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Elements of IKIGAI Framework

Executive Summary of Elements of IKIGAI Framework

The report illustrated the elements of the IKIGAI framework and the cultural values of the organization. It highlighted the career exploration through the IKIGAI framework and the adaptiveness of the organization with an individual’s perspective. The report addressed the connection of personal value and organizational culture for adaptiveness for cultural metrics for motivation and influence in the workplace on adaptation.

Table of Contents

Executive summary.


IKIGAI framework.

Career decision based on IKIGAI framework.

Cultural value measure of Mckinsey & Company.

Adaptive organizations.


Reference list


Introduction to Career Exploration Analysis

Career exploration analysis include all activities that helps an individual in developing career choice .It refers to self-exploration and assessment to enhance and analyze career management (Medium, 2018). IKIGAI framework a Japanese concept helps an individual finding the purpose of life .The report reflects IKIGAI framework in career exploration analysis and understanding of organisations cultural value on individual s motivation to work.

IKIGAI Framework

IKIGAI framework helps in self-exploration .In Japanese culture the reason of being enables a person to search for its purpose. It breaks activities into four major categories.

  • Things which you love to do
  • Things that you are good at
  • Things you can get paid for
  • Things that the world needs

The balance is formed at the intersection where passion meets the skills that can be paid and is required by the world. IKIGAI will help in finding the purpose of life. It establishes the activities, things which a person feels comfortable, and ease in doing. IKIGAI will help in finding the purpose of life. IKIGAI is described as a balance between lifestyle and practical approach. The practical approach helps us to be on focus on the direction with satisfaction and wealth relating towards a common goal on using the framework (Medium, 2018). Together with skill, empowerment and sustainability is the true measure for career path identification of an individual.

Education, and knowledge required for excelling any area is measured with its application in workplace. This framework uses multiple angles for an individual to identify the area of concern and jointly work towards expertise. Work structure breakup in commercial terms, help individual to be useful with skill set in the current organization or prospective organization. This increases competitive spirit to excel over another for seeking a position on demonstrating work in the area. A clear thought process is framed to assess work of an individual with IKIGAI framework (Thrive global, 2019).


Figure -1-IKIGAI Model (Garcia, 2017)

Our love towards subject and its polar impact on demand and commercial viability is discussed below .It shows key questions to narrow down to learn and apply our expertise. These questions ask to gain perspective, question suitability, growth in profession for determining our interest. Passion as a key focus takes commercial viability to explore career choice and identify purpose.

  • What you love– This category focuses on what is a true passion. Is the work one is doing is enthusiastic about the same? Is money the only thing which is making one concerned to hold? (Savvytokyo, 2020).
  • What the world needs- This category focuses on is what are the problems need to be solved. Are people willing to purchase what one will be offering?
  • What you can be paid for– This category focuses on is the people working paid well? Are you paid for your work?
  • What are you good at– This category focuses on is your work useful? Are you good at your work in your area?

Career Decision Based on IKIGAI Framework

Career decision on questions what you love and what the world needs are discussed.

Finding passion and what the world needs-I love number crunching and developing business models and insights through market data. The world needs a constructive approach to solving complex business problems (McMakin, 2018). Education plays a key part in the formative year, the working knowledge of market research has given me focus on the development of management skills. Innovation and collaborative environment are essential for governance and strategic decision making require a broader understanding (McMakin, 2018). The projects which are provided in the course of study has provided a global outlook. The exposure of work across different industries leading and managing business proposals has enabled me in developing my passion for the same.

Market risk structure and digital consulting will help world organizations to build available information to ready to use an analytical guide to support functions such as strategy, supply chain, and product team (Deloitte, 2020). The scope of market research and data has potential to bring significant changes across the industries. The multidisciplinary approach helps to deliver strategic value and building technical infrastructure. Case analysis and deep market knowledge positively influence decision making and scenario analysis. This in turn will provide insight across geographical areas on emergent problem to estimate forecast and draw action plans .Service and resource development for competitive advantage for existence in the market is the prime concern for most firms operating (Baumgartner, 2016).

individual passion and career decision

The above highlights the individual passion and career decision in respect to progressing towards consulting role.

Drive in market studies develop knowledge base for specialist and consultant options due to client engagement and problem solving skills. Virtual internship has provide work culture, task associated, fundamental training for the specialized area .Industry exposure defines the specialization, transferability and growth cycle. Management knowledge during graduate education is pivotal to develop fundamental base. The skill development in this scenario is directly relate to live projects which enhances business acumen .

These projects with mentor guidance provides feedback and creates two-way communication between individual and organization. Learning through tutorials and practical applications in concerned area brings additional knowledge for the subject matter. Short term career decision to acquire skills for entry level position in consulting is the right practice for training and gaining industry exposure .Companies working in the same vertical creates these performance measure, train resources hence increasing confidence in candidates.

Cultural Value Measure of Mckinsey & Company

Cultural value measures gives insight into organizations strength and weakness measured by key metrics to improve organizational culture .Mckinsey &Company is one of the company from MIT culture 500 study. Mckinsey &Company is a global management consulting firm established in 1925 providing general management guidance to Top Corporation across the world (Mckinsey, 2020).Mckinsey& Company is operating in 60 + countries with expertise over 25 functions. Three cultural values picked are collaboration, performance and customer. These three are critical values for Mckinsey & Company’s growth.

MIT study

Figure 2- MIT study

  • Mckinsey use reward and performance appraisal as periodical measure to recognize and motivate employees .Monetary and non-monetary awards both psychology impacts employee and creates an acceptance vale in employee mindset.
  • Mckinsey maintains client follow-up and satisfaction as outmost delivery agenda by deigning organization for high performance. (Mckinsey, 2020).
  • Team work and individual accountability is maintained to give more focused approach for quick access and maximum output .Workshops and behavioral approach towards inclusion of employees leads to teamwork and collaboration for creative input.

Collaboration and client management as a process for passion as mentioned in what you love and what the world needs above are key constituents of Mckinsey s organization culture .This will be a motivation for work and connects at personal value .Customer experience is essential maintain brand equity and existence. The team structure overlooking project is determined for creating in bound communication in multiple departments (Bloomberg, 2020).Teams are provided with optimum resource with organization structure to customize and handle query across department. Motivation at work relates to employee performance and daily interactions. Mckinsey s environment is positive in nurturing talent after onboarding them, simultaneously assisting them for projects.

Adaptive Organizations

Adaptive organizations are the organization that is able to adapt to unexpected changes and successfully adapt to the environment (AMA, 2019). This organization is flexible and agile. Common vision in the stakeholder leads to a strategy for transition for a technological and cultural setup change. Acknowledging demand for new contracts and management system requires robust infrastructure and strong employee hold. Shift to Artificial intelligence and use of data mining for cost reduction and productivity boost paves the way for the future. Adaptiveness creates a streamline of the operation of an organization. 

The focus on customer commitment partners across the organization creates individual value. The network of these teams helps in building a flexible organization. The working on a dynamic model in digital transformation times creates forecast and require a rapid cycle of quick decision making. The economic fluctuations correspond to change in revenue stream and business model across all industries (BCG,2019) .Traditional organizations focus on direct superior, employee relationship, mutual respect, and leader’s accessibility help to build a partnership among teams in modern organizations easily than those following traditional setup (Forbes, 2016). Joint problem-solving setup is detrimental for task processing. Origination of ideas and design at customer onboarding process and brand synergy with adaptiveness is required to stage experience with intellectual thinking and adaptability of new technologies to retain the customer.

As a student the workplace is not yet taken up .The desired workplace will be Mckinsey & Company

  • Use of data insights will help the firms to stay in competition with other players in the market. The shift to technical market and other tools will promote growth. Decision making will be through studying consumer behavior pattern, which helps them to change designs and re-engineering process.
  • Collaborative office through and online platform set up by company helps in building team spirit and community. Work at home and workshops are using adaptive measures.

The traditional office are not keen on changes. The experiments by company build inclusive culture and promotes diversity. Motivation stems out through environment s positive impact that can be physical and monetary. Lateral structure of organization with small team are using remote work with major projects. Behavioral aspect of leader s also shapes the behavior of individual to take new task and improve work .Adaptability performance cements employee place towards transition period. It is also seen that outsourcing and designing helps in improving career prospects as these skill helps to integrate process and are used for delivery and digital transformation. Employers look for potential candidates with skill-set to adapt to their functioning which influence career opportunities. (Bloomberg 2020). Organization measures adaptive performance as a differentiating tool as it shows agility, performance and conduct of performance of an individual .Digital transformation, smart intelligence shows the work ability and preparedness in cased of downturn situation and crisis.

Conclusion on Elements of IKIGAI Framework

From the above discussion and explanation, it can be concluded that the IKIGAI framework helps us to determine the actual interest of an individual. Career exploration of an individual and measuring cultural values are significant to understand an organization. The cultural value is critical in evaluating the organization, which provides input regarding their performance and long-term sustainability. The adaptiveness of an organization differs from a traditional organization that describes the organization's action in uncertain situations. 

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