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Lead Personal and Strategic Transformation 

Introduction to Analyse and Develop a Change Project Plan

The main aim of this study is to provide the research on the basis of giving the background of the selected organisation by giving acknowledgment of the change initiative plan. This research chapter focuses on the topics which are necessary for garnering knowledge about a organization and how it can survive change. The selected organization is Olive Enterprises which is a brand that deals in machinery and import/export corporation and strives for change in these tumultuous times. It is to be noted that the research is to be focused only on Olive Enterprises brand and hence this is why there must be an analysis for the change of events which also utilizes the constructs of the organizational environments, structure, leadership and other different cultures . There are some of the findings as well which can be stated in saying that Olive Enterprises is just a start in the Export industry and is facing some issues in the same and it can also be known to be as the analysis of the organizational issues in the recent year. Small businesses can be said to be as increasingly recognizing with the ‘life blood for generating the modern economics’. It can be also said that there are small firms which are considered as usually involved with the processes of the firm leading to a competitive advantage. These small organizations, irrespective of the industry type makes it to a point that these firms should have a macro level of competition and not just this it must also be kept in mind that these organizations should also keep in mind about how adept their requirement is to be in terms of cost, quality and also diversity. Hence, the need for the implementation of the change arises. This change in the organisation leads simply to achieving a level of competitiveness. One of the reasons why the selection for this particular type of assessment has been taken being around a small firm because it is the smaller firms only which have experienced change as per the industry, and not just this, it is rather these smaller firms only which need to have specific management skills for handling the change in itself. It can as well become important for the smaller firms to go through change because it is more likely to change the entire process of the organization. According to (), the definition of change management and its theory can be regarded with respect of design and running of the organizations due to the fact that there have always been a present-future organizational patterns on the operational and the strategic level. Hayes (2018), defines change management as the “process of continually renewing the direction of organization, structure and their other capabilities having the server need and change their needs to the external and the internal customers. Olive Enterprise is one of the subsidiaries that have been known to found as the businesses regarding the exporting parts and mechanical equipment. The company was founded at a time when it was started with a simple vison to be working in condition involving half-privatization and half-nationalization. Its set up was done in such a way that the business model states that almost all of the import of the company and its party affairs, logistics and administration were at that time coming under the category of state shareholding (Rosenbaum, More & Steane, 2018). There are several other deputy change managements as well that have said to devote a lot of time in retaining the stable sources for the customers. The organization and its organizational structure comprises of the head of the company which is the deputy general manager, the vice secretary and the CEO. The Deputy General Manager is mainly in charge of the business departments and can also exploit the change for the market. On the other hand there were people who were seeking a lot of opportunities which can give room to stable clients and can also ensure further development and can help in gaining the profits each and every year. The company has struggled initially a lot because the veteran General Manager of Olive Enterprise was taking constantly high leaves due to health issues. The company also started to promote the Business Manager to pace up the ladder and cover for the company’s stake and reputation and enhance the sales of the company by taking in charge of the General Manager and his position. This year was seen as one of the toughest times because a lot of people then started being sceptical about the environment and their future at the company and hence decided to make a change by leaving the company for good. The company almost lost around a numerous number of meritorious employees. This is why there aroused a need for a change in the organization. In other terms, it could be said that the changes and its need occurred because of the requirement of the organization’s environment.

According to Ali et al., (2017), the categorisation of environment can be done into three different types which are temporal environment, external environment and also the internal environment. According to Quinn & Quinn (2016), the first environment can be said to be as one of relatively long terms which influence the organization with the cycle of its industry and its organization with respect to its long-term influence being generated in any sort of organization. On the other hand, the external environment can be defined as the elements which exists outside of the world in which the organization exists, this may also include factors such as political, economic, technological and so on.

Vision and Purpose

The Vision and Purpose of Olive Enterprise lies in the key fact that we need to paint a picture with the current situations and show how the introduction can impact businesses in a lot of different ways. Change of the authorities and the change management of the people with respect to the situations and the ideas which are formed must be taken into consideration. There must be some of the obstacles as well which can hinder the achievement that is being determined with a changed roadmap and which can also create a sequence for the nature of change and must also express the relevant timelines required to manage the stakeholders of the company. The importance of communication at the vision and purpose of the organization is rather one of the most important steps in managing the new changes and their new ways of work. There are several other leadership skills as well that have a necessary demand and projection which must analyse changes with respect to the work practices that must engender trust.

Scope of the Project

One of the central tasks of the organization is to divide the tasks of the company into making it in a manageable, specialized and coordinate related task organization which can reap some of the harmonious actions. There are several solutions which can be made for addressing these challenges by making the optimal use of technical specialists in project management and creating a cross-functional teams which meets the needs of the project requirement and client requirements. There are numerous researchers as well who have been examining the effects of the worker satisfaction and how it can help in achieving worker satisfaction and creating turnover. It is one well-established fact that the employee satisfaction and employee retention are the only simple factors of relating it to a predictor of turnover. Galli et al., (2017), mentions that the loss of employees is nothing but a disruptive event. There are a lot of aspects which relate to the nature which creates the work for itself such as commitment of organization, compensation, overall job satisfaction and employee turnover.

Key Drivers

It is important to note that change is inevitable and one of the major forces which exist behind the improvement, strength and progress. There are several other changes which require the thoughts which drive change and can also deal with the type of the changes which are required by the organization. There are three common types of changes which include the factors such as developmental change, transitional change, transformational change.

The three most common types of changes comprise of the following factors:

  • Developmental change: A developmental change can be considered as one of the easiest and the primarily one of the main improvements which can fulfil the current stage. This can be also said to be done under the case and circumstance of upgrade which lightens the another upgrade related to the system without major of the structural changes (Binci et al., 2016).
  • Transitional change: A transitional change can be considered as one of the current states which have a clear fix identification attached to the problem. This type of change mainly occurs with the management and the requirement which is being established with the help of the start of the processes. It can also be considered that this type of change may or may not as well sound as deceptive and can also be identified with the help of having a clear defined end point in mind (Tang, 2019).
  • Transformational change: It is mainly driven by the need of survival. The transformational change can also act as one of the end states which are not really known with the start of the processes (Klempin & Karp, 2018). There are different types of changes which are hard to manage and which also requires a lot of major say in the mind shifts. It can also be well known that there are changes which are rather hard to manage and they also require the larger part of transformational changes. The transformational changes are also related with the end state which can be known as too start of the process.

Broad Goals and Measures

Olive Enterprises is facing transformational change related issues and these issues are caused with the acquisition of adapting a mechanism which is rather one size fits all. Over the years it can be seen that the change in target of the organization can be moved into such a way that it enhances its values as focusing work on processes such as six sigma having some new tasks to be delivered into such a way that it reports the metrics for some of the critical areas which can be coupled with regressing back its previous and cultural stages. The cause for the recent increase of the turnover in employee and the other impact of organizational change must be occurred with creating the impact in change agent as per its recent wave related employee turnover. The steps that have been taken into consideration for the identification of the employee and its organization can be accomplished with the help of multiple interviews and discussions. The increased employee turnover can be identified with the literature and its overview due to the factors such as organizational change, organizational structure as well as the definition of question dealing with the people in the organization.

Actions and Milestones

In the environment of today keeping in mind the turbulent nature of organizations, change is the only constant. It has become synonymous along with the standard business and its practices having some of the long term organizational ends which needs to be formulated on an ongoing basis. The implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) has its derivatives where there are quality improvements in the efforts of the employees and there are lesser number of defected reductions which will strongly be linked to the overall strategy of corporate (Galli et al., 2017). The skills and abilities are a pre-requisite in the structure that can actually break or build the performance.

In order to make the changes, a simple change in hierarchical matrix can be allowed with the companies that can help them in addressing the multiple business and its dimensions for creating the matrix grid-like organizations that can allow the companies in adopting the matrix for a viable alternative dealing with their increasingly complex businesses for providing proliferation into various industries of export. There are other organizational structures which will change the perception because of the considerable resources and their support of change. There are various additional human resources that are required for setting up and running the quality teams having some transition management structures which can also manage the processes of change. There will be a designing of a superior structure in the case study which will ensure success into one of the successful management and leadership having a superior structure leading to success. The leaders must also design and develop a different perspective altogether from the managers in terms of factors leading to maintaining the status quo and finding some of the excitement occurring change.

Stakeholder Analysis

It is no secret that in order to implement the change in a successful way one must always understand the perspectives of the change and how it can affect the stakeholders. In order to do that, one must always find a balance with the needs and the business skills which are required for the stakeholders into buying the details of the project irrespective of the communication and the training efforts. According to Doppelt (2017), the stakeholder analysis or the term such as the stakeholder mapping can be considered as one of the simplest techniques which can be used with the help of various different programs into any kind of significant changes. The stakeholder mapping is responsible for impacting the interests of the organization. The purpose of the stakeholder analysis template document lies in the full list of stakeholders and how it impacts the program and holds influence towards the current desired levels of commitment and charting of the distance between the two. The selection of the organizational change related projects and products are responsible for the implementation of the project with the help of determining and assessing the change in the projects and their complexity related resistance among participants.

Some of the different kinds of organizational change can be seen in the below mentioned dimensions and they are as follows:


Strategic development projects

Continuous improvement

Low hanging fruits



Expected benefits

Conclusions on Analyse and Develop a Change Project Plan

The study has found some of the most different challenges which can be brought up with the sectors such as organizational change, new leadership and other inherently and cultural differences. There is a contribution of recent and significant increase with the employee turnover. There are various other transformational changes which have contributed to some higher levels of the employee turnover.

References for Analyse and Develop a Change Project Plan

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