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  • Subject Code : BSS060-6
  • University : University of Bedfordshire
  • Subject Name : Project Management 3

Project Overview

Business Drives

Business for supermarket products are always remained basic necessity of life, market demand could be created by providing high quality products as compare to competitors of the same product. Strategic opportunity could be created by targeting those areas where product cost is high or difficult to reach. Providing multiple product store at rushing areas of living on completive prices and quality always become social and business need. This business project for supermarket X has been based on environmental consideration and technological advancement to achieve competitive edge.

Selected area of UK region like Taunton with population near than 100000, have full potential to launch this project based on legal requirement and customer requests. Asda Supercentre, Sainsbury and Tesco super stores are serving the areas but people have complaints and constraints about their services and products. So, this project can create a brand image, with batter service quality and perfect chance of revenue generation.

Meeting service quality and picking week areas of current supermarkets, as Munbodh (2019) defines supermarket working in Tauton are composition of worst market (Gido et al., 2014).

Many of Britain's most well-known retailers have dropped in performance scores, customer support, and brand-owned items to the bottom of the table, according to a recent survival. Munbodh (2019) discussed about satisfaction survey, 12,000 respondents were challenged to score in-store items under their own label and the 'big four' retailers, including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, left more customers dissatisfied.

Asda was the lowest winner, placing at the edge of both internet and in-store buying lists for the customer leader, the Mirror notes. The supermarket earned a consumer ranking of only 56 per cent for shopping in-store and 65 per cent for online shopping with food consistency listed as the main concern. Meanwhile, only one and two-star scores were issued for the price of both own-brand goods and fresh products respectively. Asda's online shoppers said that getting a delivery without replacement was rare-more than half (55 per cent) had encountered this with their last order (Doong et al., 2019).

To overcome these shortfalls from big giants are not an easy task but business would be based on this target of providing best quality product with finite services.

Project Objectives

  • To be the best in challenging worst.
  • Caring about health of people related to business products and services
  • Proving best services for clients and business partners
  • Making assurance of after sale services of products and services.
  • Strick focus on perishable product to main quality of product.

https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/worst-rated-supermarkets-according-customers-2572461 (check this link for more clearance about objective)

Expected Benefits

Taunton project could be best in worst conditions, this can be a great opportunity to create revenues, focus must on removing barrier and providing valuable services. Chances of cost reduction are low but Taunton project can create competitive cost products. The basic motive of this project is to produce competitive advantage on servicing quality in the area. Cost could be reduced in overhead but at the same time transportation cost could be increased due to stores and sites at different distances like 59 miles distance of Chipping Sodbury, 105 mile of Worcester, 47 miles of Bristol, 89 miles of Cirencester and 27 miles from Taunton to Yeovil (Zwikael and Smyrk, 2019). Under these circumstances cost reduction would be biggest challenge for Supermarket X.

Estimated Cost

Total budget for the project has been designed up £3.5m, out of which £1.13m has been estimated to startup cost. Other cost estimated for transport up to £0.8m, expenses for other constructions £0.5m and remaining budget for meeting up running business needs.

Startup cost

Working capital

 £ 50,000.00


 £ 5,000.00

Legal contingencies

 £ 7,500.00

Office supplies and material

 £ 7,500.00

Consultancy related to administrations

 £ 37,500.00

Equipment’s of building and repairs

 £ 625,000.00

Insurance cost

 £ 27,500.00

HV AC cost plus installation

 £ 50,000.00

Electric repairing

 £ 37,500.00

Concrete and masonry

 £ 32,500.00

Flooring cost

 £ 39,500.00


 £ 16,500.00

Hardware and doors

 £ 6,000.00

Glazing cost

 £ 12,500.00

Security system installation

 £ 32,500.00


 £ 22,200.00

Specialties like tap etc.

 £ 21,500.00


 £ 11,000.00

Project management fee

 £ 50,000.00

Engineering and attorney

 £ 25,000.00


 £ 10,000.00

Total expense on start up

 £ 1,126,700.00

Project Plan

Communication plan for Supermarket X

A solid client communication plan can help you stay on top of projects and keep clients happy.

Considering client complaints regarding project status.

Quick response system through email

Need to know about how to response on client’s communication plan

Basic essentials to response clients

Listen well:

  • leading capability upon direction, delegation, communication and making decision on it.
  • Upon much of overall communication, getting the right absorption on first listening.

Supermarket X have multiple products, so defined and precise messages are more important to reach target object.

Discussion on what was discussed earlier

  • As understanding is most significant component, restating thoughts to improve efficient and effective communication project.


  • Composite and authentic documentation on project communication regarding key points.
  • Getting all stakeholders on same page through communicating authentic documents
  • Ability to make decisional information on planning activities

Avoiding over communication

  • Just communication, avoiding over communication
  • Best evaluation of your readers regarding resent interest and importance.
  • Repeat and update if daily updates require to communicate.

Basic requirements of supermarket business are necessary part of creating client’s stakeholders and teammate’s communication plan.

Client and stakeholder’s communication plan

  • Who is the project's most important stakeholders and their contact information (e-mails, phone numbers, addresses)? (this includes, regular purchased, sellers and transporters like household suppliers, and material houses from where supermarket X will purchase).
  • How to connect with customers, including favorite platforms, tonality and scope of post. (creating online purchasing portal for supermarket X (Qiu et al., 2017), on shop selling facilities and delivery system).
  • When to connect-every day, every week, every month, at project start, at project end, etc. (Connecting with stakeholders at Chipping Sodbury, Yeovil, Cirencester, Bristol and Worcester would require 24 availability of connection on working updates and communicating necessary information).
  • This strategy includes all the client's key partners as well as the staff managers, consultants and executives. This also includes, in certain instances, key players such as software evangelists, influencers and journalists.
  • Necessities of client communication plan includes: Standardize communication, anticipating client’s needs, improvements in internal collaborations and faster communication

Steps in creating client and stakeholder’s communication plan

  • Identification of key stakeholders involve in communication plan, like internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and other stakeholders
  • Creation of stakeholder management plan, this plan needs to include interest, influence, and key objective or motives. Motives could be involved financial, personal, business oriented, career oriented and brand focused on supermarket.
  • Creation of communication plan for stakeholders, frequency of communication, style of tone related to supermarket business, communication formats like daily check ins, hourly works and weekly updates, deliverables, preferred channels and timelines of communications.

Event specific plan

  • Event specific plan dependent on types of event like launching product, publicizing specific item or brand, communication channel, participants with frequency, owners and specific object of event.

Creating team communication plan

  • Addressing concern and contingencies

Work as hard as you may, every project would have issues. It's your task, as project manager, to fix any contingencies and concerns.

In addition to stakeholder-specific contact strategies, you will also provide a policy for coping with the following:

Dealing with emergencies: Take care of who to tell (both internally and externally) in case of an incident in the coordination strategy. Identify just what you expect them to say. Ideally, you'll want to approach partners who (Campos et al., 2019), a) are deeply invested in the progress of the initiative and b) have ample obligation to address the disaster if appropriate.

You should move on, so you will provide different arrangements depending on the disaster scale. For e.g., you'll want to call the members on yours as well as the client's team in case of a big emergency.

In the other side, in the case of small crises, you should restrict contact exclusively to the project manager.

  • Addressing Objections

You'll find certain individuals from every side criticizing those issues in a complicated undertaking. Anticipating these complaints and charting solutions to them will allow a smoother project going.

Consult the staff to formulate a plan to resolve growing complaint, such Cost concern: Distribution of working hours, project success and anticipated project revenue (Aburto and Weber, 2007).

Creativity concerns: Contact the production department to clarify artistic ideas.

Progress concerns: discuss new innovations, including mock-ups, models, etc. The concept behind this is to create a ready-made communication plan in the case of any contingencies. It's not mandatory but it's going to save you a lot of trouble if there are issues.

Components for teammate’s Communication plan

Getting One-on-One interaction: Effective teams are made up of team leaders whose relationships are purposive. Make sure that you know what to listen and what the workers have to suggest when they have one-on-one experiences (Munyori and Karanja, 2018).

Encourage two-way feedback: It is essential to provide two-way contact in order to provide a smooth work atmosphere. Offer comprehensive guidance to enhance coordination between the teams and to mentor the team leaders.

Display appreciation: Having offered the team members a token of recognition by congratulating them on brilliant projects, praising a team member for completing a mission and showing gratitude also for minor actions.

Creating opportunities: Creating opportunities for your employees to work together through events such as team lunch, ice breaker games in training, group meetings, exercise classes, problem solving games or any outdoor activity. Defines promotional plan helps in creating employment opportunities.

Using time strategically: Use coffee breaks will maintain the spirit of team bonding alive and allow us an opportunity to get to know each other better. Team building is a great way of enhancing lines of contact.

Promoting cooperation and teamwork: The leaders of the team would naturally be able to connect more because they will interact together alongside others (Santos and Marinho, 2018).

Encouraging teamwork should encourage different talents and ensure that both are mindful of current initiatives.

Using correct communication channel: Each project requires an efficient contact source representing the project's development. The modern place of work is on the way to digital transformation. So, you need to invest in the main efficiency and connectivity systems and applications. It can be an important place for the entire team to work, depending on the requirements of the group. You will streamline coordination with your team leaders with task-management tools.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work Breakdown Structure

Risk Registered

Risk Registered


Aburto, L. & Weber, R. (2007). Improved supply chain management based on hybrid demand forecasts. Applied Soft Computing, 7, 136-144.

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Zwikael, O. & Smyrk, J. R. (2019). Project Management: A Benefit Realisation Approach, Springer.

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