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Smart Home Catering Service: A Disruptive Business Idea

Detailed Clear Description of The Idea

Home catering services is an area which still remains underexplored, particularly to urban residence. Most people are often times engaged in places of work throughout the week. Major hotels and restaurants where families may pick their food are currently not trusted because the source of food is not clear. There is a shift in regard to the types of diet that families would want to consume (Montoya &Kita 2018). For instance, organic foods have become very common in several families which are conscious of the impacts of food products produced through inorganic methods. However, both modern and traditional restaurants do not consider serving meals which are products from organic methods of farming. Smart home catering service is an enterprise which intends to offer quality and reliable home-based cooking services to urban residents.

There is misconception that obtaining foods from farmers practicing organic farming is a daunting task. Therefore, most food suppliers to the hotel industry only deliver farm produce from inorganic techniques of farming. Many families who live in cities and urban regions therefore have resorted to consume meals in restaurant compared to what had happened in the past. The behavioral change of consumers who had initially depended on take-away meals from the eateries therefore requires a disruptive process in the hotel industry. Home catering services is a new venture which target families who live in towns.

The Business Model of the Venture 

The initiative focuses on convincing households to supply them with foods acquired through organic farming. The project plan is to create a team of chefs who primarily visit homes and prepare meals for family members who depend on supply from the hotels. Emphasizes here is on foods sourced from farmers who practice organic farmers methods in their production line. The ongoing studies have noted with great concern that inorganic farming contributes to threatening lifelong illnesses such as cancer and heart problems. Besides, there are various risks associated with meals served from the restaurants. For instance served are sometimes not properly stored hence the risks of infections to customers are reality to deal with.

Conversely, the demands of work environment and the cost involved in employing of permanent domestic cooks have currently become overwhelming. There are several incidences reported to the authority involving domestic workers mishandling of families hence posing a threat to family members (Mosavi & Delavar 2016). Lack of trust and inability to prepare quality and tasteful meals compel many households to incur extra expenses to obtain foods from the restaurant. However, with quality home catering services, the families will reduce to a significant amount expenses spent on food mismanagement by permanent domestic chefs. Consequently, the risks of consuming meals which originate from organic farming will decrease.

The Product and Industry Disrupted

The project intends not only to participate in food preparation for households but also source for the supply from farmers who specifically deal in organic products. Therefore, the business model for home catering services involves several aspects. First, the enterprise will supply well trained chefs to the urban families, on demand basis. Households, who require services in reference to meals preparation twice or once in a week, will download the app program. The app allows clients to identify the source of raw food supply, for instance the details of the farmers. For consumers who may doubt the source, the certified registered list of farmers practicing organic production will be available online for further scrutiny.

Similarly, the app also provides details of the chef in the immediate neighborhood. To maintain quality and trust, the chefs listed in the platform will constantly under an evaluation process (Montoya &Kita 2018). They will also have their services rated by the clients on a regular basis. Therefore, any customers who stay in urban area will have opportunity to engage the cook that he or she prefers from the app program for home catering enterprise. The second aspect of this smart home catering model of the business is that consumers will have a budget tool from the platform. The budget device will enable the households to track and monitor the expenses they encounter when their household contract services from the team. Third, the model will also use its trained chef to empower households on how to cook tasteful and nutritious meals for the family (Nambisan 2017).

 Therefore, compared to the traditional approach which most restaurant have maintained, for instance, just serving the meals to clients on the table, this model will add value to families through small training session at the households. Evidently, many family members struggle on how to prepare even the basic meals (Christensen et al. 2019). Most individuals as they grow up, dedicate most of their times to other activities like career hence lack appropriate cooking skills. The venture therefore, will contribute to improve the households’ knowledge and skills in cooking. Research shows that adults are occupied with activities which oftentimes reduce their opportunities to train other family members on essential skills such as food preparation and setting of the dinner table (Kraus et al. 2019)

 It is, therefore, significant to necessary to come up with a business venture which not only supply chefs to the families but also provide training serves in the households while cooking for the family members (Ronald &Adamchak 2017). The model hence will make it enjoyable opportunities for households who stay in cities to acquire additional skills in cooking without necessarily attending a formal catering training institution. Obtaining skills without necessarily paying for the cost incurred will serve as imperative inceptives to households. Variously families who stay in cities always need members of their households to acquire unique technique in food preparing. 

In families, there are occasions when important events such as birthday celebration parties happen. Conversely, because of lack of appropriate skills in preparing meals, for instance, birth day cakes, they have to expensive purchase the ready-made item. To make such parties more enjoyable, engaging a chef from the Smart Home catering team will offer essential, relief to the households. They will have the opportunity to learn through the process and at the same time have fun in the process.

Consequently, the venture will promote families to hold in-house parties rather than seeking the services of traditional restaurants services which are expensive. Besides, with regards to the usual restaurants facilities, convince, cost, and time are some of the limiting factors which make many households to reconsider hosting parties in the facilities (Richter et al. 2017). However, Smart Home catering enterprise will offer holistic and the most affordable cooking services to various individuals who dwell in the town environment.

Moreover, the venture purpose to remain health conscious to the expectations of the families. Considering that health crisis is of late has become an issue affecting many citizens, particularly individuals who stay in major cities. Various health experts have raised the concern in reference to meals served in the hotels. As a result, this directive has persuaded many households to avoid obtaining meals from the eateries ( Asman et al. 2020).However, to increase the level of confidence among the households on quality food preparation and, Smart Home catering project intend to alter the original ways in the food service sector.

Innovations Framework

Innovation through the use of modern apps program will offer an exciting platform for the Smart Home catering enterprise to run its operations. For instance, the App allows households to engage the chefs who are not occupied. Therefore, clients will have ample support from the program to choose their most preferred cook. Likewise, it is convenient from the platform to award credit to clients, which eventually will contribute to reducing on charges the customers incur if they regularly contract chefs from the Smart Home catering online team (Balocco et al. 2019).

Similarly, app technology will promote open business model in which clients can compare the prices of food stuff they intend to purchase. The model will not only provide household cooking services but similarly participate in the supply of foods and ingredients which individuals may demand. Several families lack the capacity to decide which ingredient is healthy to use in food preparation. Therefore, the Smart Home catering business model will subsequently take active responsibility to advise the households, based on its adequate investigations, the safest ingredients and food to purchase. Hence, the nature of the business model will remain very broad. In essence, it focuses to bring various entities who participate in the food supply chain to interact effectively (Ronald &Adamchak 2017). Nonetheless, the model will observe sufficient measure to ensure that consumers access quality and safe foods.

In conclusion, the first step that Smart Home catering service business venture will employ as a disruptive enterprise in the food chain industry is to create an app program which customers who stay in the urban can download. The app allows households to identify their preferred chefs and invite the cook to offer the service within the house. The strategy is to emphasize on consumption of foods from organic farming techniques. Moreover, families will obtain value through free food cooking training demonstration which they can observe from the contracted talented chefs.


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