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Facebook Ads in Promoting Small Businesses

Table of Contents


Social Media as a Channel of Communication 

Relationship between Social Media and Network Diversity. 

Social Media's impact on organizational employees 

Communication Channel 

Use of Social Media and external websites 




Facebook is a mass leader among all social media platforms. Facebook advertisement is available to many businesses in many formats ranging. It can range from as simple or as sophisticated as the entity demands. Well, its business-oriented features make it the most foundational element that all the companies and the organizations (as well as their clients or customers) can be benefitted from. The process is easy as it allows users to target the audiences through their serve-tools and in return provided by the analytics report.  

Facebook as a Channel of Communication

Facebook  is an ongoing revolution in the  world of communication. Many faces of social media have emerged in the last two decades. But Facebook is still leading the generation of diversity. From the business sense, no other media channel can help your business accessing to 1 billion customers, targeting the geographical as per the wish and having direct communication with the customers. So, any business- big or small-one should consider advertising on Facebook. There is a straightforward and simple way of advertising your business on Facebook (Sarkar & Ghosal, 2018). The Companies just have to make a customary external website ad, when someone clicks on the link, then the user will be directed to that web page from where a purchase or sign-up can be made. For the purpose of business advertising, the use of Facebook has proven to be very successful for innumerable no. of companies. When you align it you will start getting the results. To know if it’s happening or not, we see how much is the investment in procuring the Facebook ads to the revenue, which will give the idea to jerk the campaign or not. Small Businesses provides many multiple ranges of products or services to a smaller range of customers and facebook provides the benefits and also an excellent opportunity to reach the required consumers with a personal approach. Remember, the like sign, which is a customary sign of Facebook generally makes the product or service likable (Sarkar & Ghosal, 2018). 

Relationship between Facebook and Businesses

Facebook is being used as the marketing tool in these days. Facebook is a good platform to promotoe products and services. For the better communication system the companies can reach to more people at a time. The detailed examination of communication and information technologies such as social networking websites, instant messaging, and photo sharing is affecting the communicational relationship among each other. Communication technologies have become the face of diversity of people’s social networks. We can conclude that only a limited set of technologies indirectly impacts the diversity of masses by contributing to may traditional settings such as voluntary groups, public spaces, and religious institutions. The new place for the different types of dominating social media for networked individualism has failed to recognize the existing importance of the place for the entity of personal networks. Facebook is used as selling platform also. For small organizations and entrepreneurs, Facebook is doing well. Trends of society is also helping this factor. On the other hand, there are several different pageas of lots of brands and companies of all genres. They can use facebook for promotional purposes.  Interaction by the way Facebook exhibits new challenges related to data management, accessibility, governance, social inclusion, privacy, and other information policy issues. The frequent idea of channelizing Facebook by the crowd and the government has overtaken regulatory framework relating to information, and still, there are many guiding regulations that are still relevant. The use of social media by the social by the U.S. federal government and the challenges agencies face in implementing them, highlighting the opportunities, and also the possible approaches to counter the challenges.

Impact of facebook on organizational employees

Social media are the tools and technologies used to facilitate information and communication via internal and external sources. As social media are comparatively new to the employers and employees, so the questions arise about how these channels should operate or not. Departments make use of good use of social media by holding brainstorming sessions on the blogs, wikis used by the team to manage projects (Kudeshia, Sikdar & Mittal, 2016). Collaborative technologies are extremely valuable in the organizational place as it helps in improving understanding between the superiors and employees, building relationships and developing the communication laterally. The main aspect of the is their conversational aspect which is sharing of knowledge takes place through the conversation by the way of questions and answers (online forums), storytelling with reactions(blogs), etc. Social media sites may be extremely useful for recruiting fresh as well as experienced talents. Employers can post job openings by posting them on social media such as they post challenging questions and then contact the respondents who will provide the best answers. Social media also used by organizations to promote their brands. Social media also circulates information on the state of the organization very quickly and it makes the employees feel involved, making them more connected, moreover a part of the organization and their purpose also. Leaders often on twitter and the blogging sites broadcast their organization's important developments (Elliott & Randall, 2018). 

Communication Channel

There are various kinds of communication that have effectively portrayed the impact on the way of communication. The use of short video technology and the internet has engaged the employee and employer in an effective way, as the system provides them enough opportunity to promote the business strategy and communicate the project progress and project activities. Facebook has become the best medium of communication over the internet and the sharing of a short video (Kudeshia, Sikdar & Mittal, 2016). Over the internet, Facebook has become one of the best channels of communication in an organizational setting. The employee and employer are encouraged to share a lot over Facebook through the medium of Facebook. Facebook as a channel has played a constructive role in interpersonal communication. In Facebook, the employee has the freedom to convey their feeling and desire to their colleague. The employee can also share their ideas and requirement over the internet using Facebook as a medium of communication (Sajilan et al., 2019). The use of Facebook in an organizational setting has increased communication activities with great freedom and dignity. Internet technology has allowed Facebook to freely share creative content over the internet. Even in college and school and in the public area, people upload short instructive videos for effectively conveying the cross-cultural elements of society (Coelho, de Oliveira & de Almeida, 2016).  

Facebook as a part of the social media has influenced diversity and created an environment of inclusion of diversity. The employer even judge’s employees using social media as a source of gaining information regarding employee capability. The employee capability is judged based on the internet roles the individual plays within the environment. It is the internal communication that encourages the employee to the various sources and progress designed for the benefits of their career. Internet technology and the use of Facebook have played a crucial role in developing employee culture in a great way (Sabapathy & Selvakumar, 2018).  

Use of facebook and external websites

Organizations use facebook as a tool for their benefits of web technologies such as social networking. It is sometimes defined as an emergent social software platform to achieve their goals. The organizational literature review, use of these platforms yield a potential number of benefits such as customer engagement activities, employee uses of the technologies, external partner activities (Rouhiainen, 2016). More, importantly the enterprise value in social networking is determined. Some outstanding issues involved helps in identifying the circumstances as the business and the public administration from where they are able to adopt social media platforms like facebook and social networking to improve the external and internal communications, organizational performance. It can be an added advantage by communicating with the dissatisfied customers directly by the way communication takin the full advantage of facebook and the improvisation can be done by the way of product they are offering (Al Amin, 2018). Organizations have used these as an opportunity to take the customer's opinion about the concerned brands especially organizations serving customers satisfactorily. The use of social media has created a global impact on the Organizations and their influence on marketing, business, performance and also how the organizations challenge with their target markets.


The analytics report helps to track the performance of each ad. In order to be consistent in the social media presence paying off, you have to leverage your company's Facebook marketing page. Company’s Facebook ads are usually targeted by the users depending on their, demographics, location and profile information. Many Companies can use multiple types of ads provided by Facebook, ranging from canvas ads to sponsored stories. 


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