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Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan Structure



Digital situation analysis.

Video content will dominate social feeds.

Stories will be the centre of attention.

Increase in influencer marketing.

Implementation of Augmented Reality (AR)

Increasing social commerce.

Using Chatbots for customer service.

Competitor analysis.


Competitive advantage.

SWOT analysis.

Target audience.

Marketing campaign.

Key objectives.

Key message.

Social media marketing strategy.




Introduction to Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan Structure

In 2015, the Australian government decided to kill 2 million feral cats by 2020 to protect indigenous wildlife. However, unlike the inhumane policy of the government to control increasing feral population, other groups and organizations are working to give new homes to these animals (Lintala, 2018). One such organization is Cat Haven. Cat Haven is a not for profit organization which works as an ‘open admission’ shelter. This means that the organization never turns away any cat no matter how sick, old or feral they are. The organization is a charity and operates on its own with very little funding from the government. In order to generate funding, Cat Haven heavily relies on donations from businesses and the public to keep cats healthy, fed and safe until they get adopted (Cat haven, n.d.A). This report presents a social media marketing campaign plan for the organization, in order to help it raise awareness and increase funding. The report includes a digital situational SWOT analysis to analyses the key strengths and competitive advantage of the organization. In addition to this, the report includes the target audience analysis, and social media marketing strategy for the same.

Digital Situation Analysis

In terms of the digital operating environment of the organization, Cat Haven has a dedicated website which includes all the relevant information regarding the organization and its operations, along with the information regarding upcoming events. In addition to this, the organization has accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote its services. In order to develop a marketing strategy, key aspects of the overall digital marketing environment are mentioned below.

Current social media marketing trends suggest the following:

Video Content Will Dominate Social Feeds

Even though the current social media environment is already dominated by video content, Malar (2016) reports that this trends will continue and by 2022, 82 per cent of all internet traffic will be video content. This is also supported by the fact that 54 per cent of consumers want to see more video content from brands (Slijepcevic & Radojevic, 2018), and 72 per cent of customers prefer to learn about a service or product through video (Bala & Verma, 2018).

Stories Will Be the Centre of Attention

Stories on social media which act like news feed, but is more visual rather than text-heavy. The format of short video clips is gaining more and more popularity and is currently growing 15 times more rapidly than normal feeds. Since 2016, the consumption and creation of social media stories have increased by 842 per cent (Chaffey, 2019) and 62% of people become more interested in a brand after seeing a story (Patsiotis & Kapareliotis, 2016). The organization can also use it to ask questions or add polls to gain insight from the audience and to build engagement.

Increase in Influencer Marketing

Another trend which is growing rapidly is of influencer marketing. (de Ruyter, Keeling & Ngo, 2018) mentioned that 63 per cent of marketers are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2020. This trend will continue to grow considering that the return on investment on influencer marketing is $5.20 for every $1 spent. Influencers can build a better relationship with the audience through a personalized approach and can be more effective as customers are generally untrusting of ads and faceless brands.

Implementation of Augmented Reality (AR)

By 2022, AR is expected to acquire a market size of $209 billion, and even though Snapchat and Pokemon Go are best-known examples of AR they also have the potential in personalized marketing and marketing in general. AR enables brands to deliver a truly interactive shopping experience. For instance, cosmetic brand Sephora uses AR in its app which allows customers to “try on” different cosmetic products. Such implementation of new technology is on a rise and will continue to grow.

Increasing Social Commerce

The merging of social media and e-commerce was always a matter of time and current data shows the customers spend more than 3 times more time shopping online. Most of this is done on Snapchat and Instagram through influencers. Allowing customers to buy products without leaving the site is a huge step in better user experience.

Using Chatbots for Customer Service

Moreover, the trend of using Chatbots to deliver customer service is also increasing. 90 per cent of businesses report that they can resolve complaints faster with Chatbots (Mandal & Joshi, 2017) and that 56 per cent of people prefer messaging companies than customer service. In addition to this, Chatbots can save up to 30% of customer support costs (Grossberg, 2016).

Competitor Analysis

In terms of competitor analysis, there are similar cat shelter organizations in Western Australian such as Animal protection society of WA Inc. and SAFE rescue.

Both of these organizations operate in the key demographic of Cat Haven i.e. Western Australia and provide similar products and services. Like Cat Haven, both organizations aim to protect animals from euthanasia and give foster care to homeless pets (Animal protection society, 2020; Safe rescue, n.d.). However, while Cat Haven delivers specialized services and focuses on cats, its key competitors focus on the protection of dogs too.

Competitors of Cat Haven use similar marketing strategy with promotion through events and social media accounts.


Key influencers relevant to the organization operate on Instagram and Facebook. Some of these influencers are as follows:

Cats of Instagram – With over 11 million followers this Instagram account has the potential to reach a much wider audience to deliver the marketing message (Instagram, n.d.).

OwlKitty –This account has 1.3 million followers across social channels and posts images and videos of Lizzy a pear-shaped cat. The account has significant influence in terms of encouraging per adoption.

Walkerville Vet (Andrew Spanner) – This blog deals with providing care to cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and ferrets. Since August 2013, the blog has gained over thousands of followers on various social media channels

Competitive Advantage

Cat Haven has a competitive advantage in terms of its speciality in cat care along with providing community awareness and microchipping cats to assist with the issue of unwanted cats in WA. Apart from this, the organization does not have a significant competitive advantage over its competitors.

SWOT Analysis


· Largest cat shelter charity in WA

· Strong social media presence

· Established patron base (Cat Haven, n.d.B)

· Diverse product portfolio


· Technical errors in online delivery

· Lack of competitive advantage

· Dependent on donations

· Lack of volunteers


· Community support

· Advertisements on apps and specialized papers

· Fundraising television events (Arbe Montoya, Rand, Greer, Alberthsen & Vankan, 2017)

· Using mall space to create exposure


· Dependent on community support

· Slow economic growth

· Poor wage growth (Hazel, Jenvey & Tuke, 2018)

· COVID-19

Target Audience

The target audience includes Australian population in terms of selling products, while the organization targets everyone for donations. However, according to the demographic data of potential adopters, the target population is female around 25 years of age who lived with more than 2 people. Moreover, the target population does not have any intention of adopting a pet before visiting a care home. In addition to this, such females have some college credit or more schooling. Another target population of the organization includes couples without children who are either unmarried or married. In terms of the secondary target market, the population includes couples with children under the age of 18. The income level of the target audience has a median weekly income of $600. The target audience is motivated by a feeling of sympathy for animal suffering and a feeling of loneliness in their own lives. Since they are relatively younger, they are an avid user of social media and post and consume social media content on a daily basis. Childless couples present alluring target audience as they spend more on pet-related products annually and consider their pets as “fur babies”. It should also be noted that volunteers are also a part of the target audience. Moreover, another population is of people over 45 year of age whose children have moved out and are now have a need for delivering care.

Target persona


Age: 24


She is recently married and does not have a baby. Her weekly household income is $720 and has a bachelor degree in management. Rachael cares about animals and is against government programs for killing animals. She owned a cat when she was little and is a consistent user of social media. She has multiple social media accounts on popular websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Key psychographics

  • Values animal rights
  • Likes to makes decision for herself
  • Compassionate

Preferred channels

  • Social media content
  • Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Emails for contact
  • Browses social media platforms for news

Preferred content types

  • Videos

Marketing Campaign

The Shelter cats campaign aims to increase community awareness and participation in finding homes for stray cats. The campaign encourages millions of pet lovers to adopt companion cats.

The primary objective of the digital advertising campaign in support of pet adoption is to increase the deep funnel visits to campaign website’s pet adoption page, takemehome.org, when will indicate a strong intent for pet adoption. This will also enable the visitors to look out for adoptable pets in their region. In addition to this, the campaign seeks to drive awareness of animal care and promote nationwide pet adoption.

Key Objectives

  • Improving the total number of visits to the organization’s pet adoption page by 25 per cent within the first 3 months.
  • Increase pet adoption by 15 per cent within the first 3 months.

Key Message

The key message of the campaign that cats need a home too and that they can provide companionship to their owners. Moreover, the campaign seeks to make the community aware of the increasing population of stray animals and the number of treatable and healthy cats losing their lives because of a lack of a home. The campaign message aims to push “hot buttons” of the target population related to animal suffering and loneliness. Therefore, the message includes the data related to increasing deaths of cats and suggests that cats are a wonderful companion.

In order to do so, the organization will position itself as a superior charity which delivers care to stray cats and supports the community. The campaign will differential the organization through the size of the organization and will build upon the total number of pets the organization has supported until now.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The proposed strategy for marketing includes the use of online influencers on Facebook and Instagram. This approach is suggested mainly because of the wide-scale of audience it covers and its ability to deliver a more personalized message, which is in alignment with the emotional nature of the advertisement (Sisson, 2017). Moreover, as the research suggests, the target audience is an avid user of social media and consumes social media content daily. This will be supported by the official website of the organization. The marketing strategy will post engaging content on social media and will feature ads of pets as celebrities with their hashtags, and creative stories. The ads will also feature the changes brought by the adoption community by showing stories of pets whose lives have changed after they got adopted.


  • Social media channels
  • Facebook pages: 1-2/ day
  • Twitter: 3-9/day
  • Instagram: 1-3/day
  • Instagram stories: 2-5/day (Kotler, Kartajaya & Setiawan, 2016)

Conclusion on Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan Structure

Given the prevalence of online media, sooner or later a digital marketing strategy will be crucial for success whether it be for profit or not for profit. Charity organizations like Cat Havens need to become aggressive in their marketing approach for better results, rather than being dependent on sentiments of the target population, The proposed marketing plan is based on thorough market research and incorporates the best of what digital marketing has to offer in order to deliver a strong message for animal rights and pet adoption, It analyses what drives the target population to adopt cats and builds an effective marketing strategy upon it by using online influencers and digital content.

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