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Communication In Business 

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Introduction to Course Reflective Essay

A course reflective essay is the activity of reflecting on the personal experience by the candidate on the particular academic development (theclassroom.com, 2020). In this essay, I would use Gibbs reflective model along with Schramm’s Model of Communication to support my personal reflection through analysing the core concepts and ideas communicated to me by my instructor.


The following essay is the reflection of my personal experience while studying business communication in my university.

Description to Course Reflective Essay

I am currently studying business communication to enhance my ability to share and receive messages in an effective way that generates maximum outcome through its interpretation (smallbusiness.chron.com, 2020). I joined the course to understand the practical and formal ways to write letters, memos or reports. The learning of these is essential as it exhibits various techniques that covers numerous subjects of matter like informational, persuasive, employment and sales along with carrier of good and bad news. It will help me to understand the style and format of communication to be used at a workplace after reading the characteristic of the situation thoroughly (bizfluent.com, 2020).

The process of sharing information in between the target audience and the organisation in an economy is called business communication (businessdictionary.com, 2020). Good level of business communication backed by credible skills and knowledge often tends to give optimised results, which is considered as an advantage. The purpose of it is to remove any errors occurring in organisational behaviour, culture and practices.

In order to gain this knowledge about this I joined the course of business communication so that I could understand and study the subject vastly under the guidance of experienced mentors. As the course started, I was tensed, as it was a new subject, I continuously thought if I will be able to cope up with others in its duration. With time as days passed, I became familiar with my fellow classmates and the teaching style of my teachers along with the syllabus of the course to be covered by me.

I noticed that my seniors were well versed in their subject matter, they were confident and equipped with practical skills and theoretical knowledge. This made them excellent in their area of expertise. I also noticed the well-tailored structure followed by the teachers strictly to provide us with credible knowledge backed with authentic references. This was the sole reason why my seniors were excellent students.

Feelings Respective to Course Reflective Essay

As I saw my seniors working hard every day, I felt inspired to do better in my academics and learn the study materials provided to me by my teachers with utmost attention and focus. Due to this my entire routine was changed as I had to manage my classes schedule, finish my assignments and research on my own to understand the core values of the concepts taught to us. After few days, my class was divided into teams of 4 people to present a group assignment. This was done to check our strong and weak points when it comes to the sole activity of communication.

In the beginning, the given topic to us was tough to interpret fully but my team and I figured out a method to understand it, which was to unhinge the meaning by breaking it down to various segments. We divided tasks to complete the project among us and I was handed with introducing the topic to the audience and to research about its foundation as well.

My team began to research and discuss the ideas that were being gathered by collective study involving me. While finishing this assignment we became aware on the importance of teamwork and the importance of communication in conducting anything that requires work from more than two people. Communication was the key that could take the speed of the assignment to another level where efficiency would be at its epitome (businessdictionary.com, 2020).

It still took a lot of time to understand the given topic and make a whole assignment of it, but the study materials provided to us and the class readings by teachers helped us to format the structure of our assignment without any issue. The formation of structure, simplified things for us as it clearly established the factors and information to put focus on.

Evaluation of Course Reflective Essay

I felt good, being a part of a team for the task of assignment submission because I learnt many things from it and so did my fellow teammates. I wanted to give my best but did not expect much from the results as it was my first time performing with team members. All of us were tensed when it was the day of presenting the group assignment.

According to Schramm’s model of communication, information is useless if it is not phrased correctly with proper articulation (managementstudyguide.com, 2020). We realised this and signified the process of encoding in our way of communication with the audience. We focussed on interpreting our thoughts and ideas into attractive formatted content so that the audience will feel engaged and in a position to decode it without much effort.

With the usage of reflective theory of Gibbs, my team members and I were able to identify our strengths and weaknesses, which helped us to polish and rectify the former and latter simultaneously (cumbria.ac.uk, 2020). This reflected in our group assignment as we were confident and we practiced and learned the core concepts thoroughly.

Analysis of Course Reflective Essay

The reflective theory of Gibbs helped me to rewind my experience and through its application, I realised that I work better in a team and the purpose behind joining this course was to learn effective communication applied at workplace (cumbria.ac.uk, 2020). In general, all workplaces in an economy works in teams, therefore, this group assignment enhanced my skills of communication within the boundaries of ethical and moral guideline. The experience of working in a team with shared goal and objective made me realise that more labour towards one goal working together following a structured plan implemented by effective communication is more simple and fast way to achieve the set target. Therefore, I feel more prepared to adapt any organisational practice or habits of communication when placed in an establishment after the completion of this course.

My course gave me the opportunity to learn from celebrated educators and experienced theorists. They provided us with the knowledge of tackling challenges prevailing in today’s economy as barriers to effective communication. I became more efficient in my writing practices for official documents that requires exhibiting different feelings like persuasive, sales and marketing related, relationship building and a few more (courses.aiu.edu, 2020). I have also learnt the significance of proofreading and revising any messages related to business purposes in an economy.

Through this course and with the diligence of my teachers I have been able to practice patience as listening is one of the important characteristic when it comes to business communication. I have become confident than before, I fumble less. The writing practice has helped me to articulate my thoughts in a better way, avoiding wordiness in the phrases formed by me. I also developed the ease to work effectively in a team, which signifies the aspect of maintaining trust and transparency widely.

Conclusion on Course Reflective Essay

If any third person would be assigned with the task to evaluate my behaviour or performance when working on the group assignment, they will point out my preference to follow what teachers speak in the class and their techniques while communicating with the entire class. The reflection practice helped me to act more confidently than before. My team and I researched across many communication models and theories to understand the significance of formatting a communication plan for its maximum outcome. The reviewing of these theories also helped us to uncover many methods to format the plan to communicate effectively.

The implication of practicing the reflective theory was that it helped me and my team to go through all major touch-points in our experience of developing that group assignment provided to us by our teachers. These touch-points were – information, persuasion and promotion of goodwill (studiousguy.com, 2020). As mentioned before, business communication is an important practice to maintain organisational practices at its optimised level. My teammates and I as a whole learnt the importance and efficiency of an effective team with commendable communication plan. Communication is that aspect which establishes relationships so that trust is built effortlessly.

When the submission of the group assignment got over, my classmates and I evaluated each other’s performance as we have already established trust and transparency with the application of effective communication theory of Schramm’s and Gibbs reflective theory as well. My teammates told me that I sometime exaggerate the matter with inclusion of too much information that reduces the engagement I first established with my audience. I shall, touch key points and communicate with simple language while explaining instead of bookish language. It was suggested by my teammates that I should proofread my part of speech while establishing communication at work place with anyone to remove the possibilities of any errors.

Action Plan on Course Reflective Essay

If in my life, I am ever given the opportunity to work in a group assignment I would initially try to build interpersonal relationship with my fellow teammates. This will simplify the process and save time because the task-oriented roles would be established in the first hand. As mentioned in various articles and books, the key to effective business communication is adaptation of various learning styles. In this case, the focus is put on writing learning style, because business communication demands official formatted report and letters along with developing confidential documents. Trade secrets are the most important example for it.

I need to evaluate my performance constantly to understand my ongoing strengths and weakness critically. This will help me to remove the obstacles that are slowing down my growth and polish the strong points that can accelerate it rather. Reviews collected by group of other people will help me in my evaluation widely. My reflective thinking would also enhance if it were reviewed by various feedbacks.

The aspect of familiarizing with new learning styles, theories and models is essential. This will allow me to create a personal database of information on various topics that I need to cover for the assigned task as a communicator. Any person assigned with the role of managing communication related operations at a workplace shall be updated with latest news, trends and knowledge about handling situations with verbal tactics. The building of interpersonal relationship with my team members will also be my primal area of focus. This will enable comfortable exchange of ideas and thoughts based on effective communication methods planned by me through the utilisation of skills and knowledge provided to me during the course.

I know I will be different in my clinical practice because the knowledge acquired by me during my course. It has helped me to understand the challenges being faced in the economy in the area of communication of official doms and establishments who are continuously adding value to the economy. I would apply these skills when it comes to solving real time workplace issues (fleximize.com, 2014). I would try to ensure effective communication baked wit authentic data and references to remove any possibility of ambiguousness.

The major learning that I can take from reflecting this experience is that patience, communication and following the theoretical knowledge provided tome through y institute during the course are the three pillars that will make me an effective business communicator in an economy. Therefore, adaptation and learning of the course syllabus of business communication in my institute helps individuals like me to take people oriented roles in a workplace efficiently.

Conclusion on Course Reflective Essay

It can be concluded that the application of reflective thinking on the learning period of mine during the course of business communication has led me to assess my strengths and weakness gain. This will now help me in the enhancement of performance exhibited by me at a workplace when I am selected by an organisation to solve their issues regarding communication.

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