewing and exploring further. The use of order button placed creates a direct click and purchase option for users to browse and move to explore window for menu browsing and to website traffic

Assessing Social Media Campaign

The measure of assessment is engagement, reach, conversions (Management association, 2018). Social media campaign helps to increase brand awareness and results in achieving company subjective by building social ROI and customer retention. Facebook insights provide useful metrics and website traffic correlation through social media

  • Track follower growth – Facebook page as a medium for the social platform over time shows the growth and followers through like which boost the increase in revenue and websites per user visits. The new users following and likes show viewer growth and customer base retention which is an early sign for impressions on the audience. The growth percentage of 15% over the previous week shows the exponential growth of new visitors on the page.
  • Click rates –Click rates are the engagement metric which shows attention level received by post. Likes and comments show the varsity of content that appear on their feed while browsing Facebook. The click rate on the post by majority shows the interest in the post with reactions as love, happy care and anger reflects human behaviour emoji with contextual thoughts about the post. The click rates are dent that shows content pitch needs to be increased. The post per click shows reach and impressions with consistent growth of 5% in click rates. The link on landing the website is the conversion rate which is captured as a business boost for HUEATS.
  • Likes reactions and monitoring mention-lead to attention measure with popularity among platform that shows more in search result due to public interest in the same. The mention of the restaurant or the hashtag and repost. The reaction on Easter s lunch was the most loved post with community engagement at the strongest for benchmark comparison with competitors in the same operations as a first-mover advantage. This shows the top of the mind awareness as relevance for a conversation about the brand with 1.2 k are talking about you. Customer feedback and query addressed increases the potential for social media trending. The mention by a customer as visibility positively impacts the hashtag and trend through stories and direct post for the HUEATS. The descriptive option available provide a report for daily new like, daily unlike to give customer report for the retained user for actual user engagement
  • Review replies and comment on the post – Facebook as a wide-reaching medium has customers review and comments on the page as per their opinion with the brand. The negative sentiment displayed and comments that are resonated with others with likes are on the top list. HUEATS orderly check page and feed for reach to the customer as a measure of service. The direct message and comments are accurately handled by admin to avoid any distasteful comment. The response time to comments is the overall construct of the business value and brand image through the campaign message. Customer perception of the brand is reflective in communication through its marketing and branding (Hegde, 2018).
  • Reach- Reach on social media shows the potential on the post and its visibility across Facebook. Reach is an estimate for campaign visibility and user logged on the web traffic display. The lies and follow list shows brand activation and likability. The reach with the followers on the feed shows impressions measure with content like and shared and displayed on the screen. The traffic measurement on the website determines the visibility through social media as a direct link is displayed on the home page. The numbers are directly reflecting in sales proportion than the campaign is showing good potential. Reach diversify with platform users on average daily user report and frequency of posts. The post on the feed shared across platforms capture website engagement on the click by likability and retains on the top search results. The location search for food restaurant with the hashtag will feature posts with recent and likes as option

The performance review for weekly and aggregated time is central to multiple user indication for purchase and direct contact purchase and optimization by pattern evolve by healthy food as a keyword with the hashtag.

Optimal time for engagement- The Facebook insight analytics help to tailor strategy with content at HUEATS. The best time to post on Facebook is 8 PM with audience active at the hours. The engagement shifts per hour on weekdays. The weekly activity gives a brief about the engagement with reactions showing an increase on Friday. The post tab reflects the post engagement on the navigation panel. The user time spends on social media is concentered for content by influence on the pattern and brand message (Kim, 2016).

Understanding demographics-The demographics helps to understand viewing audience s interest, the content will be updated accordingly. The video and content curated shows interest in food curated for weekends as preferred by age demographics 22 to 35 years. The female viewer percentage is more than male on all days. Location and accessibility are preferred while ordering food to make it more appealing for HUEATS success in the long run. The varied content with a reminder at regular intervals is not intruding yet maintain the top of mind approach (Mankad, 2019). The competitive market has resulted in aggressive competition with campaigns on social media and advertising for customer attractiveness and feasibility of purchase through social media. The potential audience with time o he day feed captures the content message and post visibility. The demographic pattern is the customer segment that is apt for product positioning and influence in the purchase through social media is described through user base per location and age. HUEATS objective for store sale and turnover is achieved by dining in the purchase and on-call reservations generated by Facebook. The weekly matrix I designed in accordance with the purchase and recommendation as per engagement for the period

Find what is shared- The content shared on the platform reflect audience perception towards its perceived value. The connection to customers is the main idea through HUEATS we are engaged in sharing recipes, nutrient content, food preparation to increase the experience of the viewer by a visual medium. The emotional connect by traditional menu and food safety content are shared by major restaurant player. Content modification and acquisition of new customers increase through recent trends and measure (Pitas, 2016). Order is directly proportional to viewership in view option for purchase and sale in the restaurant business for user platform integration for brand awareness.

Traffic referral from social media – The acquisition data on social media improves call to action. The referral through social media will help in visibility add to the revenue of the restaurant sales. The social conversion rates are detrimental for performance and leverage by Facebook as social media. The page view section and social conversion are important factors for click thoughts. The action on the page provides details through demographic, website and number detail asked to show click on link details directly resulting in sales increase. The total average per order and customer search results for the product through user base from Facebook address the conversion rate and marketing strategy effectiveness for HUEATS. The contact information and display pattern effectively if not used in reducing the engagement of brands as social media act as a direct accelerator for the brand s measurability for its revenue drive with customer awareness (Queensberry, 2018). For dining in option available to increase sales promotion by marketing through product attributes

Lifetime Total Likes


Daily New Likes


Daily Unlike


Daily Page Engaged Users


Social media is a digital experience that is turned into marketing through a search engine (Chaffey, 2019). This is critical in determining the performance of the page through feedback assessed by the platform by using the analytical measure for improving content and using the engagement process through a change in timings. The user growth per day is increasing for HUEATS which is assign of initial impression through analytical marketing. The retention of the customer is critical for business leverage through ad support and customizing content as per business objectives for sales growth over the period

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