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Increasing and Managing Diversity: H2Oydor

Executive Summary

The report has focuses on analyzing the issue of increasing diversity in H2Oydor, a company based in Australia. Furthermore, the key objective of the company is to increase diversity in order to enhance profitability and productivity. It has been identified from the overall analysis that workforce diversity is a highly imperative element for an organization. The analysis also highlighted that effective recruitment and selection policies help to select individuals from different backgrounds. In addition, it has also been identified that the organization must design the strategies that can manage the diverse workforce. The report revealed that diversity management is one of the major challenges for the company. The report also provides some suggestions like effective leadership practices and diversity training programs that are effective in building and increasing diversity at H2Oydor.



Defining and framing Issue

Addressing the Issue

Managing diversity





H2Oydor is a company based in Australia which designs low-cost technology to treat water to make clean water for commercial and civil operations. It is the leading company in this sector and ensures optimal quality control and great after-sales support. The company has 70 employees. Furthermore, the company is looking for new ways to improve innovation and productivity by increasing diversity in the workforce. The particular report will focus on developing the ways through which a company can increase its diversity to enhance innovation.

Defining and Framing the Issue

Workforce diversity is a major concern for different organizations. Furthermore, the organization must recognize and manage diversity in the most effective manner. There are both external and internal factors that need to be measured when increasing diversity in the organization (Sharma et al., 2017)). Diversified personnel offers a variety of benefits like creativeness, problem-solving, and supple alteration to change that may direct to competitive advantage But the administration of such diversified workers is an imperative matter and can be done by adopting key elements like management, guidance, investigation, examination and transformation of traditions and human resource management structure and follow-up actions like supplementary preparation, deliberations about diversity matter with the group members.

H2Oydor needs to develop an organizational strategy and formal learning agenda that generate responsiveness and augment social awareness; highlight the significance of organizational traditions, management accountability, and responsibility; vigorously guarantee the integration of diversity management as an essential part of the overall organizational expansion. It may use change procedure or focus on empowerment of organization and workers so that they have become concerned in the process of institutionalizing multiplicity; review business infrastructure, systems, and strategy that encourage diversity; and make internal support systems that support a diversity of thought and actions of employees from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds (Andrews & Ashworth, 2018).

In the workplace, diversity means employing people who may be dissimilar from each other and come from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore diversity is highly important as it helps to provide new ideas and opportunities for further growth and development. Evidence shows that innovations offer various opportunities for economic growth and development. Innovation in a business context is about to convert a thought into a novel process, creation, or service to make a competitive advantage. For that modernism to happen depends as much on communal dissimilarity (Emmanuel et al., 2018).

If people think the same then no matter how smart they are, the most probable will get stuck at the same locally optimal solution. Finding novel and superior solutions, modernism, require thinking in a different way. Workplace diversity can guarantee there is a great pool of information, proficiency, life experience, viewpoint, and capability. That is why diversity power improvement. Innovation and diversity are both multidimensional terms and explanations for them are as diverse as the number of academic regulations, policymakers, and trade leaders that focus on them (Davis, Frolova & Callahan, 2016). The perplexing and different nature of this definition has added to the challenge of understanding the connection between diversity and innovation.

Nurturing diversity is linked with the expenditure of communication, synchronization, and disagreement, and can pessimistically manipulate an organization. Augmented conflict can result due to lack of communication in a group as workers from diverse settings may not appreciate or belief each other. The management and incorporation costs related to dissimilar personnel can sometimes appear to be superior to the benefits of inspiration and knowledge spillovers. Second, there are major expenses linked with the completion of the flourishing diversity agenda (Kundu & Mor, 2016). These costs comprise the diversity exercise of the manager and traditional workers, exploration costs for non-traditional workers and dealers, adapting business strategy to be responsive to cultural dissimilarity, infrastructural expenses for accommodating employees with disabilities and women with young kids, and such other associated costs which can pessimistically influence prosperity.

Addressing the Issue

The major distress for each business is to progress its output and can only endure by competing in this aggressive competitive world by raising their revenues (Shurafa & Halim, 2018). Due to the diversified personnel in some or the other way, employees are facing a lot many troubles in the organization. Furthermore, conflicts and disagreements may also affect the overall engagement of diversified workforce in the organization. The evidence stated that managing diversity comprises building precise proficiency and making a strategy that augments the finest work behaviors and outlook from each worker. The organization can advantage from employee diversity by producing an organizational atmosphere that attracts natives from varied labor marketplace. As business often resorts to inner promotions to fill the post, employing diverse personnel at vital entry points to the business also guarantees that a varied pool of talent is accessible for promotion.

To attain this purpose, staffing and selection procedures have to be based on managerial and job-relevant principle and executives who run these procedures must be skillful in assessing the standard (Ghislain & Clair, 2017). Effectual administration of employee’s diversity includes not just employing diverse workers but also keep them. One method of escalating retention rates is by offering sufficient guidance and growth opportunities to workers. In the case of multicultural workers, guidance may also help in understanding particular policies and conventions that relate to the Australian workplace. Diverse workers habitually feel abandoned and do not recognize any vocation pathway. Employee expansion agenda can tackle this dilemma by promoting staff for future growth.

In order to manage diversity the leaders can offer diversity instruction in an organization. All employees should comprehend that recruitment choice is base on finding the finest candidate and not by quota. It is essential to make the employment procedure more translucent in order to convince unsatisfactory employees. It is the responsibility of executives to fully recognize the advantages of a varied workplace (Tasie, 2017). The managers can use personnel strategy to manage and guide the diverse workforce in an effective manner. To attract different employees the leaders must offer benefits like onsite daycare, childcare funding, and elastic agenda, and allow the new hire to identify that you are keen to accommodate cultural and spiritual festival and diversity-friendly apparel alternative. If the society does not have common cultural offerings like cultural eatery, specialty marketplace, or international cinema, managers can work with the local chamber of commerce to drive for more variety and fill those requirements.

Best practice suggested in the region of guidance comprises: recognize specific training requirements that are associated with the organization's aim and objectives; reviewing individual employees' training requirements. Escalating cultural diversity is forcing businesses to discover and stimulate a group with a broader choice of value structure. To succeed in managing personnel that is increasingly diverse and multinational, executives need information about cultural dissimilarity and similarities amongst individuals from the diverse setting (Wells & McDone, 2017). The supervisor who administers diversity must recognize that diversity comprises each employee. It is a challenge to fruitfully apply the expertise, energy, and obligation of workers to make a business superior.

It is of main significance that the supervisor knows the cultural attitude and principles of the organization for effectively managing diversity. These beliefs and values together make surroundings that worker see as helpful or not supportive of diversity. Inside all organizations there are an ethnically helpful and non-supportive group, rules, and casual structures. Managers should cautiously plan and execute organizational systems and practice to direct employees so that the possible benefits of diversity are maximized (Özbilgin, Tatli, Ipek & Sameer, 2016).

The organizations need to appreciate and admit cultural and communication dissimilarity, demonstrate admiration, understanding, and be elastic to communication subject in the workforce surroundings. It should be well-informed about moral issues and understand standards, converse decisions regarding these issues to workers and keep the communication channel open for all workers to feedback information without fear and revenge. The organization must adopt the strategy that directly or indirectly influences the diversity.

Managing Diversity

It is important to present new employees with a motive to stay in the organization. Dedicate an equivalent amount of time and effort to hold new workers. Familiarize them with the innovative work and company traditions. The initial weeks can be the most complicated time for any worker. It is significant to demonstrate they have a future in the corporation. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide clear communication opportunities for progress. The leaders must try to set up a training plan to make close functioning associations (Sahyaja & Rao, 2017). Companies can also find an adviser that shares individual wellbeing and promote new friendships. The organization can also form an affinity group that authorizes small groups of workers to think about improving goods or growing into diverse markets. Companies obtain novel thoughts and workers are reassured their dissimilarity is assets.


Diversity Training Programs: currently, diversity training has developed to focus on building cultural capability regarding fellow workers, value dissimilarity, and learning how multiplicity assists in making an enhanced business choice. This viewpoint toward diversity preparation is more effectual than just focusing on the reason for a lack of diversity and the historical roots of prejudice.

Visible Leadership: Another key to make sure that workers are treated fairly is using a suitable leadership plan. Leadership should genuinely value a range of beliefs, and organizational customs must support honesty and make employees feel appreciated.


It has been concluded from the above report that diversity is an important criterion for the growth and expansion of H2Oydor. However the company should make necessary changes in its recruitment and selection policy to recruit a diverse workforce. It is the responsibility of the administration to seriously assess the benefits of employee’s diversity in their business. The analysis revealed that diversity management can be a major challenge for H2Oydor. The management of the company must ensure to assess the performance of each employee and provide necessary guidance to them. Furthermore, the analysis also specified that the culture of the organization must support diversity and provide equal opportunity to the employees. Managing diversity in business is completely reliant upon the recognition of some main objectives to which workers are eager to commit, such as the endurance of the firm.


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