Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability - Part 1

Explain how tata steel approaches to CSR and its properties that help the company make ethical and sustainable decisions?

A1 Tata Steel operates on the single rules of balancing their financial prosperity along with social liabilities and environmental sustainability. Tata steel has always been aligned into the initiatives that work toward the company's corporate social responsibility. Balancing economic prosperity, environmental responsibility, and social benefits for the community are the rules by which Tata Steel operates.

The company religiously works out in allocating at least 2% of its average net profits to indulge in CSR activities that focus on the environmental sustainability, maintaining social balance and to improve the quality of living for its own working community along with the community around Tata group focuses specifically on initiatives related to Education, Rural and Urban infrastructure, Health, Livelihood. In India, Tata steel partnerships in the progress and upliftment of Orissa. 

Tata steel also contributes by taking part in Social challenges like decreasing child mortality, eradicating poverty, fighting diseases like Hiv/Aids, malaria, disaster relief, environmental calamity management, and in the areas of sports and sportspersons upliftments.

Tata steel also works on advocacy and focuses on the right to information and the training of PRI members. Tata steel CSR initiatives also support the sports academy of the country. Tata steel football academy, Tata steel archery academy, Tata steel athletic academy are all efforts to promote young tickets to achieve their dreams. Tata steel adventure foundation, talent hunt, and support for sporting talents. Tata steel also contributes to heritage preservation like contributions in the setup of performing arts Mumbai, preserving and promoting indigenous heritage, the revival of traditional sports and arts, promoting rural art and artisans, and finance.

The board of Safety, Health & Environment Committee gives reviews and guides and guides to the tata sustainability programs

A fund of Rs 240 crore share has been dedicated to taking care of various CSR captivated by the Tata group at different levels. At various levels of its CSR activity, tata steel is managing to create environmental balance along with filling their social responsibilities that aim towards a happy, healthy community around

Tata Steel has incorporated sustainability procedures in its management system to religiously follow in the preservation of biodiversity conservation of natural resources, and the abatement of climate change impact. Tata group plans to set a benchmark in 'Environment Performance'.

A2. The development of sustainable practices in business no doubt creates efficient operating systems and thus leads to a better streamlining of efforts and conserving resources. This automatically leads to employee productivity and cost reductions. Organizations that follow sustainability are looked forward by the consumers to invest in and provide Increased business ability to comply with the regulation. With all the discussion regarding climate change, dwindling energy resources, and environmental impact, it’s no surprise sustainability regulations along with environmental conservation are the ones looked more forward by investors and consumers both. These are the companies that enjoy very high market goodwill. These raven also the organizations prepared to meet the environmental and community challenges that come unprecedented.

Waste reduction is the most common reason for companies to go sustainable and environment friendly. Excess waste is a cost elevating problem for both the organizations and the environment. Methods of production that lead to very fewer waste products are now seriously followed by many organizations. Recycling of cans from offices in 19990 was the first step of waste recycling in the attempts by organizations towards environmental sustainability. The companies like Tata Steel that work rigorously toward environmental and soil balances are those that know the benefit from the values of sustainability. A report submitted by the study by Deutsche Bank revealed that companies involved with procedures that work on environmental and social responsibilities have a greater long term performance graph. Thus it has been studied, researched and endorsed that sustainability practices not only reduce wastes and climatic challenges but also increase profitability and reduce organizational costs too.

A3. Life Cycle Assessment or LCA is a tool used to assess the environmental impacts of a process, a product, or activity throughout its life cycle. This is studied from its stages as raw material, extraction, and the entire process of processing, transport, use, and disposal. The environmental impacts also include the upstream and downstream processes that are associated with the production. These basically include the production of auxiliary and operating and raw materials along with waste management. The idea of environmental impact is basically talking about all the extractions that are received from the environment like ores and crude oil. The guideline for LCA has been standardized by The International Organization for Standardization according to ISO 14040 and 14044. 

A4 Committed to the conservation of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity and the abatement of climate change impact, Tata Steel aspires to set the Steel industry benchmark in ‘Environment Performance'. As climate change is a big sustainability issue the company aims in taking a lead to address the demands faced by organizations in order to control environmental deterioration. The company also endorses its responsibility in taking care to manage minimising its contribution in climatic changes. Tata steel pledges to contribute to integration solutions that will interpret health climatic possibility, High-level recycling program are three first steps toward environmental safety. Its infinite recycling program aims at reducing resource wastages. Tata steel adopts environmentally friendly practises and innovations to grow long following environmental sustainability. Along with shareholder profits and company growth the organization plays a leadership role in pursuing environmental sustainability. Tata steel aims to become a benchmark organization in catering to carbon footprints for the planet and other operations. Tata steel focuses on incorporating green perspective in most of its organization processes

Tata steel also engages in implementing policies and regulations that advocate climatic sustainability

One of the first 30 companies that joined UNICEF in Child-Friendly Business in “The Children Sustainability Forum” FOR protection children's rights was Tata Steel in Thailand.

Tata relief committee works in 15 districts with taking care of natural calamities and has almost sustained 1 million families in time of natural disasters,

Tata Steel Europe’s Community Partnership Programme- ‘Future Generations’, which along with promoting health and education aims at wealth creation and job opportunities by supporting small and medium businesses with business premises.

Tata steel endeavors to preserve national heritage is in the form of curating tribal literature, teaching tribal musical instruments, and creating documentaries on tribal heroes, tribal language centers.

In healthcare, Tata steel collaborates with governments and other independent organizations globally work towards improving the health and hygiene of the communities around them

Tata Steel formulates programs to empower communities educating them in agriculture development and market linkages, promoting entrepreneurship, skill development of youth, and promotion of culture and ethnicity of indigenous communities.

Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability - Part 2

The Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy is supported by Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand’s Sustainability Policy This policy is indefinitely applicable to all business activities within all the organizational functioning of FANZ and FAST. The policy has been completely integrated into its management system for its effective implementation

Sustainability Policy

The policies at Fujitsu consider environmental safety as the paramount feature. Policies at Fujitsu aim at a human-centric society.

The sustainability policy of Fujitsu relates that customers choose them as technology partners because of their vision of offering a prosperous, sustainable future. Fujitsu believes that no other IT organization has sustainable policies that passionately render to environmental and resource conservation and as genuine in delivering this vision as we are.

Fujitsu ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System helps in analyzing and reporting risks related to environmental and social causes (Harrison & Michael, 1999) . These aim towards their commitment to reducing and prevention of pollution.

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, the Australian Government's environmental legislation guide Fujitsu in the implementation and planning of the sustainability policy. The New Zealand operations of Fujitsu are guided by the 1986 NZ Environment Act. The company pledges to adhere to all sustainability standards and legislation transcribed in its policy at all the places it operates.

The sustainability policy of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand Sustainability Policy is in alignment with the aligns with the broader Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy, The sustainable policy seeks guidance from the Fujitsu’s fundamental global approach towards the environment safety ( Morgan & Timothy, 2011)

Fujitsu’s sustainability policy seeks to create a global ICT business that can effectively influence society and the lives of people globally as stated by the President, Fujitsu Limited, Masami Yamamoto.

The Sustainability Board that is the highest authority in FANZ keeps check and control on the sustainability implementations of policies at Fujitsu/ The board has a meeting bi-annually to review the performance of the FANZ Sustainability strategy of FANZ. The progress if reviewed on the basis of targets achieved as per the sustainability risks and opportunities and the Environmental Management Systems.

Fujitsu also regularly reviews their environmental activities, their progress against targets, and as per the data received appropriate changes are made in the Environmental Management System (EMS).

The FANZ Sustainability policy is to attain success in business though succeeding in environmental safety features 382

Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability - Part 3

When we talk about policy, it is a self-imposed system of principles and guides that help any organization to take rational and worthy designs with positive outcomes. A policy is made to be implemented as a protocol and imbibed into the managerial system (Blakemore & Ken, 1998). The governance body within an organization takes the responsibility of adopting and implementing the policy. We are here looking forward to making a policy of sustainable recycling in the Mcdonalds food outlet. McDonald's is an American fast-food chain company, founded in 1940. It is the world's largest restaurant chain in terms of revenue, it serves around over 69 million customers every day and has over 37,855 outlets in over 100 countries as of 2018.

McDonald’s outlet with loads of takes away food leads to a lot of waste being generated out of which only 10 percent is recyclable. At present only 50% of its guest packaging comes from sustainable sources and only 10% of its restaurants are recycling, With the production and food, preparation McDonald’s needs to implement a policy of at least 50 percent recycling products used (Lowi & Theodore, 1972). From trays to bags, to beverage glasses and water bottles most of it is non-biodegradable stuff that is creating loads of waste accumulation and a big threat to the environment Environmental sustainability, Mcdonalds should start promoting recyclable reusable stuff for at least parcel and packaging facilities. A target McDonald's needs to set is recycling and 100% sustainable packaging from renewable, and recycled, or certified iii sources very soon. Even Recycle guest packaging would be initiated at Mcdonalds very soon which will be fiber-based packaging from recycled sources where no deforestation has occurred since 2020.

The policy implementation will start from the main outlets first corresponding to other smaller joints globally. A governance team in McDonald’s will take of the effective implementation of the policy, Mcdonald will tie-up with state governments to let them work on sustainability and recycle product production.

The only shortcoming that might appear in this will be a small rise in the cost of the products which will be faced by the consumer at the other end. Mcdonalds can even manage revenue sharing by managing half of the cost so that in the end what the food outlet is serving is healthy and happy for the consumer and sustainable for the environment too

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Pass Global Pty Ltd t/a ALTEC College |Provider Code: 22034 | CRICOS Code: 02926D Approved by: Quality Manager | Next Review: Jun 2019 BSB60215 | BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability Learner’s Guide | V 2.0 | Jun 2018

Pass Global Pty Ltd t/a ALTEC College |Provider Code: 22034 | CRICOS Code: 02926D Approved by: Quality Manager | Next Review: Jun 2019

BSB60215 | BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability Learner’s Guide | V 2.0 | Jun 2018

Pass Global Pty Ltd t/a ALTEC College |Provider Code: 22034 | CRICOS Code: 02926D Approved by: Quality Manager | Next Review: Jun 2019

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