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The Story of Little Lass in Green and the Wolf

“Hey! It’s me Little Lass in Green Don’t you think this cape is cool? It’s been made by my Granny. I love this cape very much, I will never unfasten it,and I really mean it.” Granny is an old lady with big black eyes that goalittle smaller when she smiles. Her clothes are very simple but colorful. She has a lot of wrinkles on her face with an elongated chin. She walks slowly and her hands shiver a bit which are thinking than usual. “What? Little red riding hood! Little what! Oh, I got you. Grandmother is old and sick so I made a basket of food and fruits. Will you please take to her?”“Sure Mom”. When granny sees me at her place she will jump within no time though her health won’t allow her to physically do so. “Mmmmm, Chicken Soup! It will make granny feel a little better! Whhoaa, I am sloshing it up all over the place, I have to be careful, better to put a lid on the basket before I am ready to move”!

“Are you ready”? “Yeah, mom”, “walk carefully so that the food doesn’t spill over or get mixed up”. “Ok, mom, I will take good care of it, don’t you worry”! “Call me when u reach there”, “Ok mom”. Mom gave a kiss on her forehead and hugged her. She started to walk with joy.Hop, skip and jump through the mud, the water, and the thorny bushes. Chirping sound of the birds, growling sound of dogs can be heard, alley of trees and a vast and unending meadow of green grass with dew drops over it which looks like a green cake with white icing sprinkled on top. Grunting of deer, click-clacking of footsteps.”The mountains! Yodal-ayeee, Yodal- ayeee, Yodal- ayeee- hoooo. “Granny can you hear the sounds, can you hear me? Yodel with me”! Yodal-ayeee, Yodal-ayeee, Yodal-ayeee-hooo. “I go to the granny’s house, skip and skip and skip, to the granny I come!” Skip and skip and skip. “Ahhh!” She was stunned by a wolf suddenly came from nowhere. “ Sorry, I didn’t intent to scare you, it is just that I really appreciate your singing and you dropped this fruit, so yummy, what is there in this basket”, hmmm??” “Something delicious, hmm?” He touched the basket made up of soft wood sticks intertwined into one another and looked like small clouds by its color. “This basket has food for my sick granny, it will help her recover and feel better”! She said to the wolf. “Mmmm, you’re really a nice and wise granddaughter who cares for her granny, taking food for her, but I really want this food, I wish I could get my paws on the basket.” Looked onto the fluffy paws that have sharp nails turned inside.“Oh yeahh! Idea! Little Girl, why don’t you pick up some flowers for your grandmother, they will work wonders for her health, grannies love those.” He said while fixing his big alert eyes on the basket “Oh! That’s really fantastic, I will surely collect some flowers for grandmother, may be tulips”!

That’s perfect! Now I can go reach granny’s house before Little Lass in Green, this basket of her is almost mine now!” “Phew, now the granny must be kept out of the house, when Little Red Riding Hood comes here, I can fetch the basket with yummy food.” He thought. Here we go . . . knock, knock, knock “who is it?” It’s ummmm . . . what should I say? Should I tell her that I am a cobbler or may be a plumber? Ohh yeah! Plumber is good, I will pretend to be a plumber!” “Ok Ready?knock, knock, knock” “Who is it?” “Madam, it’s the plumber, I am here to fix the sink as told, your house has little leaks, so I need to fix it.” ”Oh my! I don’t want any leaks in my house, I’ll let you in to get to work!”The innocent Granny said. “Yoo – Hooo, Granny is gone now, Come on now, we’ll wait outside for little red riding hood and her precious basket of food. Slurrpppp !” Thought the cunning animal. “Woo – hoo! Granny is out of here! The house was more like a hut with a lawn of grass and some farms outside with a wonderful smell of earth coming off of the recent rain. Ahh !comeon now, don’t give me that look, I want that basket of food and will have that anyhow, Granny can’t be here now.” The wolf was sturdy at his determination but no sign of cunningness could be seen on his face. Strange.“If I dress up as someone else, Little Lass in Green will give this basket to me ! What should I wear? A police uniform perhaps, this may work. I could say to her - Little Lass in Green, I need your basket for official purposes. Hmmm… this outfit is a bit itchy, I will rather wear granny’s nightgown instead. But what if she doubts my voice, I will try to speak like old granny. So when Little Lass in Green reaches here, she will think that I am granny and will give the basket to me for sure and perhaps leave early.” “what’s your opinion, will little red riding hood believe whatever I am pretending?” Knock – knock – knock. “Hello, who is there?” “It’s me, Little Lass in Green Exclaimed the little girl. “Grandma, open the door”. “Ohh! Come on in”. “Hey Granny, I have got you some food and fruits that will bring some respite and you will feel better.”“Ohh ! How sweet, dear.” “You look so different today, big eyes you have, is there anything wrong.” “Then it’s better to see you with these big eyes, isn’t it my dear?” “Granny, big ears you have.” She pointed out. “Then it’s better to hear you with my dear, isn’t it?” The animal tried to convince her again. “Granny, you also have changed teeth. The shrewd animal tried to convince her, very sharp.” “Then it’s better to eat your basket full of food dear, isn’t it?”

Knock, knock, knock. “Hello? I am back my dear. Oh hello, Little Lass in Green, dear.” “Granny? O my !Wait, if you are my granny, then who is this?” “I am your granny, so just give me the food basket and”. “No, you’re not my granny, you’re the wolf trying to make a fool of us by dressing up in granny’s clothes.” But how did Little Lass in Green identified him? Perhaps she had met with him in the meadows and talked to him which gave her a chance to look upon the features. “Wolf, I think you need to leave. You tricked me, you tricked my granny, and now you need to go out.” ‘Little red”, grandmother interfered, “the wolf has made a mistake by pretending to be me, but give him a chance to explain everything, you never know what someone’s thinking.” “Alright wolf, why did u dress up like my granny?” “I – I did it for I am hungry. My grandmother wolf is not feeling well and she is sick, I thought if I get this food; I could feed her and make her feel better.” “Well, I understand, trying to help your grandmother is really a good idea, but from next time if you want something, just ask for it. We are always ready to help and you need not cheat in order to do something for someone.” “I am really sorry; let me try it again for my grandmother. Can I have your basket of food so that I can feed my grandmother wolf?” the wolf asked politely. “Hey! I have a better idea, why don’t you invite your grandmother wolf over here and we all feast together?” “That’s a great idea! I will call my grandmother right here, right now. Hey grandmother, Little Lass in Green and her grandmother has invited us here to eat”!

Knock – knock – knock. “Hello! It’s the grandmother wolf.” “Gosh! That was fast. Hey grandmother wolf, welcome, we are so glad to have you here. Well it’s time to eat, a feast, a picnic.” The wolf exclaimed. “I am speaking the truth, my wildest dream has come true.” “Oh my! I almost forgot to speak to my mom, remembered the young girl. “Hi mom ! I have reached granny’s safely and now we are going to have a feast.” “Hey baby! Enjoy your feast but watch out for ants”, her mother cautioned. “Sure mom and thank you.” She assured her mom. “Mmmm, this food is exactly what the doctor prescribed.” “Yummy! I am so happy that you are now feeling better.” “Happy picnic!”

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