Manage Project Integration

Planning Stage

Generic requirement

Client requirement

Project objective issues

Agreed outcome

Review and revision of the scope

Changes to scope to be captured and documented. The client suggestions should also be considered to ensure that it is aligned with the client's expectation.

The client is not able to clearly express his expectation and it creates confusion about the actual output required

The client was assisted by a professional and his actual expectation was documented and signed by the client in the presence of other authoritative.

Work breakdown structure

The project's activities should be completed as per the schedule and the breaking the activities into sub-activities should not hamper the overall activity. Also, the efficiency of the project should be ensured

There are some new workers and staffs in the workforce and the project manager is not well aware of their capability to perform in actual work.

The project experience of fresher was analysed and a training session was conducted. The best candidate was selected for higher responsibility roles. The client agreed to this.

Organisational breakdown structure

The responsibility and accountability of a team should be assigned according to their expertise and experience. 

The experts are handling more workforce than ever and they lack experience of handling such a large team.

An external consultant was hired to guide and handle the workforce. Also, he has helped in the preparation of the project strategy. All this happened with the mutual consent of the client and the project team.

Resource allocation

The resources should be used optimally with least wastage and also there shouldn’t be any shortage at any point.

The suppliers are new and their actual capacity to supply at a point and quality of the product is a major concern.

The client suggested having a contact of several suppliers having the same quality and price within the area to eliminate supply delays.


Generic requirement

Client requirement

Project objective issues

Agreed outcome

Project schedule

The schedule should be arranged in such a manner that It makes it is easier to complete activities involved one after other while ensuring the completion within the stipulated time frame.

The schedule is completing the project 15 days earlier than the client's deadline but some uncertainties may delay the actual delivery of the work.

The client has agreed to extend the deadline in case of uncertainties that cannot be predicted.

Budget allocation

The budget allocation should be done in the presence of the client and a copy of each of the transaction should be shared with the client. Also, the client wants the actual budget should exceed the expected budget which is $1m

The client budget is tight and some uncertainty or blunder may lead to exceeding the actual budget

The client has agreed to allocate additional budget in case of uncertainties that cannot be predicted.

Governance plan

The client wants that all the authorities should be given based on the skill and experience level of the executives. All the major decision should be taken considering the budget and time frame

There is a limited number of senior experts and delegation of work is challenging because there are fresher who lacks real hand experience.

The client has suggested to provide adequate training to all the new staffs and analyze their performance and then delegate the work according to their ability.


Execution Stage

Generic requirement

Client requirement

Project objective issues

Agreed outcome

Time management

The time management should be done in such a way that it does not create havoc or flaws. The work should be completed on time and the quality of the work should not be compromised

The Schedule set has a less gap between the activities and many activities and interdependent on the previous activity. So delay in an activity may lead to delay in future activities

It was decided that each of them is given the extra effort and care to complete on time. In case, if it gets delay, the team will try to fix it within the gap time. Again, it is unfixable within gap time then the client will give an extension to the deadline.

Cost management

The cost should be managed as expected, so it does not exceed the budget. All the purchase should be made at the best price available and all the material should be procured by using cost-effective logistic.

The cost of the material may hike due to some uncertainties like increase in logistic price or price of the material. In the case of wastage or spoilage repurchase will cost more.

The client has agreed to go beyond the budget if prices hikes due to inflation or rise in the price of logistic. However, the client has also suggested making a deal with the suppliers if possible to supply the goods at agreed priced despite a price hike in the market.

Quality management

The quality checklist should be shared with the client after each inspection. Also, the quality at each level should match the expected standard.

The quality report is difficultly understood by the client and he has a poor idea about the quality standard.

The project manager shall educate and guide the client regarding the standard and quality. Also how to read a quality report and other things associated with this.

Change and issues management

The change should be communicated to the employees of the company in such a way that it does not create fear and ambiguity. The concerns and doubts of the employees should be listened and responded.

Some employees are pessimistic about the change and they have a fear that it may hamper their productivity and it is a challenge to convince each employee that it would not affect them in any way. Instead, it will boost their productivity.

The client will also make his best effort to encourage his employee to embrace the change instead of escaping from it.

Relationships management

There should be a healthy relationship maintained among all the stakeholders. The corporation and coordination among others in the project should be encouraged.

Some new staffs are not familiar with others. It is lead to poor coordination and relation.

All the new staff will be called for lunch with senior and also for a meeting at the end of the day. This breaks the ice among them and makes them familiar with each other.


Monitoring and Controlling stage

Generic requirement

Client requirement

Project objective issues

Agreed outcome

Monitoring and reviewing all processes in the execution stage

All the performance review and management during execution should be shared with the client daily.

There is a scope of error while recording and identifying an error may take longer time. So it may get delay to share the file with the client.

All the file should be checked for the errors and omission daily before submission to the client. Also, the project manager will approve the file before submission.

Identifying and preventing risks

The potential risk associated with each activity should be documented. While performing an activity the risk associated with that must be considered and mitigated by using precaution and safety measures.

There are some uncertain and unpredictable risks associated and there is a scope that it may take place. So, it is difficult to identify all the potential risk and eliminate it.

The client has agreed that he shall have no objection for such risks and their impacts. It was documented and signed by the client.

Minimising changes to project

All the planning must be communicated clearly and all the permission and authority should be obtained on time to avoid any conflict that may lead to changes.

There is a scope that because of miscommunication and complex plan construction may go wrong in size or there may be a delay in the delivery of the project that may affect the schedule of the project.

The client has suggested that the plan will be explained clearly to everyone. A copy of the plan shall be shared with everyone and their queries and doubts shall be cleared.


Closing stage

Generic requirement

Client requirement

Project objective issues

Agreed outcome

Producing closing report

The Closure file should contain every information in detail and it must be audited and verified before closing.

The file may contain some error and omission that may not get easily identified.

The closure report shall be checked twice by different authorities. Later both the party the client and the project manager will approve the file that it is free from errors.

Redistribution of resources

All the left material should be returned and the amount of that should be given back to the owner(Client).

There is a scope that there will be no leftover materials due to fully consumption

The client has agreed that he shall hand over the leftover materials to the team in exchange for some amount.

Administrative work

All the work should be closed by documenting the work done.

There is the scope of wrong entry of the administrative work or missing entry of work. This may lead to inaccurate recording of the administrative work.

The files will be checked for the accuracy and the entries will be matched with the actual invoices. Every person who shall take any articles from administration department shall mark an entry manually while taking borrowing an object. Later, the report will be prepared daily.

Next steps for future projects

The complete file for the entire project should be documented and archived for a future project or to demonstrate the file as the sample project.

The preparation of the file may take excess time and it may contain some wrong or inaccurate information.

The project manager shall obtain the file of the project and he will address the challenges faced and tactics used to confront the challenge. This will help the team to improve future performance and make them aware to deal with similar problems in future projects.

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