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Marketing Plan Part A

Marketing Goal

To Gain a 25% Share in The Block Chocolate Industry in Foreign Markets by The First Quarter of The Year 2021.

Target Market




Australia, France, Us, Netherlands


- Male/female

- Children

- Family Life Cycle

- Age

- Income



Youngsters, Adults, Fully Nest


100,000 and Above


- Lifestyle

Working Professionals and Students

Benefits Sought

Healthy Ingredients

Any Other Information About Your Target Audience

Habitual Spending

Positioning Statement

A chocolate block is the best confectionery for young adults and working professionals because of its health benefits.

Marketing Plan Part B

4.0 Marketing Tactics

Darrell Lea should go through a product development process for its chocolate block. It is a six-step process and the idea of a chocolate block with healthy ingredients is the need of the market. Product validation will ensure that customers will buy Darrell Lea’s new product due to the number of benefits it is associated with. This comes along with competitive analysis as the audience that the brand is targeting is already operated by other competitors as well (Yosufzai & Christian, 2012). To get to the final nutrient-rich chocolate block product, Darrell may have to keep experimenting in the beginning phase as only a single attempt might not be sufficient in doing so. When targeting foreign markets, it is important to get in touch with the supermarkets for selling. Customers most likely will return to the same place and purchase more products if they find it satisfying their needs.

Customers in the foreign markets are quite familiar with Darrell Lea and its chocolates. They know that in 2012, the popular confectionery maker went into a voluntary administration and today it is being rebuilt by the Quinn family. Branding changes may be considered as an option but it should focus more on developing new products. Darrell Lea is an iconic brand and customers around the world are willing to try its products each time they are launched into the markets. So, nothing changes in terms of branding and its brand identity shall be preserved. Over time, Darrell Lea has crafted a positive brand identity even though there were pitfalls.

4.2 Price –

The 5 C’s model includes the company, collaborators, customers, competitors, and climate. Darrell Lea now has its new owners, the Quinn family who rescued the brand back in 2012 when it almost fell into administration. There are several individuals holding key positions in the company (Lannin, 2018). The brand also has an excellent sense of who its customers are, their needs and preferences, and how close the confectionery products are to their wants. Darrell Lea is also aware of the competitive advantage it has over the existing competitors, for example, Liquorice produced by the company is one of the best products in the market. Economic trends and unknown emerging technologies may impact the customers’ purchase behaviours that will ultimately impact business revenue. Darrell Lea has been keeping a close watch on which of its products are actually contributing towards revenue generation and which ones are pulling it down. To deal with the latter, it has already scaled down its existing line of products. The brand uses value-based pricing as it keeps its pricing customer-focused, i.e., how a customer perceives the true value of the product. Darrell Lea has a strong relationship with its customers and by doing so, it has been able to communicate with them and obtained feedback regarding the products. Value-based pricing is the best policy for the brand as it can boost customer loyalty. To get maximum results from this price model, Darrell Lea has to be constantly in tune with the target market.

4.3 Place (distribution) –

While Darrell Lea is a popular brand, it is still unavailable in many foreign markets. The existing marketing channels for chocolate blocks are retail outlets, supermarkets, and distributors. Depending on the target region, the brand may choose between intensive distribution, exclusive distribution, or selective distribution channels for its products. For specifically chocolate blocks, Darrell has been doing an extensive range of deals with supermarkets in Australia as well as foreign markets (Mabbott, 2012). It should focus more on targeting big supermarkets as well as independent distributors that can sell its well-known treat on a wide scale. With the existing distribution channels, Darrell Lea has been doing extremely well and has obtained a strong position in the liquorice market. This will also work for chocolate blocks as it shows a similarly strong growth prospect in the foreign markets as well as Australia. It has enormous capabilities as well as a big opportunity in these markets.

4.4 Promotion –

Darrell Lea should focus on digital marketing as it will assist the brand in boosting product awareness. The brand already has an excellent reputation in the markets. Once the customers will get to know about the chocolate blocks via social media and advertisements on newspapers and television, this will certainly improve its position in the chocolate block market. E-commerce giants like Amazon and more are also selling Darrel’s products. Table 1 shows the object and task method for Darrell Lea. The first object is to increase sales by 25% through advertising on offline media channels such as newspapers and magazines. The product will be advertised on popular newspapers such as The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and more and this will cost 20000 AUD. The second marketing goal is to increase product awareness by 25%. Digital marketing will play an extremely important role here. The advertising will be done on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. The cost of this media is 30000 AUD.

Objective (this Is from Your Communication Goal)

Task (Each of The Specific media Tools that You Have Chosen)

Media Cost (Media only – Do Not Include Production Costs).

Increasing sales by 25%

Newspapers: The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph


Increase product awareness by 25%

Aggressive advertising methods can be used. Digital marketing and social media tools such as Instagram and Facebook emphasising on the promotion of the new chocolate blocks. Advertising on Televisions is also beneficial and is mandatory part of the promotion channel.



$TOTAL: 50000

Table 1: Object and task method

References for Marketing Plan

Lannin, S., (2018). Darrell Lea expands products in turnaround triumph for once struggling company. ABC News. Available at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-11/darrrell-lea-rocklea-road-ice-cream-comeback/10107784

Mabbott, G., (2012). Opinion: The four Ps behind Darrell Lea’s rocky road to a bitter end. Ad news. Available at: http://www.adnews.com.au/news/opinion-the-four-ps-behind-darrell-lea-s-rocky-road-to-a-bitter-end

Yosufzai, R., Christian, K., (2012). Supermarkets responsible for Darrell Lea. The Courier Mail. Available at: https://www.couriermail.com.au/ipad/supermarkets-responsible-for-darrell-lea/news-story/66a639bbe0c85fac179bd6e601a0250a

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