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Answer 2: Risk Management Plan

The risk management plan includes identification, assessment and procedure to control the risks that are either arising in the company or are likely to happen. To guarantee that the workplace is always a secure place for employees and others, WHS should be handled in a strategic and systematic manner. A risk management framework is set up to guarantee that all parts of WHS are handled efficiently and that a systematic risk management process is conducted. The initial procedure while implementing the risk management plan with respect to WHS obligations includes the initial identification plan which includes conducting an inspection inside as well as outside the company. Review the environment (lighting, access, dust and noise), security, housekeeping, work tasks, equipment and hazardous substances.

The second step according to the WHS risk management plan is the process of risk assessment which includes, assessing Risk Assessment Matrix, which is considered as a helpful tool to prioritize risks by assessing risk level. A hazard that is probable to cause a significant accident, for instance, is classified as elevated danger, while one that is probable but could trigger minor injury is classified as medium danger for example, the electrical cables are completely disposed which is considered as an elevated risk and can harm the employees working in the company. The final step is to apply a control procedure which includes, applying the most efficient WHS control policies from the top of the hierarchy and it should be the first option wherever feasible. Less reliable and more hard to keep are those at the bottom of the hierarchy. 

The management within the organisation plays a major role, as it is the key role of management to ensure the adoption of a positive safety culture, the inclusion of WHS in the strategic plan, policies and procedures of the organization, and the effective implementation and management of WHS policies, procedures and programs.

Answer 3: Communication and consulting with the staff

Three ways for employees to participate in managing work area hazards

  1. Participate in the debriefing / counselling / worker support programs after the incident.

  2. Provide the work group with data on WHS measures and processes and further the benefits of implementing it. 

  3. Providing staff with appropriate data on risks and guidelines, training and oversight to allow them to operate securely.

Organisational procedures to deal with any WHS issues raised by employees

In order to be prepared to implement the suggestions or any issue raised by the employees, the internal information has to be linked: regulations, legislation, standards for each State and territory. These legislative boards can inform about and apply the legislation pertinent to their state / territoires and their industries. The legislative bodies can create fresh processes, or either fresh strategies, following suggestions that have been verified with legislative bodies for their legitimacy, honesty and legality. Workers who think their working climate is safe and secure and who care enough for their organizations in order to enforce these strategies and guarantee adherence will function more efficiently and efficiently So schedule effectively and put the finest teaching and engagement methods into practice.

Advise employees of the actions/outcomes of the consultation regarding the WHS issues

Documenting the consultation, including the results of conversations — keeping documents to show adherence with WHS training criteria is a useful practice. WHS helps enhance efficiency by offering employees with beneficial and secure results. People will be more inclined to be encouraged to operate productively and enthusiastically if their demands can be fulfilled, if they recognize equity values as significant in their connection with their employer, and if their job does not result in adverse or harmful results for them and others.

Make sure that all Circle+ managers and employees have ready access to WHS policy

To check the access to procedures and strategies after applying various policies and strategies in the laundry, performance can be reviewed as follows:

  1. Legislation (do you fulfil your legal responsibilities?)

  2. Incident, accident and missed information 

  3. Workers' feedback on their risks and issues

Publishing / making the WHS policy and procedures on the intranet or internal shared computer system of the organization available, e.g. Specific WHS training. WHS information given as part of the induction program. Introduction of WHS problems during conferences, briefings and presentations. Written guidelines to staff, e.g. standard operating procedures, work security assessment, material security data sheets (MSDS). Internal workshops, seminars, safety conferences etc.

Answer 4: monitor WHS procedures

It is vital that you and your employees frequently track and evaluate what you are presently doing in regards to WHS in order to attain continuous improvement. You can then schedule how your present practices and processes can be improved. This will require a review (or internal audit) of each of the components of WHS, including monthly reviews of incidents and hazards, annual overall system review, review of WHS legislative compliance e.g. as per your internal audit schedule, regular review of the suitability of, and compliance with, policies and procedures e.g. every two years.

Other methods to monitor WHS procedures is by:

1.Providing WHS policy and processes 

2. data to the job group. Implement and supervise WHS 

3. leadership involvement agreements. Implement and monitor WHS training organizational processes. 

4. Implement and supervise organizational processes and legal specifications for hazard identification and risk assessment and control.


Identify WHS training needs for managers and employees

There are several ways of identifying training requirements in respect of the SWH, including: 

A training matrix identifying the WHS qualifications needed for employees and their roles.

The safety analysis of jobs (including training for the task) and the competences involved.

  1. Requirement for law (e.g. forklifts driver certify)

  2. Training matrix that recognizes WHS competencies needed for staff and work functions

  3. Job security assessment (including coaching and abilities for each assignment)

  4. Specific risk estimates (e.g. manually handling / safe lifting method coaching).

 The identification of training requirements for the WHS should take due note and include a debate of the WHS consultation system of the organization, procedures, activity, dangers and risks.

Types of WHS training and workplace learning opportunities that are suitable for Circle+ laundry managers and employees

The kinds of instruction and workplace learning opportunities that Circle+ laundry can carry out includes:

1.WHS training as part of the induction program: This can help the people working at the laundries in dealing with issues related to workplace. The company is facing a problem where the people remove the laundry covers for easy handling, WHS trainings and induction programs can train the employees regarding the safety of themselves, workplace rules and policies, WHS policies for safety and health and more.

General WHS awareness and advancement events: Such events can be launched for managers as well as the employees. This could help the overall management in understanding the WHS procedures and policies. Moreover, this could help in organising events and programs regarding WHS. 

3.Coaching for WHS officials and/or members of the WHS Committee on their particular WHS duties

4.Industry-specific WHS training, e.g. limited space work-related training, forklift riding, removal of asbestos, manual handling.

Support work teams and individuals in the workplace to ensure that they meet their WHS responsibilities and participate in maintaining safe and healthy work area

As a leader, it is the duty to keep your workplace secure and healthy. The leader can concentrate the attempt to improve your working atmosphere with a safety and health management system or safety programme. He can explain what the people in your organization are doing to protect you against injuries and diseases. Value Worker’s security and welfare, they can form mutual decision and describe the way in which the team and individuals in the workplace are made aware of WHS responsibility and practice the same. Following steps can be taken to ensure WHS responsibilities are met and work team can be supported: 

  1. Create efficient two-way communication. Respond to employees ' requirements and issues.

  2. To guarantee a secure environment, leadership comes beyond rules.

  3. Promote employees to "override their obligation" to secure a safe place of work.

  4. Promote a business atmosphere that promotes confidence, creativity and overall well-being.

  5. Celebrate achievement with SHARP or other programs of appreciation.

How would you monitor the training and learning and development to ensure that it is achieving its objective

The WHS Records provide continuous help in monitoring the training, learning and development of individuals and the organisation. The WHS records contains documents that can help in monitoring, these documents are as follows:

WHS leadership plans, policies, processes and guidelines, reporting of events and injuries, including documents of ' notifiable events ', WHS audit reports, workplace review, testing, retention and tracking reports, consultation documents, e.g. agenda and minutes of WHS board conferences, working group conferences including WHS products and activities, first aid / medical documents, documents for registration of machinery products, including maintenance and inspection records, License records and certificate owners, Workers ' compensation and recovery records, Environmental surveillance records in the workplace, Risk estimates, Safe job practices. 

In what ways could you report to the management team on the costs associated with providing WHS training to managers and employees?

Your organization has recognized an improvement in injury to employees. In the region where the accidents happen, you are accountable for coaching. There will be a specific workout price per day which is to be reported by the manager to the management. An assessment of the training requirements suggests that a coaching program will work on lowering the accident level. Consider: it will take two days to analyse the teaching requirements, including reporting to management, or it will take you five days to create the coaching program. The managers have to employ a TV / video for each meeting having specific prices for each and every thing like costs per participant, lodging charges, per day costs on other extra amenities such as food, charges charged by the organisation who will provide the training. 

Answer 6: Recording and reporting WHS incidents

There are a range of traditional WHS efficiency measurements. The most popular estimates include:

  1. Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

  2. Medical therapy injury frequency levels

  3. Reported accidents 

  4. compensation statistics for workers and claims expenses

  5. Negative efficiency indices.

Other factors that can help in recording and reporting the incidents in the past and the continuation are, Frequency rate, that determines the amount of injuries that have occurred in the past with further what is the probability of injuries to happen in the future. Other factors may include, incidence rate, average lost time also known as severity rate and more. 

Answer 7: Three types of WHS records that Circle+ Laundry can use to manage work and safety

WHS records that Circle+ Laundry can use to manage work and safety:

  1. Injury/incident reports and investigations

  2. Workers rehabilitation and compensation records

  3. First aid records

Answer 8: Online WHS system

Benefits of an online record keeping system to HR and the organisation

The online record keeping system will help the laundry company in keeping record of the company operations, including revenue and expenditures, employees', payments, and information of stocks and assets. Further, the online record keeping will help in following ways:

  1. Efficient way to maintain financial records requiring less room for storage.

  2. Provides the possibility to record a purchase when the invoice is raised, not when a client receives a money donation.

  3. Easy to produce instructions, invoices, debtor accounts, accounts, pay documents for employees, inventory reports.

  4. Automatically sums quantities and offers features for reporting.

  5. Maintains the recent tax levels, tax regulations and decisions

Develop a checklist to assess what electronic information should be captured, for how long, by whom and in what format

How the records would be updated, disposed, archived, migrated and/or linked with other records, and how access and security issues will be dealt with in regard to such records

How to create documents: 

Records will be developed depending on the demands of organization and legislation.

How documents are updated:

Records will be updated and edited when appropriate by the region accountable for the record.

How documents are disposed of: 

Shredding or placing confidential documents in bins for file destruction.

Non-confidential documents in paper storage bins are to be disposed of.

How to archive records: 

Paper Documents will be stored in safe compactors in folders and libraries.

Use the internet archiving choice to archive internet system documents.

Spreadsheets and Word papers are stored in the computer's archived directory.

How documents are moved and/or connected to other documents:

Any related documents will be observed and quoted in the report.

Answer 9: Keeping HR records in an online environment

Answer 9: Keeping HR records in an online environment

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