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Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to determine the promotional activities for a firm. The firm selected was Darrell Lea which is a chocolate and confectionery manufacturing and distributing firm. The report consists of the various promotional strategies which the company should adopt for its effective promotion.

The promotion method which was mainly focused on was Tradeshows. These shows help to target various types of audiences which the company wants to target. Some action plans were also suggested for the promotion of products in the report. These plans were further tested and some further suggestions were given. The roles and responsibilities both domestic and international have also been discussed. There may be some limitations of the report as only a few perspectives have been discussed.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Overview of Darrell lea

Trade show 

Brief introduction of the trade show for the business 

Trade show’s objectives

Trade show’s audience

International business networks 

Meet the competition

Interact with people 

Let yourself be heard

Business Objectives

Actions Plan

Action Plan for Activity Scheduling before the tradeshow 

Gantt Chart

Action Plan for Promotional Activities during the tradeshow

Roles and responsibilities for delivery of promotional services

Staffing Domestic

Exhibition liaison international

Review and effectiveness of promotional activities 

Post the summary of the action plans on international marketing online forums websites

Feedbacks from the website on which the action plan is posted

Conclusions and Recommendations 


Overview of Darrell lea

Darrell lea is the company taken into consideration over here. This company deals in the manufacturing and distribution of chocolates and confectionary food and drink. According to the Australian food history timeline (2020), it was founded in 1927 by Harry Lea in Sydney. He named the company after the name of his youngest son. In 1935, Darrell lea confectionary co. got registered officially. Currently, its headquarters are present in a suburb of Sydney, Ingleburn which is situated in New South Wales, Australia. At present, the ownership of this company is in the hands of a private equity group called Quadrant.

Trade show

Brief Introduction of The Trade Show for The Business

A trade show helps in educating different prospects face to face (Devris, 2019). The main purpose of any trade show is to bring different members of a specific industry or in some cases public together to showcase their new products and services. Since Darrell lea would be showcasing its product internationally, so inviting the public also would be a better and more productive option.

Trade show’s objectives

  1. To make an image for itself internationally. It would help the company to gain access to more regions.

  2. To determine the mind-set of people from different regions.

  3. To gain more knowledge about many more vendors offering the same product and to evaluate if people like it.

Trade Show’s Audience

Darrell lea is a company which is mainly known for chocolates, and there is no proper audience for chocolates, people of any and every age consumes it. So to put this swiftly, everyone would be targeted for this trade fair. Age, gender, religion, or any of these kinds of things would not be problematic because chocolate itself would draw the attention of people. Even for the confectionary food and drink, no particular audience would be targeted, reason being, it is consumed by everyone.

International Business Networks

Trade shows often offer incredible opportunities for networking, if a company chooses to go international then in trade shows it can make new contacts (Misner, 2005). The following are some points that help form a good network.

Meet the competition

In trade show there would be many vendors offering similar products, so to get an idea about the competition would be beneficial because it would help in shaping our own trade booth.

Interact with people

In a trade show, it becomes really important to interact with people. Because only they can give you a hint of what people like in that particular country and what are they looking for?

Let yourself be heard

In a trade show, there are numerous ways to make yourself be heard, every one of those ways should be taken into use to make people aware of Darrell lea.

Business Objectives

Darrell lea is a renowned company, and it has made an everlasting mark in Australia so the next step for this company is to get recognized worldwide. Although, in the USA it exports some of the chocolates still there are many countries to cover.

To enter a country with the thought of capturing the market is a big step, so to take that step, the trade show is the best and the most reliable option. When Darrell lea would showcase its product in trade shows in different countries it would become relatively easier for them to target a big crowd in the easiest ways possible. All kinds of people would visit them and share their thoughts so this would help in determining the likes and dislikes of a country as a whole, which then would help in coming up with different products according to their likes. People from different countries would come in the trade show and many of them would be having more or less similar products like chocolate, so this could be proven as really beneficial for Darrell lea, to have an idea of what the competitor has to offer. Every country has a different economy, so to know the purchasing capability of a particular country is extremely important and trade shows would definitely help in this aspect also.

Actions Plan

Action Plan for Activity Scheduling Before the Tradeshow

Trade shows are usually immense and they also last for a decently long time, so a better option is to make an action plan regarding the same so as to sort out things in advance. The following points are necessary to take an account of so that things could go rather smoothly.

12 months, prior to the trade show

  1. Set the budget.

  2. Research your audience.

6 months, before the trade show

  1. Prepare booth graphics.

  2. Marketing and sales materials should be prepared in advance including handouts and broachers.

  3. Confirm the event registration.

  4. Contact a professional photographer to be present during the show.

  5. Visas, passports and other travelling documents of the whole team should be ready.

2 months, prior to the trade show

  1. Start advertising for your presence in the show.

  2. Get cleared on the travelling expenses of the whole team.

The day of the show

  1. Execute the plans that had been made earlier.

  2. Have enough food and water to work swiftly throughout the day.

  3. All the contacts collected during the show keep them in safe hands.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart for Darrell lea from 12 months before to the day of the show
Gantt Chart for Darrell lea from 12 months before to the day of the show

Action Plan for Promotional Activities During the Tradeshow

The trade show is an excellent way to promote your products and services as they demonstrate the products to other industrialists as well as to the consumers (Business Queensland, 2017). An action plan is always developed for promoting the products and services during the trade show.

This action plan is developed for promotional activities to be conducted during the trade show. These activities include various cultural and social aspects-

  1. Product presentation- It includes presenting the products of the company in the trade show. The chocolates, liquorice and other products of the company are presented in a unique way to target the prospective customers.

  2. Distributing brochures- Various pamphlets and brochures are distributed among the people of the show. These brochures include information about chocolates and liquorice such as their flavours, colours, ingredients, price, and many more.

  3. Cultural aspects- The cultural aspects could be the customs, rituals, practices, religion followed by different people. The product must be promoted such that is fulfilling the needs of the different types of consumers and must be in accordance with their beliefs and practices.

  4. Features of the audience- The trade show will consist of different types of audiences who will be of different areas, different age groups, and features. So, our product must be promoted in such a way that it targets all the types of audience.

Roles and Responsibilities for Delivery of Promotional Services

Staffing Domestic

For the effective delivery of promotional services at the trade show, various roles and responsibilities are to be fulfilled. These include-

  1. Planning and preparing the promotional work to increase the sales of products of the company.

  2. Plan and preparation of the budget.

  3. Identifying and establishing contacts with various promotional tools provider.

  4. Identifying and developing contacts for various promotional campaigns and programs.

  5. Monitoring the promotion results to determine the cost-effectiveness of the various promotional tools.

  6. Identifying the audiences and providing promotional services according to them.

  7. Identifying the various cultural, social, and economic factors which might affect the promotion of the product.

  8. The promotion must be according to the consumers of various languages, religions, age groups, and many other features.

  9. Providing efficient presentations during the promotion or launch of a new product.

  10. Planning and executing the various promotion policies.

  11. Coordinating with media, various organisations members, workers, and consumers so as to provide relevant information about the product.

  12. Consulting publications and other advertising agencies to create a good advertising plan which could create a positive image of the product in the minds of the audience.

Exhibition Liaison International

The liaison international exhibition provides exhibition support to international companies. They conduct various exhibitions and trade shows for the companies who want to expand their businesses globally.

The roles and responsibilities include-

  1. Coordinating internal and external meetings and supporting the head of exhibitions.

  2. Preparation of exhibition department documents that contain databases and excel sheets.

  3. Managing records and information of artists, various projects, and required equipment.

  4. Hosting the artists and all the attendees of the exhibition or the show.

Review and Effectiveness of Promotional Activities

Post the Summary of The Action Plans on International Marketing Online Forums Websites.

The summary is posted on Quora

Feedbacks from The Website on Which the Action Plan Is Posted

The feedbacks from the website are-

Your action plan is right. Further, it may also include points such as-

  1. Tradeshow giveaways- The trade show can include various live shows, games, and activities. The winners of these will get the chocolate and various hampers in the form of gifts and giveaways.

  2. Networking- It includes creating a network that connects the people to the product. This must be done while taking into consideration the age group, gender, taste, and preferences of the consumers.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The company Darrell Lea is dealing with chocolates and related products. It wants to promote its products on a global level. For this, the company must follow some effective and efficient promotional policies. Bogdan (2020) suggests that an international promotional plan helps promote the product internationally and also for international marketing. This plan may include some steps such as selecting the target audience then discovering promotional tools and formulating promotion strategies. A promotion strategy discussed here is focused on conducting Tradeshows. These allow people from around the world to know about the products and businesses of the company. The action plans have also been created for the activities which should be done before and during the trade show. The plans have been posted on international marketing forums websites and the feedback is also given. The duties and responsibilities during the promotional activity have also been shared. The staffing domestic and international liaison exhibitions are being given. The staffing domestic helps in domestic promotion while the international exhibition helps in promoting the businesses internationally on a global level.

The company must also focus on forthcoming internationally-based promotional activities so that the company will be able to capture a greater market segment and by using new techniques, these promotional techniques will be more effective and less costly and will help the company in increasing its brand name, market value and approaching more market segments. Also, if the company conducts further trade shows then it should take into consideration its previous mistakes and should try to overcome them and conduct the next tradeshow more effectively and efficiently.


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