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Marketing in The Aviation Industry


Part 1 – About the Occupation.

Reason for selecting Aviation marketing.

Geographic focus.

Demographic features.


Education level


Skill level

Job requirements.

Industry representation.

Future outlook.

Part 2 – Sample Employer.

Sample Organization.

Organization details.



Working conditions.


Changes in Qantas.

Part 3 – Personal professional SWOT..





Part 4 – Personal Professional Plan.


Part 1 – About the Occupation

The occupation under consideration is of aviation marketing. When it comes to making a career in the aviation sector, the most common idea is to become a pilot, however, the aviation sector has a plethora of jobs available for both management and technical students. Aviation marketing is one of such career options available in the Australian aviation sector (Shaw, 2016). In recent years, the Australian aviation industry has witnessed increased importance of cultivating a culture that facilitates effective implementation of marketing programs.

Marketing has become a core business component in the aviation industry, where the margins are often low and the business environment is highly competitive. Airline marketing involves finding insights from the marketing environment to understand marketing growth and business position within the environment (Jarach, 2017). Marketers in the aviation industry analyze customer's demographics, needs, and psyche to facilitate customer loyalty and to cater to the need of the customer. Airline marketing personnel create slogans and logos, write ad copy, and create special offers and marketing schemes for airlines (Johnson, Carstens & Rice, 2016).

Reason for Selecting Aviation Marketing

Apart from attractive benefits and pay, aviation marketing provides a creative outlet for marketing professionals and professional development opportunities. A career in aviation marketing also provides opportunities for progression as such professionals can work in other industries and businesses (Camilleri, 2018). Moreover, there are multiple opportunities for aviation marketers in project management, market research, and public relations with a wide range of levels of progression.

Geographic Focus

The aviation marketing profession is not limited to any given geographic area. However, this report includes Australia as the geographic focus of the said occupation. This is so mainly because of the presence of major airlines throughout Australian regions, such as Sydney and Queensland.

Demographic Features

Gossling, Fichert & Forsyth (2017) mentioned that the labour market is not only affected by economic conditions, but also because of the demographic shift in the labour market. Demography refers to the study of the human population including its socioeconomic characteristics, age structure, composition, etc. For the labour market of the aviation industry in Australia, the following demographic features are taken into consideration:


In terms of age distribution, most marketing professionals range between 25-34 years. After that, the average number of marketing professionals starts declining, with very few professionals over 65.

Education Level

Although some employers prefer a master’s degree in specialized courses in aviation marketing, marketing managers typically have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing.


The marketing profession is not dominated by a single gender with a 61% share of women in the industry (Harvey, Finniearm & Greedharry, 2019).

Skill Level

The skill level represents the competency required to become good at a certain occupation. The aviation marketing industry is required a very high skill level with at least a bachelor's degree and more than 5 years of experience. 

The above-mentioned information provides key information for career planning and helps to ascertain the level of skill and education required for a career in aviation marketing. In addition to this, it also suggests that the marketing industry is not gendered biased and supports fresher.

Job Requirements

A review of job ads for marketing professionals in the aviation industry includes creativity, marketing/technology platform experience, emotional intelligence, leadership abilities, data science background, and financial acumen, along with critical thinking skills (Seek, n.d.). Moreover, marketing professionals usually have previous experience in advertising, good writing skills, and aptitude with numbers. In addition to this, the ability to work under deadlines and with others is highly sought after in aviation marketing professionals (AirlineJObsFinder, n.d.).

Industry Representation

Furthermore, there are several organizations and groups available that provide support for aviation marketers and industry representation for the same. However, such organizations and groups do not especially deal with aviation marketers; they are established to support marketing professionals in general. Some of the organizations are mentioned below:

Australian association of national advertisers represents the responsibilities and rights of individuals and companies involved in the media, marketing, and advertising industry. Moreover, Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) facilitates the professional growth of marketers and represents marketers throughout Australia (Marketing, n.d.).In addition to this, the Australian market and social research society are also dedicated to improving understanding of marketing and supporting marketing professionals in Australia. Moreover, such information helps to assert the opportunities and support present in the industry for future development.

Future Outlook

In respect of future outlook, the Department of Employment, Skills, and family business estimations that the future of marketing professionals in Australia is strong and that people who work in the marketing sector are less likely to be unemployed (Australian Government, n.d.).

Part 2 – Sample Employer

Sample Organization

Qantas is one of the biggest airlines in Australia, in terms of fleet size. The airline operates in Australia with major hubs in Melbourne and Sydney.

The iconic Australian airline is recognized for its high flying job perks including travel benefits for its employees working globally. Moreover, Qantas provides opportunities to work in an ever-changing array of exciting projects from universal promotion campaigns and the announcement of new and innovative products and services (Richard, 2016). In addition to this, in 2019, Qantas was crowned as the most attractive employer in Australia because of their engaging job content, long-term job security, work-life balance, and a competitive salary (Business Insider, 2019). 

Organization Details

To ascertain whether Qantas airline is a good employer or not the points need to be taken under consideration.


Qantas has grown to be Australia’s largest international and domestic airline and is recognized as one of the strongest brands in Australia. The net profit of the airline in 2019 was AU$891 million with more than 30,000 employees. The company also operates several subsidiaries including Jetstar Airways, Qantas freight, etc. (Qantas, 2019).


Qantas Airline’s organizational values support the vision of becoming a great airline which champions the spirit of Australia and are:

  • Together;
  • Inventive;
  • Optimistic;
  • Genuine; and
  • Experienced (Qantas, 2019)

Working Conditions

As mentioned above, Qantas reclaimed the number one spot in 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research Awards, as the most attractive employer in Australia (NSW Government, 2018). The airline provides sound working conditions for its employees including perks and benefits. A review of popular job positing sites suggested that Qantas provides career development opportunities with good work-life balance, along with diversity and equal opportunities (Indeed, n.d.).


The company is certified with a 4-star airline rating for the quality of its staff service, home base airport service, and onboard product. Moreover, independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy brand finance evaluated the relative strength of Australian brands and mentioned that Qantas, in 2019, achieved a brand rating upgrade from AAA- to AAA and became the strongest brand in Australia (NSW Government, 2018).

The abovementioned information allows one to effectively ascertain the company’s values and aligned with his or her values and does Company provides the proper working condition for professional development. It also helps in the career planning process by analyzing whether being associated with the company is beneficial for long term professional development.

Changes in Qantas

Aging has changed the labour force of the company because of changes in productivity. Also, smart machines and increased computational power has improved the security of the company, which is its main USP (Maa, Wang, Yang & Zhang, 2019). The major impact on Qantas is the globally connected world which has improved the business operations of the company. This information can be used to ascertain the susceptibility to change in the organization and the way it might change in the future (Williams, 2017). Thus, the airline industry is not suitable for those looking for stability because of novel technology and innovation the industry is always changing.

Apart from the reviews of job finding websites, most of the sources used for research are peer-reviewed reliable sources. This affects career planning as basing the analysis on implausible sources can result in improper analysis in career planning.

Part 3 – Personal professional SWOT

SWOT analysis is a study undertaken by individuals and organizations to recognize their internal strengths, weaknesses along with external threats and opportunities in respect of a given situation.

Based on the above-mentioned information, the SWOT analysis of my current situation in respect of my target occupation is mentioned below.


Good writing skills


Team player


Unable to handle deadlines

Lack of experience

Lack of required qualifications


Online management courses

Marketing courses

Industry internships


Increasing demand for marketing jobs

Slow economic growth

The high cost of specialized courses


As McArthur, Kubacki, Pang & Alcaraz (2017) mentioned, good writing skills are sought after in the aviation marketing industry as such professionals have to come up with catchy marketing content that required good writing skills. In addition to this, creativity is also one of my strengths which is also pertinent for my target occupation.


In terms of weaknesses, I am unable to handle deadlines which are a weakness because marketing professionals have to work on numerous projects under deadlines (McArthur, Kubacki, Pang & Alcaraz, 2019). Moreover, I currently do not have the required experience and level of qualification required for aviation marketers.


To improve upon my weaknesses, available opportunities include taking online management courses to improve my management skills and marketing courses for qualification (Jackson, 2016). I can also work as an intern in the marketing industry to acquire the required experience.


In respect of potential threats, the increasing demand for aviation marketing jobs and slow economic growth act as barriers for me to get a job in the target industry. Moreover, the high cost associated with specialized marketing courses is also an external threat.

Part 4 – Personal Professional Plan

Based on the aforementioned personal assessment and requirement for the target job in Aviation industry, I have created the following personal professional plan to implement this year:






Currently, I am not effective in dealing with a deadline but would like to improve my management skills.

Complete online management courses within 6 months to improve my management skills.

Finding a good online management course and complete it according to the given schedule and learn specific techniques for managing deadlines

TAFE courses

Diploma in leadership and management

Within 6 months

I need to complete a specialized course in Aviation marketing to get the required qualifications for the target occupation.

Complete a specialized aviation marketing course within4 months to acquire relevant qualifications

Enroll in the aviation marketing course

Swinburne courses – Marketing in Aviation (AVA80032)

Semester based

Currently, I do not have any experience in the marketing field which significantly limits my employment opportunities. I need to work as an intern in the marketing field to get the relevant experience.

Get a job in a marketing firm as an intern after completing my marketing course

Finding a good marketing firm with internship opportunities and complete at least 6 months of internship

Online job search sites such as SEEK, Adzuna, CareerOne, and CareerJet

6 months


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