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 Assessment Task 2: Case Study Report

Executive Summary

This report aims to focus on management concepts and theories that majorly affect organizational performance.  The report has included the case study of Sunset Prayers that is focusing on the external organizational environment as well as theories of motivation. The report depicts that motivation and the organizational external environment highly affect organizational productivity. Therefore, the organization will focus on two motivational theories are Maslow’s need hierarchy theory and expectancy theory will help to increase the performance. In addition to customer, competition, culture (external environment) affect organizational performance. Moreover, the recommendation has given in order to eliminate the external environment adverse effect. 


In the present scenario, management is a significant aspect of theorganization and management theories support to set the basic rules to direct the managers within the organization. Moreover, it also suggests the management strategies that involve tools such as framework and guidelines which are applicable in today's organization. Usually, it has been determined that a professional manager does not depend on the one management theories or concepts as they introduce various concepts of the management theories that best suit their organization and organizational culture. (Bratton & Gold, 2017). Furthermore, this report aims to showcase management theories and concepts that help to address the real-life issues faced by the managers with the organization. In addition to this, the report will also analyze the case study of the Sunset Prayers which will help to determine how Frank Piechowski, plant manager of the organization implementing the conceptsof management. 


External organizational environment 

 The external organizational environment can be explained as the force and the outside elements of the organization that influence the organizational performance directly and indirectly. The external environment of a company is a combination of all the units that exist outside the organizational boundaries but it has a significant impact on expansion and survival. It is essential for the organization to consider environmental threats and opportunities for future and present potential. Moreover, the external environment is divided into two parts involving the specific and general environment (Zinovieva et al., 2016).Specific environment indicates the unique factors of every organization that are related to the accomplishment of goals and influence the manager.  The organization gets influence by the influence suppliers, customers and competitors. On the other hand, the general environment indicates the wide situation that influences the organization which involve political, legal, environment, economic, socio-cultural and technological environment. Therefore, organizational success and failure rely on the external environment. 

 Moreover, in the context of the sunset prayers case study, it has been determined that appliance manufacture organization is completely affected by the external environment as the organization is working hard in order to survive in the intense competition as the appliance industry is mature. Along with this, organization majorly facing issues with the price because the bigger companies with large chains just increased the price war (Sadiq & Bala, 2018).Apart from this, customers can effortlessly evaluate different organization's product before considering one specific product. Therefore, the organization has extreme pressure to uphold the production costs at low. Furthermore, organizational is affecting the labour cost as they have to maintain low labour cost. Therefore, plant manager Frank depended uponthe temporary workers who are Muslim Somali refugees migrated from war-torn native nations.  So, it can be depicted that the political condition of the country intensely affects the organization.  In addition to this, the socio-culture situation of the Somali Muslin influences the culture within the organization. For example, Somali employees follow the Islamic religious practices as they have to perform five times ceremonial washing and prayers in a day for manager has allowed but when the 40 Somali employees will join the organization then it will directly affect the organizational productivity as a large number of employees will leave to pray (Criaco, Larrañeta,  Naldi, & Zahra,  2016).So, it has been observed that culture play a significant role in organizational productivity.  From, the overall analysis it has been determined that organization is depended on the external resources to reduce the labour cost. Additionally, the organization majorly affected by the competition (mature industry and global context), customers ( preference changes and price offer),  resources(skilled employees) and culture(Islamic religion) All these factors leads to external environment uncertainty in the organization.

Theories of motivation 

To increase and enhance the organizational efficiency and effectiveness Frank Piechowski can use the theories of motivation which will help this organization positively.  Firstly, Frank can implement Maslow's need hierarchy theory because it is based on human requirements. This motivation theory will help to meet the basic requirements of its workers that involve psychological wellbeing, self-esteem, safety and belonging.  To implement this theory the manager can apply the diversity training and programs that celebrate difference among the people. However,  the safety problem is controlled by the laws but when the managers take extra effort for this factor then it will enhance the employee morale so Frank can work on their safety issues(Velmurugan & Sankar, 2017).Apart from this, Frank can limit the use of strictapproaches as it will invoke fear in the employees. Further, the employees need to respect by Frank and other co-workers during the regular work. Employees also need to develop an action plan for personal success. Frank needs to focus on the physiological, safety, social, esteem and self- actualization. The Frank firstly focus on the basic need that is five-time prayer requirements and also concern with their safety requirements at work. In addition to this, this theory will create opportunities for personal growth, gratitude and enhancement among the workers. Frank can prioritize the requirements of the employees as per its significance in the organization.  This theory will help to offer effective job satisfaction to its employees within the organization as well as it will lead to increase the organizational productivity effectively (Bouzenita & Boulanouar, 2016)

Furthermore, Frank can also work on the expectancy theory of motivation as it focuses on the employee motivation which comes from the reward as employee consider that expected performance lead towards the rewards. The reward is always associated with the employees about the expected results. However, in the context of this case study, the manager can relate with the favoured outcome in order to aimed performance levels. Along with this, the manager can sure about the workers who accomplish the set performance level.  Frank should reward the deserving candidates for their excellent performance. Though, Frank should keep the reward system fair within the organization. Besides this, the manager can assess the employee motivation level on a regular basis by using the various approaches such as questionnaire and personal interviews (Lloyd & Mertens, 2018). This theory describes that employees will work towards the believed accomplishment and if they achieve it then the reward will be valued.  In the organization, to increase the efficiency and productivity  Frank can set the tone for accomplishment and rewards along with the employee gratitude challenges founded on the employee value. In the case of Somalis employees, Frank also need to work on the employee/ organization association so the employees will feel to contribute towards the work performance.  In case the employees experience the hostility then lead the employee towards the underperformance and also could lead to a job- satisfaction in other co-workers. Frank can focus on intangible compensation as it played a significant role in the feeling of workers about equity.


Following are the recommendations for the organization and manager Frank-

It has been determined that an organization needs to adapt as per the external environment system. It is significant to use the environment intelligence in order to determine the uncertainty as well as support to take suitable actions for the better productivity and performance of the organization. On the following elements, the organization can focus on- 

  1. Forecasting and planning- External environment is always uncertain so the organization need to use the predict future course of the environment as well as focus on the plan in order to reduce the opposing impact. The planned organization is excellent to prepare against the unstable environment and can answer speedily and coherently. 

  2. Organization design and reorganization- It is already known that the internal design of the company directly impacts the stability and uncertainty of the external environment. Therefore, it is important for the organization should adjust the extent to which they require coordination versus control in the internal structure of the organization. 

  3. Decrease the resources dependence-  It has been observed that Frank’s organization depended on the external resources (temporary employees). Along with this,  the organization can use the approach to uphold the extra resources at additional cost, for example, having more employees which will minimize the risk of the organization.  


It can be concluded that effective management and management theories play a significant role in the organization. Effective management led the organization towards better performance.  In the context, of   Frank Piechowski facing the issues due to the external environment which majorly affected by the three factors; customers, competition and culture. The company is facing intense competition in the industry as the industry is mature. Along with this, the organization is hiring the Somali (Muslim Refugees) but their culture difference affects the organization productivity as they want to perform their prayers five times a day. Moreover, two motivation theories will be implemented in the organization as it will help the employees in order to increase efficiency and productivity.  The two motivational theories are Maslow's need hierarchy theory and expectancy theory. Hierarchy theory focus from the basic requirement to self-esteem requirement.  On the other expectancy theory focus on the rewards of the employees as per the expected outcome. However, the recommendations are also given in order to increase eliminate the adverse effect of the external environment.


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