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It is important for an organization to work towards costs optimizing and profit maximization. Information technology has become an important component of every business today and the organization has to bear a lot of costs for effectively dealing heaps of data that is important for the company (Ahmad et al., 2018).  In order to make the IT infrastructure of an organization efficient there are two available options with the organization that are either to run the network of the organization on the cheapest price possible or to cut the storage costs of the organization (Beloglazov et al., 2012). One of the ways in which the organization can cut its storage costs is utilization of cloud computing. Slowly, cloud computing is becoming a way in which the organizations are able to secure their information in the clouds without the investment on large data servers by the organization. Many start-ups due to financial constraints are using cloud computing for saving their cost (Mei et al., 2018). Along with saving the costs for the organization the cloud computing also helps the employees of the organization in working whenever and wherever. It helps the organization in collaborating with the employees that are working in off sites. Such collaboration helps the organization in decreasing their IT costs and also becoming efficient in performing their operations (Warth et al., 2017). 

Aim of the research

The aim of the research is to evaluate the potential of cloud computing as a method for saving cost and increasing efficiency for the IT sector of Canada.

Research Questions

  • What are associated benefits of Cloud Computing?

  • Will the adoption of Cloud Computing in the IT sector of Canada help in reducing costs of its operations?

  • Will the adoption of Cloud Computing in the IT sector of Canada help in increasing efficiency of its operations?

Problem Statement

There is need for cloud computing in the business because severs can prove to be expensive for the organization but it becomes essential at time for the organisation to invest in cloud computing when it needs to manage a large amount of data. However, the better option of the organization is to adopt cloud computing which helps the organization in easily managing large amounts of data along with decreasing their equipment costs. Another feature that makes cloud computing beneficial for the organization is that the organization will not need space to keep the servers in the organization. With the adoption of cloud computing the organization is able to save the area and can use that area for renting and increase the profit margin of the organization (Yan et al., 2017). The utilization of cloud also eliminates the issue of duplication of industry data centres and therefore the same cloud can be used by different companies and can share the facilities and the resources effectively. In this way, the centres adopted leads to higher utilization rates of machines which makes the overall process of the organization efficient. Therefore, it becomes important to evaluate the role that can be played by Cloud Computing in the IT Industry of Canada. 

Purpose of the research

The IT industry of Canadian economy is growing fast and nearly every organization in the Canadian economy is adopting Cloud Computing. It has been said that the Canadian economy is headed towards becoming a Tech Utopia. The Canadian economy is regarded to be a beacon for its social, political and economic stability. Therefore, it is evaluated through the findings of several studies that Canadian economy has the potential to offer various opportunities to the entrepreneurs and the opportunity of business development to the existing business organizations in the economy. However, with the pace that organizations are adopting cloud computing it has been seen that there is a shift in the presence and the international tech companies have started to consider the Canadian economy as a proper environment for conducting business. 

As the technology sector of the Canadian economy continues to grow, therefore the further adoption of cloud computing in the IT sector of the economy can further provide business opportunities to expand to the existing organizations in the economy (Shi et al., 2018). With the adoption of cloud computing the IT sector will be able to reduce energy consumption which will further help the organization in increasing its profitability margins. 

According to the statistics the US companies with the adoption of cloud computing technology area able to achieve annual energy savings equivalent to $12.3 billion. 

Therefore, the purpose of the current research is to identify the opportunities that cloud computing can bring to the IT sector of Canada (Yan et al., 2017). The study will also investigate whether cloud computing can become a solution for saving costs and increasing its efficiency. 

Literature Review

According to the study conducted by Ahmad et al. (2019), cloud computing have the potential to offer utility oriented IT services to the organizations (Ahmad et al., 2019). The feature of energy efficiency makes cloud computing extremely desirable for the organizations worldwide. The organizations that have adopted large number of data servers have to deal with huge energy costs and increased impact of carbon emissions on the environment. With the adoption of energy efficient technologies like cloud computing the organizations are able to reduce their energy bills, energy consumption and their gas emissions that have significant negative impact on the quality of environment (Buyya et al., 2010). 

According to the study conducted by Manzoor (2019), with the adoption of cloud computing the cloud will be able to replace servers in the organization the IT sector will no longer have to put expenditure in maintaining the climate control that was initially required by the servers in the organization (Manzoor, 2019). In the way, the IT sector will be able to reduce their electrical bills and make their business energy efficient. Along with cutting bills the cloud computing also helps the organization in lowering its carbon emissions.

Research Design

In order to find the answers to the research questions of the study, there are two reliable approaches that can be adopted by the researcher in the study. Two research approaches include deductive and inductive research approach. Under the inductive research approach, the researcher is able to find specific answer to the research question of the study and the analysis moves from a broad theory to a specific conclusion. Whereas, under deductive research approach the researcher moves from a specific observation towards a broad theory which helps the researcher in understanding the concepts that surrounds the research topic of the study. Therefore, in the current research study the researcher will be adopting deductive research approach in order to get in depth knowledge regarding cloud computing. In the present literature secondary qualitative data will be used in order to find the validation for the research hypothesis in the study. Therefore, the deductive research approach will facilitate the use of secondary qualitative data. 

Qualitative secondary data will be assessed from various data sources including ProQuest, Informit and Scopus in order to find the reliability of the findings of the study. Library resources will also be used in order to build a strong theoretical framework for the study. In order to refine the search findings of the study various filters like language and time frame will be used in order to extract quality data. The use of library resources will help in developing a strong theoretical framework for the study and increasing the credibility of the research findings. 

Data Analysis

In order to effectively analyze the secondary qualitative data collected the tool of Thematic Analysis will be used in order to effectively answer the research questions of the study. The thematic analysis will help the researcher in examining and recording the patterns and meanings existing in the data through the theme identification. This will eventually help the researcher in gaining in-depth knowledge of the research topic and detailed answers to the research questions of the study.

Concept Map

Expected outcomes of the research

With the identification of different themes existing in the present literature the researcher will be able to understand the benefits associated to cloud computing and also effectively evaluate the potential of cloud computing as a method of cost saving and increasing efficiency for IT sector of Canada.

Limitations of the research

The research is just based on the IT sector therefore the findings of the study cannot be generalized for other sectors. Due to the unavailability of quantitative data on cloud computing only secondary qualitative data could be used to estimate the potential of cloud computing for the IT sector of Canada.

Ethical Considerations

The purpose of the report is to understand the concept of cloud computing and its associated benefits for the IT sector. Thematic analysis on the secondary qualitative data will help the researcher in answering the research questions of the study effectively. While using secondary data work will be properly cited and referenced. The issue of plagiarism will be avoided.

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