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Phoenix Hi-Tech Engineering Industries

Executive Summary

The major parts in the report which will be analysed are the technological advancements in the context of automation that is required by the management of Phoenix Hi-Tech Industries with the help of which they can be bale to bring the change within the organization. The findings suggest that in order to be more innovative in the automation process, the organizations need to focus on the innovations which are strategically as well as culturally perfect. This way the long term goals and the objectives can be achieved so that the organizational morality can be manatained along with the mantainance of the unique environment.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Defining and framing the issue

Addressing issue





Automation is defined as one of the important technique of making any device , processes, machines as well as procedure based on which the production time , can get reduced along with the increased manufacturing flexibility , reduced costs etc. This signifies that every business organizations like Phoenix Engineering-Hi Tech Industry should be proficient in using labour saving technology which might be the digital technologies or some of the operational equipment’s like machineries, boilers, heat treating ovens etc (Annette, 2014). This is one of the business issue with the help of which the organization could bring change to the organisational structure. Automation can be achieved through various means like mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, airplanes and ships with the help of which the electricity costs can be reduced for the quality assurances and the improvement in the accuracies (Phoenix-hitech, 2020).

Phoenix Hi-Tech Engineering Industries had consolidated its position through the extension of accessibility and the presence globally. The management of Phoenix buys and sells different forms of the integrated circuits, Diodes, Transistors as well as Inductors along with Capacitors through which more informed decision regarding the selling and at the same time to hold the electronic components. These are some of the important automation criterias through which the business organisation can be able to change the organisational structure (Cignex, 2020).

Defining and Framing the Issue

Business process automation becomes one of the highly strategic enabler to control the business along with agility and this is the reason business automation turned out to be important. The reasons behind why the business issue on automation had come in the first place is that through the business automation, the organizational complexities along with the labour-intensive tasks can get easily performed base on which the business manual processes can be easily automated. According to Kostiantyn (2020) business management automation practices is defined as one of the high strategic enabler based on which its entire operations can get easily controlled starting from the technological advancements and the success brought through cloud computing.

Through the technical automation, certain service related things gets highlighted within the hi-tech industries like quality, consistency, metric visibilities as well as the improved operational efficiencies. For example through process automation, the organizational time taken in achieving certain level of tasks ultimately reduces the time in achieving any particular task. As per the argument by Sakaliuk (2017), automation not only ensure the organizational system in running smoothly or efficiently and this way the important data’s as well as the best practices are getting constantly leveraged. This way the consistency in the organizational automated processes can be easily developed with the help of which the organizational competitive advantages can be reflected.

As per the arguments posed by Scott (2018), with the help of workflow automation , thee companies can be able to streamline its business processes through the elimination of the unnecessary tasks and the realignment of the processes for optimising flow of information in the business throughout the entire production , billing as well as collection departments. With the help of workflow automation processes, the turnover can be reduced which is beneficial for both of the staffs as well as the external customers.

The external factors which ultimately helps in framing the computing environment are the variety of trending software’s based on which the organizational essential functions can be performed well through which the organizational operations can also be easily handled. The organizational operations need to feed constantly where the entire administrative structures needed to be created to support organizational problems (Helpsystems, 2020). This way he bureaucracy, nature of the individual will turn into a system based on which the organizational problems can get easily controlled and also can be managed quickly.

Addressing Issue

The existing practices of the business operations needs to be changed so that the business issue can get identified through the development of certain managerial functions like the automation which had been discussed previously. There are various benefits of automation like cost reduction, productivity, reliability as well as performances. The use of automation software within the organization is regarded as one of the better as well as intelligent approach through which the customer service can get enhanced. For example, according to Annette (2014) robotic process automation is defined as one of the important form of automation solution streamlined software through which all sizes and all sorts of the business operations can get easily tackled.

In addition to this , the job-scheduling software as also missing in Phoenix company and that is the reason , it is highly required in order to process more work based on which the system use can also get upgraded. However according to Kostiantyn (2020), certain obstacles on the automated operations have been highlighted through which the business operations can get altered like the problem of minimum budget through which the organizational automation processes cannot be available and at the same time the requirement of less time and the huge amount of issues based on which the potential automation advantages cannot be guaranteed.

The in-house automation solutions turns out to be successful at first but in many cases, the scope have been considered narrow. Again the organizational system often got failed due to the lack of mantainance and enhancements through which the automation processes can be extended. It have been found that the in-house automation solutions are often expensive and also of a low priority within IT departments (Phoenix-hitech, 2020).

Hence internally developed automation efforts turns out to be important based on which the organizational automation suite can get easily enhanced based on which the automated robots can get easily configured and this way the comprehensive enterprise automation can be easily tackled and solved. The issue can get addressed through the evolvement of certain theories and models like the robotics as well as automation are some of the advanced technologies which have ultimately paved the path to generate more efficient, productive as well as intelligent industrial operations through which the increased amount of data can be delivered for the best possible outcomes in the context of intelligent industrial operations based on which the organizational gripping systems can get improved (Cignex, 2020).


From the entire assessment, it can be stated that new office automation system based on which the benefits of the targeted employees can be enhanced through the implementation of new computerised systems which will be beneficial for the entire organization. This way the employees can likely to resist or reject the systems to access the entire organizational benefits. Certain limitations have been reflected above and this the reason , the organization should opt for new performance appraisal automation system along with the other systems discussed above so that the organization systems can get easily tackled where the primary principles depends on differentiation , co-ordination as well as integration. The open organizations like Phoenix should ultimately move in the direction of the differentiation and elaboration along with the co-ordination of the organizational mechanisms which can be stated as organizational unified functioning. Through this, the organizational roles, sub-systems can be bale to characterize the organizational systems like the adaptive subsystem, production subsystem and the support subsystem.


The action plan should include the development of the larger system which will be having reverberating effects on the other sides of the system. In the context of Phoenix Hi-Tech Industries, the automation processes within the organization needs to be clearly defined along with the benefit and the expectations so that all the specific measurements can be accurately done based on which the organizational compliances can be manatained along with the system upgradation. The organizational process needs to be fostered well where the automation will ultimately get fit. The IT context needs to be customized through the upgraded automation processes so that the organizational evaluation along with the improvement can be accessed well.

Through the business automation, the employee productivity along with their moral values and retentions can be highly demarcated based on which the chaotic processes as well as the workflows can be easily streamlined. This way the highest level of organizational transparencies can be evaluated through the enhancement of customer service and delivery. Through this, the organizational automation can drive exponential growth. Based on automation, the principle of equifinality needs to be determined within the organization so that the performance improvements can be easily achieved.


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