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Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence - Task 1: Research and Action 

Identify Their Emotional Strengths and Weakness-

We are having two different kinds of people named dale and cal in our workplace and they both have different strengths and weaknesses. Dale has effective communication skills by which he can easily explain tasks fully To others and helps others to delegate them efficiently. But at some point. dale becomes loud and noisy to prove his point. dale always seeks validation from outside even after receiving the approval from others dale experience emptiness inside him and these all things occur in dale due to his overconfidence.

While cal is having self-motivational skills. He has always a plan b by which he never gives up in any situation but he is very concerned about his performance but sometimes his skills make him rage on others.

How Do You Deal with These People?-

We can use a good communicator to promote team building or to increase engagement in the workplace. When we can find our inner sense of security then only we can deal with an overconfident person.

When we are confident about ourselves no one can undermine us. A self-motivated person is who sees best in worst.we can monitor his performance graph to encourage others. We can set difficult goals for him by which we can get and outstanding to achieve that goal simply.

Employees having rage in his nature are not always wrong so listen to him carefully and try to understand him and approach him regularly with patience. The reward is the best option to deal with all kinds of people.

How You Could You Assist Them to Develop Emotional Intelligence?-

People who are motivated have higher degrees of emotional intelligence. They are highly interested in accepting a challenge and doing whatever they want to do.

Self-awareness is also a major point where you can assist people in emotional intelligence. They are confident and they don’t want anyone to rule their life, they only trust their inner intuition. The next important element of emotional intelligence is empathy. Empathetic people are good at listening, recognizing feelings of others, and managing relationships with others.

If a person is having good social skills is a sign of higher emotional intelligence. People who are having strong social skills are very good and effective team members. Because these people are very good at maintaining long term relationships.

How you could you utilize your emotional intelligence to maximize a team’s outcome?-

Emotional intelligence may help to increase emotional connectivity between a team by which all team members can help them internally. It creates team members to have a voice and be a good listener which can create an effective communication environment at the workplace where all can clearly express their thoughts. It can reduce negative things like-hearted, jealousy, revenge, blame, etc. from the team members.

When we are emotionally connected we can work and play together which can reduce boredom from the team. It can also help to identify team members' strengths and weaknesses easily. It creates unity which saves our time to achieve a goal. Emotional intelligence creates a positive environment in the workplace by which all team members are satisfied with their leadership.

Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence - Task 2 Research

a. How You Respond to The Emotional State of Colleagues

Answer (a) we should always take care of the emotional state of our colleagues.we should take some actions to overcome their problems and we should always help them to solve their problems, we should always ask our colleagues about their problems and their emotional state, always take care of feelings of your colleagues, always ask about their problems, whenever a person is unhappy they need a person to share their problems so always become a helping hand of your colleagues.always take action to solve the workplace issues always try to fix the worst situation. Ask your friends about their troubles and help them to come out of their problems. Never hide your emotional triggers; this is not a healthy practice. emotional stress may put in heart problems that can destroy our health.

b. How Culture Influences People’s Reactions to Different Situations

Answer (b) culture influences both positive and negative emotions to people's reactions in different situations. Different cultures experience different sets of people and they have different emotions. immigration, religious expansion are some main factors that influence cultural change. These cultural changes impact people's reactions in different situations. The key elements of cultural emotion are physiological response, behavioral response, subjective experience. culture is an important factor that shapes our western culture-positive emotions are promoted rather than negative emotions. Positive emotions increase our emotional intelligence and sharpens us. It also helps us become successful in our workplace. always listen to your employees and coworkers always deal calmly with your emotional employees.

c. How You Would Deal with Others Who Became Emotional in The Workplace

Answer (c) always pays attention to your employees and coworkers at the workplace. always try to understand their emotional triggers, give them some space, make sure they maintain their dignity. analyze the signals if someone is hurt at the workplace always motivates them to deal with the situation.tell them to be always vocal about their emotional breakouts with their closed ones so that they don't feel alone. emotionally stable people give their best at the workplace so try to block negativity from the workplace. handle responses and accept changes in the workplace environment, do not criticize anyone. Emotions do matter in the workplace. always identify threats near you

Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence - Task 3 Identify and Discussion

a. Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Relation Work

Answer (a) if we are well aware of our strengths and weaknesses then we are able to understand our emotional intelligence very well. If you know your weaknesses then you will be able to understand the things which are becoming a hurdle in your career.always be honest while choosing your real weakness and always try to improve those weaknesses. Your strengths always help you to grow at your workplace. Always recognize your strengths and weaknesses and accept them. stay focused on your career, always spare your free time wisely. always try to improve your communication skills. There are lots of ways through which you can analyze and improve your strengths and weaknesses. Always remain calm even in the worst situations as well at your workplace, this will help you to grow more.

b. Identifying the Things that Stress You at Work and Impact on Your Ability to Work

Answer (b) there are lots of factors that can cause work stress at the workplace and impact your ability to work. Some of the factors can be long working hours, heavy workload pressure, duty changing, work deadlines, insecurity of job, boring workplace or boring work, depression, aggression, disinterest, isolation, unable to tolerate frustration, impatient, irritability, pessimism, unable to cope up with the

environment, mood swings, non-initiative, interpersonal relationship problems, lack of support, organizational culture, physical environment, insufficient skills, harassment, bad relations with boss or colleagues, crisis incidents, workplace death and many more these are some of the work stressors which impact the ability of employees at related stress is the main concern in the workplace, this problem is growing at very large scale. We should always consult with doctors or psychologists to cope up with stress at the workplace.

c. Identifying the Behaviours that You Display that Encourage Others to Behave Appropriately at Work

Answer(c)the employees should always behave positively at workplaces.appropriate behavior is the key to success at the workplace. Employees should be committed, efficient, motivated at their workplace. Appropriate behavior is mandatory. Employees should cooperate with other employees in the workplace. Always share your emotions and knowledge with your colleagues at your workplace.some positive behaviors which should be kept in mind at workplace are as follows always be on time at workplace, always do your work on time, always be reliable, always possess an attitude which inspires others at the workplace, always be professional, always possess ethical and moral behavior, be adaptable, improve interpersonal skills, improves personal traits, always respect others, be calm, be patient, be a helping hand, be compassionate, maintain your ethics, always learn new skills, eliminate negative attitude, possess a positive attitude and integrity.

d. Include a Self-Reflection and Feedback from Others and Discuss how You Could Improve Your Emotional Intelligence for Work

Answer (d)you can improve your emotional intelligence at workplace in many ways such as always self evaluate, always be responsible for your actions, before taking any action always examine those actions, always be a good listener, be calm in every situation, always feel optimistic and hopeful,dont panic in stressful situations maintainability to solve problems calmly, always be an excellent decision-maker, always try to improve your performance.these skills will make you a person with high emotional intelligence, these people know their worth and these people are very sensible. Having emotional intelligence is a technical ability.we should improve our emotional intelligence to become sucessful at our workplace.

Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence - Task 4

Question 1- Explain Emotional Intelligence Principles and Strategies

Answer 1- emotional intelligence is a key that helps us to increase our capacity to attain accomplishment. Emotional intelligence consists of five-segment which are as follows:-

1. Self-awareness:- self-awareness is the most important thing you need to need to know your worth and accordingly you will realize what are your goals in life.

2. Self-management;- for self-management one must need to manage or practice self-control otherwise you may not get your statement of work done in time. There are numerous causes of emotional triggers and we must deal with such emotional breakdowns.

3. Social awareness:- this includes vicarious emotion. Social awareness involves organizational awareness, the key element of social awareness is emotional boundaries.

4. Relationship management:- we must possess relations to develop an attitude.

5. Team leadership:- managing conflict, communication, improving the project, inspirational leadership is mandatory.

Question 2- Describe the Relationship Between Emotionally Effective People and The Attainment of Business Objectives

Answer 2- we can attain business objectives by considering some major factors that are leadership, management skills, partnership, teamwork, etc. we must possess high emotional intelligence this helps us to liaise better, helps us to promote the teamwork, if our communication skills are not appropriate then we will not be able to do personal concerns, thinking, feelings. Through emotional intelligence, we can easily corporate with others, manage stress related to business objectives, solve work-related conflicts and we can attain business objectives. Emotional intelligence involves motivation, self-awareness, empathy, social skills, self-regulation, etc.

Question 3:- Explain how To Communicate with A Diverse Workforce Which Has Varying Culture Expression of Emotion

Answer 3:- To communicate with a diverse workforce we need to enlarge our cultural understanding. If we need to communicate with a person who has different cultural norms then, first of all, we need to understand their expectations and their cultural norms. We should be straightforward, respectful, and receptive. We need to be efficient in communication.we should always appreciate cultural differences and we should always be accommodating. To communicate with a diverse workforce we need to practice proper active listening, we should take knowledge of different cultural backgrounds. We should avoid anxiety and we must possess adequate cultural knowledge. We must also take exposures of different cultures to avoid communication barriers. Cultural differences are the biggest barrier in a diverse workforce, so we must ensure clear communication to avoid communication barriers and the workplace should give cultural diversity education to their employees to avoid communication barriers.

Question 4:- Explain the Use of Emotional Intelligence in The Context of Building Workplace Relationships

Answer 4:- emotional intelligence is a factor which helps us in building workplace relationships through emotional intelligence we can improve our workplace relationships and make them stronger. It also helps the employee with stress management and increases their ability to work under high pressure. Through emotional intelligence, we are able to understand our emotions which helps us in improving our thinking ability and behavior. Emotional intelligence improves our personal effectiveness and influences our skills. Emotional intelligence also helps us in managing closer bonds. This helps us in doing better teamwork and build integrity. So emotional intelligence is the most important factor in the context of building workplace relationships.

Short Answers:-

Answer 1:- five examples of emotional strengths and weakness are as follows:-

The excessive sentiment, feebleness can be considered as emotional weakness and if you are coping up with these challenges then it is your emotional strength. Passion, optimism, hopefulness, empowerment, and patience are some examples of our emotional strength. On the other hand impatience, lazy, persistent, self-critical and lacking confidence are some of our emotional weaknesses

Answer 2:- five major stressors that affect people’s emotional states are:-

Every person’s emotional state level is different. Some major stressful events can be workplace stressors, financial problems, separation from husband, psychological stress, death of a person whom you loved the most. These major stressors affect people’s mental health a lot.

Answer 3:-methods could be used to develop an awareness of your own emotional triggers, so you are able to use this awareness to enable control emotional responses are:-

You need to develop your emotional triggers. You can take time to understand your feelings and should analyze your emotions. You should accept your responsibilities and you should recognize your emotional reactions

Answer 4:- Behaviour is the key to achieve personal resilience. through this, you can manage work stress. The managers of the workplace ought to be trustworthy. Workplace behavior includes emotional intelligence and high-level emotional intelligence boost mental health, career success, relationship these are some factors that need to evaluate in workplace behavior

Answer 5:-self awareness is the key factor to improve the development of your own emotional intelligence. Because self-aware people are aware of their emotions and how these emotions can affect them. emotional intelligence enhances the communication skills of people.if we are self-aware then we can manage our negative emotions as well.

Answer 6:-we must understand the emotional triggers, empathize with our co-workers. We should listen to them properly, we should accept them and be non- judgemental. You pay attention to your co-workers if they are in a bad emotional state and you should always acknowledge your co-workers.and always think positively.

Answer 7:- it is essential to be well aware of all the cultural norms and cultural differences because it includes workplace relations, increases trust among employees, it also increases the effective communication which is important for a successful team and emotional intelligence at the workplace. different cultures interpret different contexts and we should be well aware of that.

Answer 8:-we should adapt changes and diverse work environments because adaptable and flexible people are able to module themselves according to the environment.adaptable and flexible employee is able to work with a team or independently as well. A flexible person is capable of doing work with ease without any grudges and issues. an adaptable person is also able to manage the work stress easily.

Answer 9:-we should take other persons emotion into account while making a decision because other person emotions deliver us some kind of learning and knowledge. Sometimes we also receive emotional failures from other people and from that we are able to solve our emotional failures as well. We should always focus on positive emotions and never make rash decisions.

Answer10:-we can provide various opportunities in the workplace for others to express their thoughts and feelings two of them are as follows:-

1.we can provide a suitable workplace environment for the employees where they don't hesitate to express their emotions and work stress-free.

2.secondly we should teach our employees how to calm down in emotional breakouts and stressful situations.

Answer 11:-it is very important to manage emotions in the workplace because our emotions are contagious, and our emotions are subconscious which left an impact on others as well in a workplace.emotions also affect the work performance of employees. if a person is having a negative emotion then it can affect other peoples as well in the workplace.

Answer 12:- self-management of emotion is very important, you must be able to control your behavior and feelings. You should be aware of

must be able to adapt to the new changing environment and our emotions affect our thoughts and behaviors. Realization and being able to control our feelings are termed as self-management. If we are able to change our thoughts then we are able to change our feelings as well.

Answer13:- you can encourage others to develop their emotional intelligence at the workplace in many ways such as stop judging anyone, do good for others, encourage them to do meditations, encourage them to do some physical work like running, exercise, yoga, etc. through this they can develop their emotional intelligence at the workplace and build productive relationships at workplace.

Answer14:-we should encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace because if we will work in a positive environment it will increase our performance ability and help us to build our career. Positive emotion provides us work satisfaction and improves or well being, positive emotion encourages us to do our best at the workplace.

Answer 15:-strengths of individuals helps us in achieving the goal of the company. individuals show their strengths in their performance. Their leadership skills, organizational skills, intellectual skills, etc, so a company should take care of their employees so that they respond with extra efforts. This is the best way to maximize an employee’s strength.

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