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CV: Sara Qassem

Nationality: Jordan

Date of Birth: 30- Apr -1993


  1. Achieved the recruitment of 320 staff from 47 nationalities in 13 months as 360-degree recruiter for all functional areas from all junior to managerial positions.

  2. Participated in establishing direct hire and outsourced team in startup phase of Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (SSA)

  3. Decreased the cost-to-hire by 2.5 million monthly payrolls by seconding 64 UAE nationals from different 29 governmental entities

  4. Created the local & international hiring process maps, pre-offer & post-offer and onboarding guidelines.

  5. Developed the Master Vacancy Database and identified the new required taxonomies as per Crown Prince Court benchmarks & instructions

  6. Developed the interviewer’s & new hiring approvals metrics needed per hire application in accordance to the grade & taxonomy.

  7. Improved the candidates hire statuses trackers, offers sheet, demographical headcount reports for BOD, MD & C-Level weekly updates

Career History:

Table shoes career history in the cv

Education & Training:

  1. MBA in Human Resource from Geneva Business School, graduation date: Oct 2019

  2. Bachelor of Business Administration AlHosn University, (GPA 3.91/4)

  3. CIPD Level 7 (Ongoing), ICS Learn

  4. Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM), Regional Educational Institute

  5. Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), Regional Educational Institute

  6. SAP HCM, Time Training Center

  7. PMP, Cambridge institute.


Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority

Mar 2019 to date, Recruiter

  1. Design organizational structures, develop and update job descriptions and job specifications per position.

  2. Screen candidates resumes and job applications, analyzing expectations and start date to find the best match with business requirements

  3. Conduct interviews to filter candidates within schedule. Assess applicants’ relevant knowledge, skills, soft skills, experience and aptitudes

  4. Onboard new employees in order to become fully integrated.

  5. Provide analytical and well documented recruiting reports to the management.

  6. Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process

  7. Manage the rejections sheet by analyzing the right communication tool to apologize for rejected candidate & identify how to close the loop with them.

  8. Helps in Employee Affairs section and track attendance and leave records prior applying Oracle

Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019 (Crown Prince Court Project)

Apr 2018 to Mar 2019 Supervisor, HR Operations & Recruitment

  1. Manage the recruitment process for all divisions to ensure filling the vacancies by the best candidates on the targeted time within approved salary benchmarks by CPC through executing the searches on GulfTalent, Bayt.com, Linkedin & social network.

  2. Ensure proper screening and shortlisting of job seekers and conducting final Workforce interviews onsite locally & internationally via Skype.

  3. Achieve recruiting for agency consultants, full timers, part time contractors & international freelancers as aligned with UAE labor law.

  4. Negotiate candidates proactively for managing their expectations and attract them for limited contract opportunities successfully.

  5. Prepare Letter of Intents, hiring proposals, job descriptions & approve contracts for new hires upon revision and amendments if needed.

  6. Develop secondment contract following UAE secondment laws to maintain high level job security for secondees when returning to parent companies.

  7. Follow up for chain of approvals needed for pre-offer & post-offer stages until employment order is allocated to specific service provider.

  8. Coordinate the end-to-end onboarding process in accordance to the approved KPIs, and suggest enhancements if needed to meet stakeholders’ expectations

  9. Develop and maintain Workforce weekly & monthly reports providing detailed headcount information per division, and cross-functional vacancies updates to Board of Directors, C-Level, Special Olympics International (SOI) & Crown Prince Court.

  10. Proactively update hiring managers with new joiners and candidates in pipeline statuses by sending weekly PowerPoint reports & set up for weekly catch-up meetings.

  11. Partner with HR Specialist to maintain solid application database to ensure easy reference and accessibility, including day-to-day updates on recruitment tracker for all interviews details, feedbacks, offers, visa, pension registration for UAE and GCC nationals, travel and accommodation process updates for international hires.

  12. Ensure smooth first-day experience for new joiners by double checking all work readiness related matters & welcoming formalities same as laptop, phone, business card readiness and work email set up.

Sept 2017 to Apr 2018 Supervisor, HR Operations

  1. Establish the main process maps for contract renewals & recruitment, in addition to creating all HR forms & declarations after having all legally reviewed.

  2. Manage payroll & off-cycle payments to ensure running salary on time manually maintaining accurate audit reports for payments details & employee benefits.

  3. Conduct policy manual & procedures drafts and obtain Chairman approvals on changes if recommended from time to time.

  4. Act as HR Business Partner to all divisions including Operations (Logistics, Catering, Security, Accommodation, Medical Services, etc..,), Sports, Technology, Business Support (Finance & Procurement), Media & Marketing, Commercial, Events, Legacy, Strategic Planning & Integration.

  5. Act as Relationship Manager for several government entities & HRA to manage expectations around secondment process to increase UAE Nationals engagement by handling all secondees affairs e.g. leaves, process allowances, secondment contracts & performance monitoring as per each company’s policy for ENEC, Seha, Etihad Airways & MOCD.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Jan 2016 to Sept 2017 Officer, HR Onbaording

  1. Utilize all Taleo features in hiring process starting from creating requisition, screening candidates, linking selected candidate, create and approve proforma, update offer details, and initiate onboarding process.

  2. Coordinate Pension funds registration & Social Security Payments for UAE National hires through ADPRF & MOCD.

  3. Manage CID applications by revising documents completions before submission for Security department.

  4. Maintain status reports for employee onboarding and pipelines for monitoring quality purposes.

  5. Complete the conversion process from long term stuff/ outsourced into permanent hire/re-hire

  6. Conduct new hire information audit reports and run missing information checks.

Jul 2015 to Jan 2016 Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

  1. Assess candidates by using Saville & Ravens systems

  2. Review CVs, conduct telephone screening interviews & shortlist ideal candidates via Tawteen, Linkedin, Bayt.com & Indeed.

  3. Supervise position codes and IRC% raising through Oracle by data entering the details and follow up on management approvals.

  4. Finalize documentation stage and collect all FAB before-entry and after-entry forms including secrecy & confidentiality, business ownership, relatives and/or friends declarations & new employment forms for selected candidates.


Oct 2013 to Jul 2015 Assistant, Recruitment

  1. Recruit UAE Nationals and PI expats in office based and Offshore jobs as Engineers, Managers & all other operational, mid-level & admin roles.

  2. Coordinate security clearance with HRG Dept.

  3. Generate Employee IDs using Oracle system & arrange for work stationary as needed.

  4. Arrange for internship summer programs for graduates & work placements.

  5. Coordinate training classes with ADNOC institutions after preparing for their medical tests and identify finally selected UAE national youths.

  6. Enter data for CID checks using Tarasol.com and reviewing applications for approvals/ rejections

  7. Arrange for recruitment campaigns overseas to Philippine, Indonesia, India, Nepal & Bangladesh to hire for sales and C-Store attendants & Supervisors.

  8. Control documents needed for visa & EID process needed

  9. Arrange for accommodation & flight booking for senior management when needed for travelling in campaigns.

Technical Experience:

* Oracle & Taleo systems      * www.Pension.gov.ae       * www.Tarasol.com

Language Skills

* English – Expert           * Arabic - Mother language


Each of us possess personal characteristics that makes us unique in our own way. These characteristics help us add immense value to our lives both professionally and personally. These characteristics fuel our inclinations and then help us acquire skills which help our development.

Being forthright about what one brings to the table as professional is of immense importance and organizations today are all about people. As an HR professional I believe it is my responsibility to understand and completely imbibe the nature of this designation by focusing on the development and enhancements of certain skills.

  1. Management of interpersonal relationships:

As a recruiter, how I communicate and convey information forms the very core of my work ethic. My first job at the ADNOC group required me to communicate with people from every age group. In a situation like that, if I do not know how to navigate the terrains of interpersonal communication, it can be extremely difficult for me to grow as a professional. My responsibilities at ADNOC included recruiting nationals and expats for various level admin roles, it also includes the selection process of various young individuals from ADNOC training institution, and management of accommodation and flight tickets for travelling senior management. This level of co ordination at numerous levels requires patience and extreme attention to detail. I am extremely well versed with the last minutes com0lication that can rise up and can mange them without get too high strung. This ability to manage my emotions and pay deliberate attention to interpersonal relationships is one of my most valuable skills(Oke, 2016).

  1. Decision making and problem solving

When I worked at the First Abu Dhabi Bank as an HR officer onboarding, I had a varied set of responsibilities that were completely different from my previous job roles. This position required me to not just participate in candidate screening process, but it also gave me the job to confirm their suitability, recruitment process and reviewing of performances. This part of the job requires a lot of critical thinking and astute decision-making abilities that help the organization immeasurably. My work during this tenure was extremely good and I maintained status reports for employee onboarding and pipelines for monitoring quality purposes and also completed the conversion process from long term stuff outsourced into permanent hire/re-hire. The ability to handle all these procedures and ensure that organization operations are conducted smoothly require the and HR professional who is extremely adept and quick at decision making and problem solving. My expertise at making accurate judgements is a helpful in this process.

  1. Leading and influencing

It takes a certain amount of vison and the ability to see the changes before they even occur- this is what makes a true leader. I have an innate sense of initiative that makes me put more than 100 percent efforts in every role I take up. Which is why I was able to decrease the cost-to-hire by 2.5 million monthly payrolls by seconding 64 UAE nationals from different 29 governmental entities and create the local & international hiring process maps, pre-offer & post-offer and onboarding guidelines in such a short span of my career. These achievements have not only reinstated my faith in myself as a deserving potential employee but they also helped the organization I worked for immensely. Lobbying and pushing forth new ideas that can increase the efficiency of a company and enhance its value are the two things that fuel my analytical mind. I have worked on these skills of leadership throughout my career. As a leader, I know how to influence my employees to get the best possible results for the organization.

  1. Interpreting financial information

Having worked at the First Abu Dhabi Bank has enhanced my financial knowledge to a very large extent. The biggest factor in that is interpretation. From 2015, I have learnt to analyze and process financial data in large amount at breakneck speed simply because of how large our organization was. As one of the biggest banks as responsibility as a professional entailed utmost discretion yet speed in helping the bank. In any case, astute financial analysis is an extremely important quality and skillset that an efficient HR employee must develop (Van Veldhoven, 2005). Having responsibilities of supervising position codes and IRC% raising through Oracle by data entering the details and follow up on management approvals and Finalizing documentation stage and collect all FAB before-entry and after-entry forms including secrecy, confidentiality, business ownership, relatives and/or friends declarations & new employment forms for selected candidates really helped me develop a sharp sense of acumen in understanding complicated texts. Understanding the finances and cots of any organization are crucial skills fro an HR employee as finances will ultimately impact the people of the organization.

  1. Managing finance and demonstrating people management skills

All my job positions have identified me as an above average performer who understands exactly what the organization requires of them. Not only am I proficient in understanding the company ethos, but I am extremely judicious when it comes to collaborating with employees from each department and level in getting the job done. Having Achieved the recruitment of 320 staff from 47 nationalities in 13 months as 360-degree recruiter for all functional areas from all junior to managerial positions has made me realize my actual potential in recruitment arenas and helped me understand the extent of my employee judgment abilities. Along with this my caliber when it comes to employee management across all departments is unbelievable as I have managed to streamline some major processes in an extremely short span of time. The ability to interact with confidence and back every decision with sound analytical thinking has made and indispensable part of all the companies that I have worked. A HR manager is responsible for the creation of this harmony amongst the people of an organization and by backing my expertise with accurate financial knowledge helps me realize all my decisions ( Walger ,2016).


Whenever I am not working, I am trying to develop skills and practice hobbies that let me grow as person. I love reading books, both fiction and nonfiction whenever I have free time. I have been playing sports since I was ten years old and it helps my team work skills and decision-making abilities a lot. I am extremely enthusiastic about physical fitness and I am extremely aware about environmental concerns and these add onto my social commitment and dedication. I know how to stick through and follow up on a decision. over the years this has increased my sense of accountability which is a very important skill for any professional. I try to incorporate lots of courses that equip me with knowledge about the current news and happenings in the world. These courses are time bound but separate from my professional life. My ability to multitask and compartmentalize also comes into play. Knowing about the world keeps me updated and my skills sharp.


Over the past few years of my professional life I have seen the development of various important skills that will continue to add immense advantage to my profile. Whether it is my business writing skills or my always efficient communication skills, if an organization needs to convey a message to its employees or its clients, I know how to do so to the best of my expertise. My public speaking performances since school days have added to my confidence immeasurably. I know how to communicate and interpret conversational cues very well.

As an HR officer who was majorly involved in recruitment, I have seen the growth of my empathy as well. Interviewing and screening so many candidates through all these years has made me extremely aware of what it means to survive the job market today. I feel extremely responsible for the knowledge o have gathered which is why designing the organizational framework of company is never a one-dimensional process for me. I understand what these employees of every job level or position expect from company. This sensitivity and friendly camaraderie have helped me a lot as an HR professional as the employees of the organization can trust me. Understanding their point of view and developing richer relationship helps me serve the company better.

Forward Planning

With changing times, one must be able to develop and enhance their skillset in a way that they can adapt to the changing working environment. I believe as an HR professional my job will get more and more challenging in the coming years as the amin factor in our position is relationship management with other human beings I am responsible for the wellbeing of the organization and the things that we as a mankind are collectively going through is making is weary and desolate. In certain times developing on my empathy and team building skills is of utmost importance. Also understand the increasing dominance of technology will make me aware of the skills that need some brushing up. Whether it is new software or understanding the changing paradigms, I will always try to be one step ahead so that I am ready for all kinds of challenges. I wish to work mor eon my risk management techniques and time management skills to do my job even more efficiently. As somebody who has to interact with human beings with regard to operational behaviors, learning how to draw a line between professional and personal lives is also really essential. Producing high quality work within stipulated time should be the bar. The overall growth of my being with regard to my ideals and my profession is my ultimate goal. If I excel at this, I will automatically become an invaluable asset for any company.


Walger, C., Roglio, K.D.D. and Abib, G., 2016. HR managers’ decision-making processes: a “reflective practice” analysis. Management Research Review.

van Veldhoven, M., 2005. Financial performance and the long‐term link with HR practices, work climate and job stress.Human Resource Management Journal,15(4), pp.30-53.

Oke, L., 2016. Human resources management.International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies (IJHCS) ISSN 2356-5926,1(4), pp.376-387.

Cappelli, P., Tambe, P. and Yakubovich, V., 2019. Artificial intelligence in human resources management: challenges and a path forward. Available at SSRN 3263878.

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