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Manage Workforce Planning



Current situation.

Demographic profiles.

Workforce planning.

Labor forces analysis and forecasting techniques.


Fair Work Act 2009.

Equal Opportunity Acts.

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

Review process.

Plan implementation.

Monitoring and reviewing the plan.

Business strategies for ABC..




Introduction to ABC Fitness Center Analysis

ABC fitness center is a fitness franchise that intends to offer fitness services at reliable prices and to achieve a unique identity in the fitness industry. The report is formulated to address the importance of workforce plan in an organization. The purpose of this report is to provide a complete workforce plan to deal with current issues the center is facing. The report includes labor force analysis and forecasting techniques which are to be implemented by the manager. Moreover, the report also elaborated breaching of legislation by the organization, and some recommendations are been made for the center. 

Current Situation

The present manager of ABC fitness center is operating the business for five years but due to average customer satisfaction and legal consequences, the risk of losing business contract is increasing. The major issue reported in the organization is staff turnover. None of the employees at the center lasts more than 10 months due to a lack of employee satisfaction and workplace discrimination. The issues reported by the employees are workplace discrimination in terms of wages and rewards. However, overhead charges are low at the center but broken machine parts and unprofessional trainers are often reported by the clients. Because of these issues, clients remained unsatisfied and close their memberships at ABC. The center is also alleged for breaching several legislations. However, for improving business value and building memberships, there are two golden opportunities are available. A residential area and a retirement center are being established in nearby locations of the center. These centers are full of young families and retired old age people who are concerned about fitness and health.

Demographic Profiles

Australia's labor force is significantly impacted by demographic trends. It has been reported that the number of people leaving is higher than joining the workforce between 2010 and 2020. Therefore, a limited number of workers are available on a bundle of jobs. Moreover, the trend of women's employment is also increased globally (Davis, Frolova & Callahan, 2016). Three chief trends prominent in Australia's present employment market are:

  • A constant weakening of workforce demand
  • Wages growth are slower
  • Labor supply growth is declining

Labor supply trends affecting labor demand

  • High compensation and appraisals: The center needs to give more benefits and appraisals to retain the employee for long term.
  • Multiple options for skilled workforce: The center should keep in mind that skilled labor has more options to choose to work.
  • Shortage of labor in the market: The trend of hiring employees from other regions or countries is increasing due to a lack of workforce in the domestic region.

Workforce Planning

An effective workforce plan can give several benefits to an organization.

  • The capacity of identifying future employee recruitments and skills required for the organization
  • To discover the shortage of facilities or over supply demand
  • To retain skilled labor and reducing staff turnover.
  • The future and present business value can be strengthened
  • Workforce planning improves the output, efficiency, and value for the organization.

An organization having a diverse culture and constant training programs are the two factors an employee wants from the job (Atwood, 2020). The plan allows developing a workplace having career development opportunities, financial benefits, work-life balance, business ethics, and social responsibilities.

Labor Forces Analysis and Forecasting Techniques

The forecasting techniques allow us to evaluate qualitative and quantitative statistics to verify job types, employee numbers, skills, and capabilities. These methods are called demand forecasting techniques.

  • Scenario and strategic planning: This technique is a helpful mode to challenge the assumptions of the current trend in the organization. The manager needs to develop some strong assumptions challenging the current running trend. These assumptions are to be considered during the execution of the workforce plan.
  • Delphi technique: It is another important method for labor demand estimating which is generally performed by a cluster of experts i.e. managers. This panel is accountable to make sovereign anonymous forecasts (Potudanskaya, Borovskikh & Kipervar, 2018). These responses are then collected by the human resource department. They are accountable to analyze the responses then summarized and circulated by maintaining secrecy.
  • The nominal group technique: Similar to the Delphi technique, a group of members are liable to make a self-regulating estimate before forecasts discussion. Unlikely to Delphi, the members discuss their forecasts with each other and develop a collective estimate before implementation.
  • Ratio trend analysis: This method is based on historical human resource statistics about the development or growth of employees as a sign of future requirements. The organization needs to evaluate previous ratios i.e. manpower demand/human resource is to be forecasted on the foundation of output level and the number of employees presented.


Fair Work Act 2009

The case of an employee being bullied at the workplace comes under this act mentioned in the Fitness Industry Award 2010. Fair Work commission act was established to improve workplace behavior towards their labor. At the center, the case of low or delayed compensation for long working than usual shows the breach of the act (McCrystal, 2010).

Equal Opportunity Acts

The main focus of this act is to promote equal opportunity for all employees in the workplace. It generally aims to put a stop to discrimination based on age, gender, and others. The act sticks to the value of giving fair chance to each employee to grow in the organization. As studied in the case, the employees at the center are complaining about the different awards for the same job, hence it is a clear breach of the Equal opportunity Act (Lim, 2018).

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

The standard of the act is proposed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The act allows the consumer or the employee to get familiar with the terms and conditions of the contract. Also, ensures the safety or services and products of the business. Under the standards of this ACCC, the center is in breach of ACL. The center has damaged machine parts which can be harmful to customers as well as for staff (Milnes, 2019). Also, the center did not provide a legal contract of employment to some of its employees.

Review Process

Plan Implementation

The first step of implementation is to understand the needs of business and where it stands in the market. The organization needs to develop strategies and objectives to drive the structure. In this step, the center must define the plan, its key benefits, and targets to be achieved at the end. This step will include defining the plan to its risk and quality assessment. The second step of implementation is to understand the current trend of the labor market. The ordinary factors to be considered are Macroeconomics prediction, demographic inclination, regulatory trend, and talent movement trends within the center. The final step is to identify future talent demands of the organization (Berger, 2020). After executing business strategies into operation, one must deign the job requirements to implement the practices. The center needs to focus on skilled labor and job roles. Critical roles and employee segments need to be monitored at this stage as the execution of business strategies will require capable workers.

Monitoring and Reviewing the Plan

The workforce plan can be evaluated by acknowledging inside and outside workforce conditions. For the center, the key reviewing point is staff turnover. This factor can be identified by using demand forecasting techniques which are mentioned earlier in the report. Moreover, a center manager is liable to interview different employees to track the plan's progress (Arovah, 2016). The productivity of the plan can be reviewed by analyzing the following data:

  • Staff skills development
  • Workforce performance
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Efficient business outputs
  • Center finances

Business Strategies for ABC

Reducing staff turnover strategies

  • Provide excess of leaning and mounting opportunities
  • Giving employees with eye-catching profession paths
  • Offering better facilities
  • Providing flexible working hours
  • Providing performance appraisal in six months interval

Improving business strategies

  • Recruiting staff with skills that bring into line with those of the center
  • Creating diverse and cross-culture management in the center
  • Encourage trainers to attract new customers by giving the best services
  • Provide multiple ranges of services
  • Increase promotional activities in newly established residential

Recommendations on ABC Fitness Center Analysis

  • Endorse diversity: Workforce from different environments and skills can fetch helpful insights to the center and enhance productivity.
  • Identifying employment needs: The center should focus on hiring professional full-time trainers instead of part-time students to sustain the client's interest.
  • Promote communication: Developing communication within the center will improve workforce relations internally and externally.
  • Develop public relations: The center should adopt unique advertising strategies to reach people from different domains.
  • Systematic evaluation for performance appraisal: The employees must be rewarded based on their performance in due time. This will help to retain skilled labor in the organization.

Conclusion on ABC Fitness Center Analysis

In this report, the implementation of the workforce plan in ABC center has been explained. The plan is defined after analyzing different aspects of ABC fitness center. All the current issues are being evaluated and monitored with the help of demand forecasting techniques. After all this evaluation a well-generated workforce plan is being established.

References for ABC Fitness Center Analysis

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