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Assessment 1

  1. Apparel Brands Pvt Ltd is an Australian clothing and footwear company established in 1901. The company takes orders from different suppliers and customers to provide the products according to their specifications.

2. The work team of Apparel brands consists of the following team members:

  1. Designer

  2. Product developer

  3. Material purchaser

  4. Supply chain manager

  5. Cutting and sewing operator

  6. Quality control manager

  7. Packing staff

  8. Marketer

  9. Salesmen

  10. Accountant

Team objective:

The main objective of the team is to deliver the product on time according to the given specifications of products by the customer.

Individual objectives:

The objective of the designer is to design the standardized product in line with the specification given by the customer. The objective of the product developer is to develop the product according to the given design. The main objective of the supply chain manager is to supply the required material to the designer as well as the whole team to ensure smooth functioning of the work cycle. The objective of the sewing operator is to transform the design into the product as per the specifications and size. The objective of quality control manager is to check all the products as per the quality standards of the company. The objective of packing staff is to pack the products as per the order on time. The objective of the marketing manager is to prepare the marketing strategies of the company in accordance with the company targets and customer demand. The main objective of the salesman is to sell the product to the customers as per the given target. The main objective of the accountant is to keep the record of sales receipt and payment and to maintain the financial accounts of the company as per the sales.

Strategies for teamwork

Ensure proper leadership style is being used to supervise the team and the structure of the workplace should be flexible and simple to confirm the smooth functioning of the work. Team trust is an important strategy to enumerate the free flow of work. The use of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to motivate the team is a good strategy because the group performance and reward are interrelated to each other. The strategy of teamwork should confirm the subrogation of individual interest and company objective.

Policies for Individual work performance

  1. Effectiveness should be achieved while performing the task.

  2. The efficiency in work performance is an important policy.

  3. Punctuality of work is mandatory.

  4. Target should be achieved on time a per the specified requirements.

  5. The work should be continued according to the internal benchmark and quality standards.

How to achieve goals

The first and foremost thing is the clarity of goals and responsibilities. The goal of the company, as well as individuals, should be clear and SMART specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely

Strategies for gaining consensus

A consensus is a tool that allows equal participation and contribution of all the team's members to achieve the company's overall goal. Some strategies for gaining consensus are as follows:

  1. Encourage active participation by the team members.

  2. Use the voting method to take important decisions and consent.

  3. Involve the team in prospering the solutions.

Ideas to work effectively in the group

  1. Be honest with the team.

  2. Set deadlines as a team to complete the work on time.

  3. Assign task according to the specialization of team members.

  4. Include an individual assessment of the work to ascertain the performance of the whole team.

How To Achieve Team Goals

The team goals can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. The team should know what they want to achieve.

  2. Set goals according to the time frame such as short term goals, long term goals, medium-term goals, and very short term goals

  3. Learn from the previous mistakes.

  4. Help each other to achieve the specific goals to ensure timely delivery.

A key performance indicator of the team

A key performance indicator is a tool that has been used to analyze the main keys to achieving performance. The performance indicator should be easy and simple to understand the task to be done (Clear Point Strategy, 2017).


  1. The responsibility of the Designer is to make the layout as per the product specifications

  2. The quality standards of design should be compared with the company benchmark.

  3. The design should be prepared after doing hourly research related to the specifications.

Product developer

  1. The responsibility of the product developer is to develop the product as per the design.

  2. The quality standards should be maintained according to the given benchmark.

  3. It is important to do hourly research related to the product

  4. The sources of research should be reliable.

Material purchaser

  1. The cost control is a key performance indicator of the material purchaser

  2. The desired standard of product quality should be maintained.

  3. Purchasing logistics should be maintained while purchasing material (Loges, 2018).

Supply chain manager

  1. Purchasing and supplier management (Logistics Bureau, 2019).

  2. Warehousing and transportation.

  3. Order capturing on time.

  4. Maintain quality standards (Logistics Bureau, 2019).

Cutting and sewing operator

  1. Man to machine ratio should be according to company standards (Online Clothing Study, 2012).

  2. On time delivery rate should be maintained.

  3. Production quality should be standardized (Online Clothing Study, 2012).

Quality control manager

  1.  Monitor the active defects in the product.

  1. To conduct authored test of the product (Angerer, 2018).

  2. Monitor the Automated test of the product Angerer, 2018). 

Packing staff

  1. Ascertain the cost variance on the labeling and packaging of the product.

  2. Maintain the quality standards of packing and labeling.

  3. Packing should be according to the guidelines of the company.


  1. Sales revenue Key indicator

  2. Cost per lead indicator of the product (Impact, 2019).

  3. Customer lifetime value indicator of the company.

  4. Advertising and market distribution performance indicator.

  5. Inbound marketing return on investment (Impact, 2019).


  1. Client acquisition rates indicator.

  2. The generation of new leads indicator.

  3. Sales volume by location indicator (April,2019).

  4. The up selling and down selling rate indicator

  5. Cross-selling indicator (April., 2019).


  1. Cost per journal ledger entry key indicator (KPI Management Solutions, 2016).

  2. Data accuracy indicator.

  3. Audit score rating indicator (KPI Management Solutions, 2016).

The overall team key performance indicator of Apparel Brands

  1. The standard allowed minutes: To ascertain the total time required to make a garment (Guiding Metrics, n.d).

  2. Operator efficiency: To identify the skill and ability of an employee.

  3. Line efficiency: To ascertain the overall line performance.

  4. Labor productivity: To measure the total number of garments produced in a specific time period.

  5. Product order fulfillment: To measure the number of products delivered to the customer without any defect.

  6. Repeated order: To ascertain the total percentage of orders received from the old customers compared to the total orders received.

  7. Order fulfillment cycle: To show the total time taken to produce, design and transport the product.

  8. The accuracy of production queue: To reduce the cycle time required to complete the production process.

  9. Inventory turnover: To show the total inventory sold out during an accounting period.

  10. Rework production ratio: To show the revision time required to redeliver the product without any defect.

  11. Return of defective products: To identify total items returned by the customer during an accounting period (Guiding Metrics, n.d). 

third party report

performance plan of Purchaser and Supply chain manager

third party report

third party report

performance plan of sewing operator

third pary report

third party report

performance plan of control manager and packing staff

third party report

third party report

performance plan of marketer and sales person

third party report

third party report

performance plan of accountant

third party report

third party report

Apparel Brand Online Business

Vision: Apparel Brands will establish a range of innovative products in the next five years.

Introduction: The Apparel design is planning to expand the business online. The budget for setting up an e-commerce business is $30000. The information for setting up the venture will be ascertained from market research and analysis and from existing competitors in the same business line.

The requirements for the proposed expansion are:

Value proposition: The product line of business will cover shirts, T-shirts and clothing range according to the customized clothing specifications given by the customer. The prices charges will be reasonable as per the standard quality. The company will provide with free shipping and complimentary clothing alter. 

  1. The range of Shirts will be costing $20 to $30.

  2. The range of T-shirts will be costing $10 to $15.

Target Market: The target market will be college going students and men under the age bracket of 17 to 30 as there is an increase in demand under the same segment.

Marketing Plan: The venture will follow online advertising and social media contacts to promote the business online. Apart from that 24*7 hour customer service will be provided by the company to give additional information to the customer and to resolve the queries. The venture will follow penetrating pricing strategy to compete with the existing competitors and to provide a range of products at an affordable cost. The venture will also try to achieve economies of scale to reduce overhead cost and to win the competition in the long run.

Cost determination: As per the individual performance plan, the cost will be determined according to the demand and supply requirements of the team to ensure smooth functioning of work (Keythman, 2018).

Management structure: Mr. A will manage the marketing programs and Mr. B will take charge of designing work. The website management team will consist of

  1. Website director

  2. Design director

  3. Web administer

The venture set up steps are:

  1. Choose a business structure.

  2. Choose a name.

  3. Get a domain name.

  4. File the required business formation papers.

  5. Arrange the finance necessary to start the venture.

  6. Complete sales tax and licensing requirements of venture.

  7. Set up the website (Haskins, 2014).

Payment procedure steps are as follows:

  1. Request the authorization of payment from the customer bank.

  2. The next step is batching to avoid the fraud related to the transaction.

  3.  is the last step is funding in which the customer deposit money in the merchant’s bank to confirm the payment of order (Cardone, 2017).

Financial plan:

  1. Monthly revenue will be $12099

  2. Estimated sales will be $10500

Assessment 2

The team will attend a meeting to discuss the roles and responsibilities of each team member to ensure timely results. The team will also discuss the queries associated with the task performed and the possible solutions for the same.

20200813131348PM-1009149182-1024771339.PNG 20200813131348PM-597214513-564174752.PNG 20200813131348PM-619343147-1396337763.PNG


The issues related to the work are

  1. Rigid timeline.

  2. Lack of training.

Corrective actions

  1. There should be flexibility in the timeline by keeping in mind the quality standards of the company

  2. Work sharing policy should be there to deliver timely products.

  3. The other option is to increase the number of team members.

  4. Proper training secession should be conducted to enhance the skills and specialization of the team members.

Report to the manager

After a detailed discussion with the team, some problems are needed to be reported. The team is facing a problem with respect to the timeline of work completion and the lack of training. As per the company guidelines, it is important to manufacture the standardized product in accordance with the customer specifications that is, a time taken process. So The team needs some more time to give better results. The next issue the manager would like to discuss is related to the training requirements. The team had required some training to learn the new skills necessary to perform the task more effectively.

The suggestions would be the reasonable increment in the timeline or to increase the number of team members so that the work can be shared. The proper training session should be conducted to increase the necessary skills required in the production process. Coaching method is being suggested by the reporting manager to give proper training to the team members


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