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Give an example of appropriate technology and software applications to produce the required business documents.

There are various types of technologies and software that are used in order to create different sorts of business documents. Software applications of Ms-Word, Ms-Excel are used in order to create business applications. In addition to it, various word processing and database are also used to process business documents. Email, Inventory Control System, and Internet programs could also be used to create business documents. In addition to it, Box (for Business) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business are also used for documentation. Ademero Content Central and Fluix are some other documentation software for business documents. PaperTrace is also used for documentation of business documents.

How could you select the layout and style of publication to suit information and organizational requirements? (3 marks)

The layout of the published document should be according to the requirement of the organization because the satisfaction of the client is the most important objective that is to be achieved by the service provider. The style and layout of publication should be first stated clearly by the client so that it could be followed accordingly. The publication style could be made according to by asking from the client or getting a sample from the client. The final formatted document should be counter checked by the client so that it could be assured that the general layout of the document that is created, is according to the requirements of the client. The visual presentation that includes margins, fonts, and style should be according to the client's requirement. Writing style and graphics standards should also be in accordance with the information and organizational requirements.

What elements of the document design should be consistent with company/client requirements? (2 marks)

The document design includes the general format of the document and includes various parameters that should be according to the requirements of the document that are specified by the client. Text and Typefaces should be according to the client. The visual presentation that includes margins, fonts, and style should be according to the client's requirement. Writing style and graphics standards should also be in accordance with organizational requirements. The color and Graphics of the document should be according to the client's requirements. In addition to content, White Spaces and Additional Information should be in accordance with the client's requirement. Therefore, all the above-mentioned parameters of the document should be according to the requirement of the client.

Why should you discuss and clarify format and style with the person requesting the document/publication?

The most important advantage of clarifying the format and style of the document with the person who is requesting to publish the document is the understanding and confidence that the person is communicating in the right direction. The pattern and format clarification indicates that one is communicating rightly with the target audience and the person clearly understands what the client needs the document for. The purpose of discussing it with the person is that you could understand their requirements and work accordingly. This will clear any sort of misconception and will avoid future conflicts as both the client and publisher would have discussed the requirements and they will work smoothly.

What kind of files could you be asked to generate that would need to adhere to organizational requirements? (3 marks)

There are many types of files in which the person needs to adhere to the culture of the organization. The main purpose of these files having a particular pattern is to avoid any sort of conflict that could occur in case of confusion. There is a need of sticking to the template and proper format in order to assure that organizational requirements are met and the company usually provides the employees with a well-defined template in order to assure that everyone follows it. Formats of various types of records, spreadsheets, and databases are usually defined are should adhere to the requirement of the organization.

Give an example of how you could design a document to ensure efficientlythe entry of information?

There are various procedures and steps that a person needs to follow in order to assure that efficient data entry is taking place. The first step that could be taken is to discuss the requirements with the clients. The discussion of the requirements will assure that I am designing the document in the best possible way. The discussion about the expectations of the clients could help me to write and design the document according to the expectations of the clients. I would assure the efficient entry of information by designing it according to the needs and requirements of the client. In the final stage, I would ask the end-user about the main objective of the document, and from that discussion, I would have an idea about the priorities for the document and would consider it for efficient entry of information.

Name three functions you could use to ensure consistency of design and layout? (3 marks)

The document that is needed to be used for some productive cause should have a well-designed and consistent pattern and layout. There are countless advantages of using some consistent design like improved readability, better clarity, and easiness of comprehension. There are various functions in various documentation tools that facilitate the users to assure the consistency of the design and layout of the document. These features include the use of headers and footers, table formatting, and the feature of spell checking. There are other functions like spacing adjustment and using the same font for plain text, that could help to attain the objective of consistency in the entire document. The consistent and well-presented document has many advantages and it must be assured during proofreading that the design of the document is consistent.

Name three input devices you could use and suggest a purpose for each (6 marks)

There are various sorts of input devices that are used to enter data into the computer and they all have various and diverse objectives. 

Keyboard: It is the most important input device that allows the user to enter information into the computer. It allows the user to add information that is related to texts and numbers. There are some special keys in it that allow the users to perform various tasks. 

Mouse: It is an input device that is used for the selection of icons and folders. It includes the use of a pointing object that is used for the selection of icons or files. 

Joystick: It is a type of input device that is used to control the movement of various objects in computers. It is used particularly for playing various games.

What are the consequences of failing to produce a requested document within designated timelines? Answer both in terms of the author and the organization in general. (2 marks)

There are various consequences that both the company and the person who is working on the document faces if the person is not able to meet the deadlines. The writer will face the issue that he will have to work under pressure after the deadline and it could adversely impact the quality of work of the writer and in addition to it, it could affect the future schedule of the writer as well. The organization will also face issues and will either have no time to review the work or could even face more trouble if they need to present the document at that particular time. We should, therefore, always plan the time and assure that things always go as planned and we are able to work according to the deadlines.

What checks can you perform to ensure that documents produced meet task requirements for layout and style?

There are various sorts of checks that one needs to assure when a person is assuring that the document meets the task requirement and layouts. The first check is the grammar and spells checker test that assures that there are no grammar mistakes in the text. Grammar mistakes have a very adverse effect on the impression of the work and it must be counter checked before presenting the actual work. There could be a check that the requirements and format of the document are according to the desired layout or not and it could be proofread. There are many advantages of proofreading any document before final submission. Proofreading any document assures that the document has no mistakes and it is free from errors.

Give an example of how you could store a document appropriately. (2 marks)

The document that is desired to be stored must be properly rechecked and stored at the appropriate location. You can click save as an option and properly name it and save it at a suitable location. You can create the folder and place the file in that folder before saving it. There is a need of creating a backup of important files so that they could be accessed when needed in the future.

What manuals, training booklets, etc, could you use to assist you in overcoming basic difficulties with document design and production?

There are various sorts of training manuals that are very useful in case of meeting the objective of understanding some software or hardware. Software packages have user’s instructor’s guides or a user manual that can help in comprehension and understanding. There is also some sort of specific training on using the software and in addition to it, one can use and access past documents to get an idea of using the software tool.

What are the benefits of proofreading your work before submission? (3 marks)

There are many advantages of proofreading any document before final submission. Proofreading any document assures that the document has no mistakes and it is free from errors. There are other advantages like one could have a final recheck of the requirements of the document and could tell that if the document is according to the requirement of the client. There could be some grammar errors and other mistakes that could be corrected in case of proofreading. These minor mistakes have a very negative impact on the mind of the reader and proofreading the document could help to avoid such blunders and mistakes.

What kind of modifications could you be requested to make to a document, to meet requirements? (3 marks)

The modifications that could be requested vary from one organization to another but in general, the layout modification and some content changes could be requested by the organization in order to make the document more suitable to meet their requirement.

What organizational requirements apply to the naming and saving of documents? (3 marks)

The organizational requirements that might apply in case of naming the document are that organization might have decided the most suitable and common name for the file. The person who is saving the file needs to consider that name and name the file according to the organizational requirement. The file name should be suitable and easy to identify. The file should be saved at the location that is easily accessible for the users that are authorized by the company to view that particular file. If an additional folder needs to be created to save that particular file, it must be named properly as well.

What organizational requirements may apply to print documents?

There are multiple types of requirements that can apply to print the document like the purpose of the document decides the quality of printing that would be needed to meet the objective. In addition to it, various cost constraints could be used as a parameter that could determine the printing quality of the document. The color of printing and the use of expensive paper for printing would be dependent on the organization. The number of pages could also be defined by the organization and would affect the printing process of that document. 

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