Introduction to ICT Research Methods

Introduction to E-Learning

The use of Instructional Design is evaluated as one of the systematic development which can take into the high specifications integrating both the learning and instructional theory that can transit into the quality of training. In professional training through the instructional design the aim is to evaluate and incorporate the e-learning within the company. It is important to improve employee performance that can consequently increase organizational efficiency and also bring in the effectiveness. In today's times, the eLearning curriculum has even become the source of the business objectives that can be achieved as a result of concentrating on the performance objective that can include the learners. It is important to focus on the eLearning effectiveness that can help to improve an overall eLearning course’s performance objective (Oropesa, et al, 2020). To integrate the eLearning process constituting the effective results, it is also important to include a key challenge, which is best to examine the challenge such as e-learning is a conscious choice and it is the best way to improve and even be facilitated and self-paced eLearning activities that can derive the quality standards and bring in overall effectiveness (Phan, 2020).

Subtopic Effectiveness of E-Learning

The effectiveness of the E-learning can be evaluated from the regular discourse of the learning (Wong, 2019). As observed, even though the e-learning has become a distant evaluation to the whole bunch of the courses that can bring in the command over the bunch of the courses to the learner and can be accessed with the performance objective. Effective eLearning can anticipate the learners to motivate by using delivering techniques (Chin, 2019). It is important to take a good deal of time, hard work, and further to assist the commitment to high-quality content. E-learning can further be constituted to be accessible, and also be relevant that can help to bring out the best of the high-quality learning opportunities and it can be an edge to improve learner engagement and help in an achievement. This is one of the strong steps that can help to note how there can be long-term assets that can help to derive a higher-end learning and higher collaboration. it would be one of the steps that can bring better sync in the e-learning collaboration under the one platform (Chopra, 2019).

For example, the e-learning can be used in the below forms

  • To assess and check the effectiveness of e-learning that can be in Corporated within the training Programs (Hoerunnisa, 2019). 
  • Effectiveness of e-learning would be deeply evaluated and it can be structured over the continuing medical education that can assist the occupational physicians.
  • The scope of the e-learning system is also used in the Traditional Classes, such as during the crisis times.
  • E-learning can also be used at the times of medical education and it is also used in the overall rapidness of the structure and betterment.
  • The use of the e-learning can be addressed at the times of the lack of the infrastructure and the lack of belongingness that can help to handle the vast technology and the rapid integration (Yau, 2019).

E-Learning is also known as one of the platforms, that can help to note how there can be effective instructional methods and would include the feedback, combining collaboration activities and also assist the self-paced study. It is helpful to note how there would-be personalizing learning paths that can be far distant from the learners' needs and using simulation and games (Wong, 2019). E-learning can be used in the following manner-:

1. To set and to communicate clear goals

The prime focus of e-learning is to bring in the necessary detail orientation of the ideal content that can be used with the set purpose in the given timeline. It would be important to think about how the ideal content can be used with the appropriation of the time set research materials and it can be helpful in the learner's availability. it would also be a center of the goals, that can bring in the clearly defined path and the set guidelines that can help to note how to reach them (Hubalovsky, 2019). The center of the curriculum of any course can help to note how to and focus on what can be done when it will be done, and how it would lead to the successful completion of tasks. Centric to the set of instructors set and communication it is essential to focus on the clear goals to their learners that can timely approach in the central manner and the given action (Oates, 2016).

2. Analysis And Design

It is one of the key steps that would help to note how there can be evaluated over the effectiveness and learners’ motivation along with having the participation(Agarwal, 2016). It is also important to work over the learners’ needs and learning content, and it would be a step that can bring in the appropriate mix of learning activities along with the technical solutions and it is also important to bring in an effective and engaging course (Chopra, 2019). To bring in the course effectiveness and participants’ motivation it would further include the below steps, which are to have the subject matter expertise, to have the detailed course objectives and also to solve out the sound purpose, to bring in the uniformity over the course content, the interested, inspiring and all that can bring in the participants levels. Course duration, timing, and further can bring in the number of hours to collaborate and bring in the participants to fit into the availability (Alariqi, 2019).

To bring in the technical aspects: that can assist the better technical solution-centric for the learners and it is a step to bring in the technical elements (such as the learning platform along with achieving the functions) clear and it can help in participants to understandable.

3. Qualitative Content Design. 

eLearning content has to be integrated with the rich valued practices and it can be summarized with the well-presentred aim. It has to be presented and prepared in accordance with the effective instructional techniques and it can be helpful to use it overall used creatively and it would further denote an engaging along with the motivating learning experience (Denan, 2019). While eLearning content can integrate the scope of the different elements and further would bring in the range of simple learning resources ( such as the documents along with the PPT presentations) and it would include the interactive content, integrate into the simulations, job aids, etc. It would also be essential to note the storyboarding and it can help to consist of the design mindset and can bring in the content developer. It would also be a goal to bring in the elements that the developer needs and can highly bring in developing high-quality content. It would include the high-quality content, images, audio, to have the scope of easy navigation, to maintain a consistent look and feel and further bring in the content easy to read. The e-learning can also use the color theory that can create contrasting colors and to use high-quality artwork. Proper steps and spacing (Hoerunnisa, 2019).

4. Evaluate Thoroughly.

Further, to bring in the command with the aspects of effective eLearning includes the evaluation, and it would bring in the desired stages to have the thinking in the design stage (Hoerunnisa, 2019). First, to have the proper course of the purpose of the evaluation, such as to check the quality of the course to improve and also understand the best way to implement it, further can help to measure the effectiveness of training and learning. It is also important to bring in the course that can be best implemented and evaluated with the one goal and purpose. The course efficiency would include the development stage such as how to improve instructional courses and also the products (formative evaluation). At the stages of the implementation, it is essential to command with the measure the effectiveness of education, including further training, along with the learning (summative evaluation). Lastly the course structure within the e-learning can be used to validate or needs to be updated or modified (confirmative evaluation) (Oropesa, et al, 2020).

Conclusion on Effectiveness of E-Learning

To evaluate learning activities it is also important to bring in the self-paced and facilitation to the online courses. It is also important to have an evaluation that can assess learners’ progress, and it would constitute the quality and effectiveness of the course, which can further improve the overall future learning activities and content. In professional training through the instructional design and to aim in evaluating the e-learning within the company it is important to improve employee performance that can consequently increase organizational efficiency and also bring in the effectiveness. The use of eLearning curriculum is one of the sources of the business objectives help in the overall performance objective aimed to improve the learners.

References for Effectiveness of E-Learning

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