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Professional Communication Skills Assignment 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Digi shop company

Aspects of company excellence

Criticism aspect faced by the company

3. Conclusion

4. Recommendations


Introduction to Digi Shop Company  

In the present scenario, the Internet isn't just schmoosing media, it is a method for exchange for customers at the worldwide market as well. Web utilization has grown quickly over the years and it has become a communal method for trading and exchanging data, administrations, and products (Flyverbom, Deibert and Matten 2017). Since, digital shopping is developing massively in the present business situation it is basic to concentrate on how customers settle on buy choices on online websites. Web shopping conveys various unexpected qualities in comparison to customary shopping strategies. As per Global Trends in digital hopping Flyverbom, Deibert and Matten’s (2017) report indicates that additional customers have exhibited lingering ability to utilize online amenities to buy groceries, clothing, for reserving tickets, etc.

Later on, internet shopping is foreseen to take more strength in the buying of items, for example, makeup, computer equipment, household goods, nourishment supplies, etc. As to inclination for internet shopping, the research by Flyverbom demonstrated that about 33% of online clients favored doing web-based shopping at retailers who just have a digital presence. A genuine model is Amazon.com. This report will describe the business strategy for the "Digi shop" company which is a digital shopping company. The company will provide all the essential groceries online. The main slant of this digital shop is that anyone with a frailty can contact this store. The company uses tools for looking, shopping, and distributing goods and facilities to the disabled people. Methods like hand recovery, mental & physical disability support, and hearing support are also provided. This online shop will make life meeker and more reachable for people with physical disabilities.

Digi Shop Company

Digital shopping eradicates many of the difficulties confronted by the disabled people as they shop from old stores. In research, disabled individuals have duple the chance of being enthused away as their non-disabled aristocracies (Vidya and Selvamani 2019). There are very few parking spaces available, along with a shortage of elevators. Furthermore, the shelves in the market's stores are very high, There are 306 million shopping matters counting difficulty in walking, more stairs, by means of a wheelchair or walker. Digital shopping removes many of these problems for physically handicapped people. Digi shop company’s viewpoint is very rudimentary and real. Digital presence makes it easy to choose the lowest-rated best goods. This is crucial for families with low wages, higher medical prices, and an inferior job frequency. Digital stores have a huge diversity because their market is exposed to the entire globe despite one limited area.

Aspects of Digi Shop Excellence

Aspect 1

The company mainly focuses on the benefits for handicapped people. Online shopping will help them in a proper analysis of a product and choosing the best product among the available items. Handicapped people generally shop from traditional shops situated near to their homes. The shelves of the shops are high which makes handicapped people dependent on others for reaching out to the products at high shelves. Old age people also have difficulty in walking in the retail stores as they are spread in large areas. The Digi shop will help handicapped people to shop independently (Ayuni 2019). This will improve their mental state also as they will have to depend on others for their shopping. At times, while visiting the traditional shops they have a problem while climbing the stairs, this makes them feel helpless and disturbed. This online shopping company will mainly help physically disabled people to gain confidence and improve their health. They are also like normal human beings. Since, E-commerce potentials improved business prospects and economic growth for most of the developing countries, establishing Digi shop will be profitable (Chaffey and Chadwick-Fiona 2019).

Aspect 2

In conventional shopping, stock regularly voyages extra miles before arriving at the last endpoint. When an item is manufactured, it is initially sent to the central stockroom, then to provincial distribution centers, lastly to the store. In digital shopping, the item typically ventures directly from wholesaler storage to customers. Therefore, online shopping is an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional ways of shopping. This helps to gain stronger environmental control (Vidya and Selvamani 2019). For instance, dispatch organizations like FedEx and UPS have all around structured conveyance course which targets serving the most clients in a base number of outings to accomplish higher mileage and effectiveness. At the point when people go web-based shopping, they regularly divert themselves with other related things being advertised.

Criticism Aspect Faced by Digi Shop 

Digital shopping is always associated with a huge risk of fraud: hacking, credit card scams, phishing, personal identity theft. While numerous online dealers are authentic, tactlessly scammers can apply the unidentified idea of the network to rip off unexperienced shoppers. These con artistes go through the utmost new innovation to set fake online sites that seem as if they are certifiable online retail sites. They may employ modern edifices and formats, potentially taken logos, and even a '.com.au' space name and already engaged the Australian Business Number (Scamwatch 2020). Cybercriminals are possessing hops. Digital shopping was the most widely recognized scam type conveyed to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the year 2019, speaking to about 1 out of 4 grievances, and the one that frequently prompted a budgetary loss, as per the BBB's yearly "Scam Risk Report" (AARP real possibilities 2020). The Digi shop will have to maintain a proper database for customer security. Frauds will chief to huge loss to the company and also annoyed customers.

Conclusion of Digi Shop Company Report

Digital shopping is emerging enormously in the current business condition it is basic to concentrate on how customers settle on buy choices on online websites. Digital shopping customers are antagonized with an astounding amount of product aids, and therefore have an additional noteworthy level of openings. Since internet shopping is foreknown to take more forte in the buying of items, for example, makeup, computer equipment, household goods, nourishment supplies, etc. new online shopping company "Digi shop" has been opened. The company mainly focuses on making life easy for the physically disabled persons. As they have trouble while shopping from the traditional stores. The stores have high shelves, escalators, and stairs which makes it difficult for disabled people to shop. Another aspect on which the company excels is that online shopping will reduce the environmental impacts due to the burn of fuel for transferring stocks to the market in traditional stores. A major criticism factor for the company is an online scam. Scammers can employ the unknown idea of the network to rip off unexperienced shoppers. These con artistes go through the newest invention to set fake online sites that seem as if they are certifiable online trading sites. Frauds will chief to huge loss to Digi shop and also infuriated shoppers.

Recommendations for Digi Shop Company Report

  • Checking prices of products from multiples retailers to assure the customers that they are making a profit while purchasing online.
  • Verification of customer address details should be done so that there is no problem during delivery.
  • The URLs mentioned on the company website should be genuinely monitored as wrong information of websites often leads to scams.
  • The use of safe gateways should be done for receiving payments from the customers.

References for Digi Shop Company Report

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