Operational Plan Management

2. a. Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth): Customer’s personal data provided at the timer of purchasing goods from the organisation is required to be kept confidential as per the regulations of this act (legislation.gov.au, 2020). This is relevant to the operational objective of “Engaging with customers through marketing, research and personalised service”

Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld): This legislative figure is relevant to the objective of the organization regarding “Supporting people to perform via training and performance management”. It is because supporting every employees of the organisation equally is required to avoid complying with the legal provisions under this Act (qld.gov.au, 2020).

Fair Work Act 2009 (Cwlth): This Legislation is also relevant to the context of the operational plan of BBQfun. It can be applied in the context of objectives such as “Building reputation for quality products and quality customer service” and “Reduce direct and indirect costs of operations”. It is because of the fact that the legislature indicates towards fair means of business at any point whatever the operational objective is (legislation.gov.au, 2020). For instance, a company may strive to achieve higher revenue in the coming years though they cannot drop the ethical means of business for generating profit.

AS ISO 15489: 2002 Records management: This is required to be maintained at all the sections of objectives due to the reason that the organisation requires to maintain its records of all the operations through following a standardised process (sa.gov.au, 2020). It will help them identify their status of operation and measures for business improvement can be taken under consideration as well.

The performance management policies of the organisation are aligned with the operational plan of the organisation. The target sales and revenue and reputation can be earned through effective performances that can be achieved through effective performance, management.

Another policy of the organisation is regarding procurement that is developed for the purpose of ensuring consistency in the resource acquisition. Additionally, the procedure for procurement is developed based on the ethical consideration of fair means of procurement and transparency. This may help the organisation to achieve high reputation. The procurement related activities are also designed in a way that may not raise risks for the organisation. This can be aligned with the operational objective of reducing direct and indirect sales (Ren et al., 2020).

The operational plan developed by the organisational experts is helpful for continuously monitoring and tracking the organisational performance towards achieving the goal of the operations. For instance, one of the goals to be achieved though following the plan is to raise organisational profile by 20%. In this context, engaging customers through extensive market research, offering personalised services will be the target to achieve. Apart from that, the operational plan has also outlined the required tasks to be done that will help achieve the operational objectives at the end. Therefore, it is supportive in following specific small targets to achieve the main objectives of the operation.

In order to develop a new operational plan the method of value based goal setting will be followed as it provides the opportunity to keep a track of the progress already made.

The method of developing an action plan will be taken under consideration for outlining the actions.

An Affinity diagram will be used for identifying the potential risks associated with the developed operational plan. It will be effective as a large number of data can be put together and group ideas can be included through conducting brainstorming.

In order to monitor performance of the employees to achieve the organisational goals aligning the same with the operational plan, monitoring techniques such as observation, talking with people, monitoring performance and turnover rate, daily performance evaluation is required to be adopted.

In order to implement the e-commerce strategy by the organisation, the resources that are required may include plant and equipments such as data server, host system, forklifts, and delivery trucks. Apart from that, promotional procedures including advertisements in various platforms will be required. Website developers are also required for developing channels to reach the customers. As e-commerce is being implemented as a new strategy of the business, the organizational staff members are also required to be provided with training for handling modern technological equipments (Leung et al., 2018). Along with this, the warehouse and the office will also be required to be modified to support the needs of the e-commerce strategy implementation.

5. Consulter: what are the required resources to be procured in order to implement the e-comnere strategic plan successfully?

Sales marketing manager: Human resource is required for successfully implement the plan developed for using e-commerce strategy. Employees from two locations are required to be approached for implementing the plan. This resource includes sales and customer service personnel that will strategically increase customer engagement. The store manager has to record all the procurement and purchases in order to manage the purchase and procurement of the raw materials and the products as well. Sales team leaders at Brisbane and Goldcoast will supervise the sales team members to conduct sales operation effectively. Online deliver truck drivers are also required for providing quality services to the customers (Leung et al., 2018).

Consulter: what are the resources required to develop the e-commerce website?

Technology consultant: I would like to mention some of the tools and software platform that can be used for developing websites. The physical resources that the website developer will require may include Magento platform. Along with this, the essential requirements include a domain, a hosting provider, an integrated payment processor and others.

Milestone: Action and/or objective

(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing)


Person responsible

Budget or resources

(where applicable)

procurement of website development equipments


The store manager will be responsible for identifying the required resources




 The store manager will be responsible for identifying the required resources


,delivery trucks


The store manager will be responsible for identifying the required resources


sales team leaders


The Human resource manager will be responsible.


website developer,


The Human resource manager will be responsible.


marketing manager,


The Human resource manager will be responsible.


marketing personnel


The Human resource manager will be responsible.


delivery truck driver, warehouse worker


The Human resource manager will be responsible.



KRA (key result area)


KPI (key performance indicator)


Increase in website visits of the customers, high customer retention rate 

Engaging with customers through marketing, research and personalized service.

Increased traffic in the website or social media page

Increased company reach and improved sales

Numbers of injuries (Target = 0).

Numbers of absentees (Target = <3% of total hours).

Supporting people to perform via training and performance management.

Reduction in the number of accidents

High reputation and lowered chances of legal repercussions

Revenue target = $11 million

Increasing sales revenue.

Increased profit per sales

Overall profit will help to pay off all the debts within time.


Contingency Plan

Company name: BBQfun

Name of person developing the plan: Who was consulted as part of this plan? Store manager

Name Position

Risk identified:

a. one risk due to employee underperformance

This may include ineffective purchase decision leading the organization to face financial loss

Strategies/activities to minimise the risk

By when

By whom

Employing qualified and skilled personnel


HR manager or recruiter

Keeping purchase record regularly



Effectively identify the purchase requirements’


Store manager


Contingency Plan

Company name: BBQfun

Name of person developing the plan: Who was consulted as part of this plan? Website developer

Name Position

Risk identified:

one risk related to management of intellectual property (IP)

This may include theft of customer data and unethical use of the same

Strategies/activities to minimize the risk

By when

By whom

Using effective tools at the time of developing website


Website developer

Protecting the online platform for purchasing to reduce the4 risk of data theft


Website developer

Contingency Plan

Company name: BBQfun

Name of person developing the plan: Who was consulted as part of this plan? HR manager

Name Position

Risk identified:

one risk due to breach of health and safety compliance responsibilities : This may include workplace accidents

Strategies/activities to minimize the risk

By when

By whom

Providing safety equipments to the employees


HR management team

Developing health and safety policy and making them ground rule to be complied with by the employees


HR management team


Proposal implementation for resourcing


Benefits to the organisation


Potential risks

Consultation sources

Deliver truck


The trucks will be used for delivering the ordered products within time.

Increased number of delivery supporting increased purchase



Training to be provided to the employees


Training provided to the employees will improve their skills and understanding of customer engagement tactics.

Improved skills supportive of e-commerce sales

Improper assessment of the training needs


Training to be provided to the leaders


To guide the sales personnel and other staff members to deal with the change of the organisation to become a platform for e-commerce

Increased employee productivity

Improper training materials


Configuration of the office and the warehouse


This will support the requirements change to adopt different technological equipments, installing modern tools

Technically support

Lack of financial resources


Promotion and recruitment


Promotional campaign will increase the reach of the compony and increase brand awareness and recruitment will help to employ qualified and skilled personnel in order to implement the e-commerce strategies effectively.

Increased customer awareness, increased sharing of word of mouth in the social media, adequate human resource support for executing the e-commerce strategic plans

Spreading of negative words of mouth.

Marketing manager and HR

10. Consulate: Hello, I have some queries regarding the requirements of the resources for the successful implementation of e-commerce strategy by BBQfun. I would like to take approval for the proposal as these re considered essential for the success of the company.

Operational general manager: For sure, how the resources will benefit the company?

Consulate: Resources that are included in the proposal are decided considering several areas of company benefits that will include increased sales, improved company image, reputation of the company, and reduced risks of failure, better connectedness, increased employee efficiency and others.

Operational general manager: If the proposal is beneficial to the company, it can be approved.

Milestone: Action and/or objective

(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing)


Person responsible

Budget or resources

(where applicable)

To develop highly resourceful employee team in terms of skills and qualifications


HR personnel


To achieve increased website visits


Website content maker


To increase the safety of the employees working in the organization.


HR manager


To develop an effective leadership team


Organizational administrative body


Reference List for Operational Plan Management

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sa.gov.au, (2020), Australian Standard AS ISO 15489 - Records Management. Retrieved 10 May 2020, from https://archives.sa.gov.au/sites/default/files/documentstore/policies-guidelines/Advice%20Sheet/20110829_australian_standard_as_iso_15489_-_records_management_final_v2_copy.pdf

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