Applied Project Reflective Portfolio - Part A

While I was working on the project it became clear to me that how important is the business information system and management are to supply chain management. It has been pointed out by Kakhi & Gargeya (2018), that information system is one of the most integral parts of the supply change management. As an information system runs active throughout the operation that is from an organization's strategy to the tactical operations that are conducted by the organization. While conducting the research it became clear to restore the operations of the organizations, the first step is to develop a supply chain and this can be effectively achieved with the help of the business information system and management.

The existing theories in the area of study and the related aspects have helped me a lot in guiding the research. I ensured that during each phase of the research, I am going through the existing literature which has helped me in the identification of theory. Along with this, I also ensured that the identified theory is being implemented within the research to ensure good research. In various instances when I face complex problems and challenges during the research, I focused on appropriate theory and then tried to implement it which helped me in solving the problem. I was able to understand that supply chain resilience plays a major role in any organization as disruptive events are becoming more and more unpredictable daily (Chowdhury & Quaddus, 2017). I was also able to identify that there is no way to identify the magnitude of the risk that is there is no sure way to determine how disastrous can any event be for the supply chain of an organization (Pettit, Croxton & Fiksel, 2019). However, some organizations can recover from the loss more easily as compared to other organizations. These were some of the theories that guided me to the answers that I was seeking. Different theories have helped to clear my doubts and identify the answer I was looking for.

At the beginning of the research, I was not sure about the success of the research on this topic. I thought that my existing knowledge in this discipline was not enough to undertake the research and that it could lead to difficult times during the research. I was not at all prepared to investigate this research topic within my chosen discipline. But with the help of guidance from my professor and an in-depth investigation of the topic while going through the existing literature has helped me to gain a lot of confidence. This has enabled me to shape my research while further ensuring that the research has been directed to a specific topic. Initially, it seemed that the topic for the project was not linked directly to my discipline.

However, after doing conclusive research for the given topic I was able to understand that the supply chain is directly connected to the information system (de Camargo Fiorini & Jabbour, 2017). However, I felt excited after choosing my topic for the research. I was not aware of the results that would be received after this activity was over and the element of surprise played a reason for the Adeline rush in my body. It has been discovered by many individuals that if one knows about the result the journey becomes boring. As I did not know what the will be the aftermath of my next step, the element of surprise kept me on my toes and I was able to complete my research with a sense an excitement. The initial steps of the research were crucial as I was prepared to investigate the research topic.

During the time of the research, many points came into light. The role of a researcher is very complex in itself where the researcher is required to consider several aspects and further keep a track of the research progress. I have played the role of a researcher by undertaking extensive research on the topic "supply chain resilience between China and Vietnam for dragon fruit during coronavirus outbreak". The biggest thing I learned while conducting the research was that it is not easy to carry out research. Even for an experienced researcher, conducting research is hard, if anyone thinks that research is an easy process and can be conducted just using the internet then he individual is completely wrong. The researcher needs to know where the desired database is located (Fink, 2019). It helped me to understand that I know about the databases and the resources that could help me if I would take up research as a career option. Also, I was able to identify that my critical thinking exceeded as compared to my colleagues. I was able to identify the key information that was provided in different research papers that were directly or indirectly related to my research topic. The research process is not just a collection of data, evidence, or facts, instead, the research process is about asking questions and developing an answer to those questions with the help of critical thinking (William F. Ekstrom Library, 2020).

According to me, I performed quite well in the role of a researcher. I was able to identify the resources I would have required for the research. Also, the topic for the research was new and no prior research was conducted in that particular scenario (Paltridge, 2016). The references used for this particular research were all legitimate and had been chosen after cross-referencing from other sources. The main reason why I can confidentially say that I performed well in my research is that I knew the strength and weaknesses of my paper. It has been discovered that if an author identifies the limitation and the strength of his/her paper, then the paper can be acknowledged as a good paper.

While completing an integral part of the research study named as the literature review, I got an opportunity to read a number of books and articles. This way I was able to add to my knowledge and learning about supply chain. My past internship in the area of supply chain management also facilitated my research as I contacted my networks for collecting the primary information. This way the research topic has added to my knowledge about the chosen discipline as well. I have gathered practical experience in the discipline that has further assisted me in linking the theories with practical implementation of the concepts.

Applied Project Reflective Portfolio - Part C

Management of information systems is a tricky task as I was able to understand it personally. Multiple issues might hinder the reputation of an individual or an organization in a matter of days if proper ethical considerations are not taken. Confidentiality is one of the biggest ethical problems which an individual will face during the management of the information system. It has been observed that to gain profits, people tend to sell the confidential data to other businesses which are a major breach of a contract (Goundar, S., Pillai, A., & Bhardwaj, 2020). However, it has also been observed that this particular kind of behavior is only shown by young and new individuals. So I need to uphold my moral character and always work keeping in mind the ethical and unethical behavior (Kim et al. 2018).

During the research, I found many elements would easily help organizations to strengthen their respected CSR practices. It was identified that the trucks were stopped in the border that was carrying fruits. It has been observed that the dragon fruits and melon can last at least a week, however, this is only possible when the fruits are kept in the room temperature (Botha, 2019). The organizations could have simply provided the fruits to the ones that had the most need for this particular product.

Among the Covid-19 pandemic, there are millions of people that have lost their jobs and are living in a very degrading environment. I observed through multiple reports, the majority of these individuals do not have access to clean water. This is the time when the organizations can come together to help the people in need. Corporate Social Responsibility provides a platform for organizations to help others and enhance their image. Many people are known just because of the social work that they conduct throughout the world. One of the biggest examples is bill gates, with the help of the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates can bring food to the table of many people who cannot afford it. He is sponsoring schools so that the children can go to school and become successful in their life (Schwarz, 2016).

I observed that in these hard times the problems are just in the beginning phase, with the global recession at the doorstep, people are getting unemployed and the organization's operations are coming to an imminent stop (Goodman, 2020). It is not clear if people can call the world a global village. Every country has sealed doors to normal day to day business travels or normal travels. The aviation industry has come to a complete stop, the shipping industry is not functioning properly, and the one that provides these means to operate, that is, the oil and gas industry, was identified to be in heavy losses (The Wall Street Journal, 2020).

During the research, several factors were hindering my thought process and it was hard to identify what were the issues. After critically analyzing I understood why the main reason behind my anxiety. The main reason behind my anxiety was my practice in conducting the research. Research needs to be conducted honestly. It means that all the elements in the report are true and it does not tarnish anyone's character, by misleading information or whether proper credit was given to the author whose content or data was referred while conducting the research (Masic, 2013). Was my research completely neutral or it showed some bias, this particular factor might seem small but bias is one of the biggest perpetrators for a misleading result. I identified that all the above things mentioned were followed by me (Leichsenring, F. et al. 2017). However, I was still in a dilemma whether I should source my research to everyone or should I keep the research for monetary purposes. Although the answer was clear, that it should be kept for everyone to read, at that time. I did not want to think about people because while conducting my research, I was not able to access multiple journal articles or books, just because to use them I had to pay a price, this particular thought was the sole reason why I was put through an ethical dilemma.

For the research I took the help of secondary data, however, there were multiple problems faced by me in getting the desired data I would have liked. Amidst this pandemic, it has become quite hard for individuals like me to collect data. The universities have their tie-ups because of which the students can easily access the journal articles according to the liking. Most of the university library can be accessed externally. However, in my case, this particular phenomenon was not applicable. I had to recheck all the data sources for their credibility, the sample size as if the sample size is one of the most significant factors that affect the final results. But the biggest problem that I faced during the data collection process was that the data was old and obsolete (Boddy, 2016).

My main aim in conducting the research was to identify whether my current topic can easily incorporate with the economy and the working of New Zealand. During the time the research was conducted multiple scenarios took place. However, the biggest and the most sinister was the pandemic that the whole world is facing. it was identified the business can easily be incorporated in the context of New Zealand, but it does not seem that the businesses will go back to normal any time soon. According to Gallaghar (2020), it might take years for any country to go back to normal. Until and unless an effective vaccine for this deadly virus is not created no one can work as they would have worked a year before.

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