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Wireless Control Systems - Question 1

  1. Consider your student ID as a decimal number (Example: MIT123456 should be ‘123456’) and covert to binary digits. You may use any online decimal to binary converter to convert this. Now draw the message signal for the binary numbers (consider this as your bit stream) and show ASK, BFSK and BPSK signal accordingly. (9 marks)
  2. Considering a scenario where the power of transmitter is 45 Watts and the signal power received is 30 Watts. Calculate the free space path loss. (6 marks)
  3. A receiver has received the following signal based on QPSK Modulated, explain how the digital baseband signal is retrieved and write the data. (5 marks)

Wireless Control Systems - Question 2

Concert venues are extreme instances of traffic hotspots. Currently in concert vanue settings, most operators use cellular solutions for voice and Wi-Fi for data. While this may be adequate for now, forecasts of exponential growth in user traffic (especially real-time video), this type of solution will not be sufficient in the future since Wi-Fi cannot provide QoS and the conventional cellular network will not have enough capacity.

Let’s consider a concert venue (eg. Stadium) with a population capacity of 20000 to 90000. It’s expected that people will be using smart devices with bandwidth-intensive application such as mobile video. Hence, forecast determines the traffic load will increase exponential in the coming months. As a wireless operator provide your recommendation to handle and maintain adequate QoS. Answer following questions to provide the recommendations in a structured manner

a) Please shed highlight on the interference issues in the proposed solution? Please explain how you would avoid interference. Justify you answers. (8 marks)

In the areas or venues with a high density, the increased traffic and network needs become crucial in order to get quick, flexible, and no-time connectivity for the sake of continuous entertainment of services. For instance, as provided in the case study, the concert venues such as stadium, that constitutes for around 20000 to 90000 population can seem to be in the involvement of a high-level use of wifi, networks, and interfaces.

The excess and intensive usage of the sectorial bandwidth and mobile application networking technologies raises the interference issues such as explained below.

  • Complexed wireless connectivity

The concert venues usually involves a high rate of wireless connectivity and technologies to suffer the interference issues that leads to challenges such as stability in the wireless and RFID connectivity, low RFID and signal strengths, and frequent cut-off visible in the wireless connections.

  • Decreased signal strength and attenuation

The major issue of interference that are usually experienced at such concert venues such as stadium, in the presented case, lights the issues of weak signal strength resulted by several reasons, the few of which can be explained as weak router or wireless signal antenna, improper router placements, and many more.

  • Mixing of signals

Wireless technologies and interference have a high level of issues regarding the interference, especially in the areas of concert venues such as of stadiums. The mixing of signals, addition of unwanted signals, noise addition, hampered wireless channel spectrum, etc. can raise to a high issue.

However, the issues in concern for the increased traffic and jamming in the premise of concert venues can be eliminated by certain ways, few of which has been described below.

  • Adherence of wireless standard networks

Attempting to respond to such interference issues arising in the wireless technologies and communication in a concert venue can be eliminated or deceased by the use of building the overall network of inter-related forms and broader spectrum investments in order to lay a standard and structured flow of signals and hence standardization of services.

  • Managing the co-channel interference and adjacent-channel interference

Co-channel interference or CCI occurs whenever same frequency transmission occurs in the same area. Similarly, adjacent channel interference occurs when transmissions are flown from an adjacent channel.

Henceforth, managing the interference issues can be eased by provision of effective channel planning for maintenance of overlapping of channels but in a smooth way.

  • Interference alignment and congestion

Interference cancellation techniques can serve as an assistance in the process of resolution fo the interference issues and alignment. Utilization of channel interferences, smart antennas, wide spectrum intake, utilization of wireless PAN, etc. can be beneficial tools in the interference cancellation, leading to the removal of the issue inspected.

b) Do you think using Wireless Personal Area Networks such as Piconet and Scatternet could significantly benefit your proposed solution? (4 Marks)

The scenario provided accounts for the increased issue of wireless frequency interferences, for the sake of resolution of which, the institution of wireless personal area networks such as Piconet and Scatternet can prove to be useful and can further benefit the solutions provided for the interference cancellation and improved service for wireless networking communication.

Piconet acts as type of connection established between wo or more wireless enabled devices in a master-slave relations whereas a scatternet refers to the number of interconnected piconets that is appropriate in enhancement of communication and networking between more devices.

Henceforth, intake of the Piconet and Scatternet as the wireless personal area network institutions can prove as a resourceful strategic method in the case.

c) Explain how the Piconet and Scatternet can be implemented? (8 marks)

The piconet is an ad-hoc approach of networking and telecommunications that involves the wireless user groups using wireless technology protocols. Similarly, scatternet comes into action after the implementation of piconet networking concept.

The piconet and scatternet networking tools can be implemented in the following illustrated manner.

The piconet initially comes into enforcement that links two or more devices interconnectedly in the similar physical channel where it divides the devices into master and slave. The master device is expected to be interlinked with the other slave devices where the slave devices follow the instruction guided by the maser devices or units, that further benefits the wireless connectivity to reduce the mixing and collision of signals and hence attenuation of networks by removal of the collision or overlapping of other networking operations, thus eliminating the chance for interference issues, especially at the concert venues.

Post the installation of the piconet services, the scatternet comes into the enforcement that connects or supports communication and networking between a number of devices or units. The scatternet is implemented by election of a piconet unit, either master or slave unit, acts as a slave for the scatternet formation as well as another piconet network. This common device elected for the both piconets gets into the tendency to serve as a common yet prominent unit in the data, networking, and communication between both the piconet networks. The similar continuation of the process develops the scatternet that enables the formalization of an interference-cancelled networking and hence reduction of attenuation of signals and signal weakening issues.

Wireless Control Systems - Question 3

Staff and Patient Wireless solution for CHAS

Background Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) is a charity that provides the only hospice services in Scotland for children and young people who have life-shortening conditions for which there is no known cure. CHAS runs two children’s hospices, Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House in Balloch, and a home care service called CHAS at Home, which provides specialised care to children and young people in their homes, when they need it most. Challenge CHAS had a requirement to upgrade its current Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure. Both hospice sites had an aging WLAN network that did not offer the coverage that the organisation requires on a daily basis. It failed to meet the needs of staff and families while in the hospices. Staff members require access to the patient’s records in all locations and with over 350 children and young people as well as family all using the services, the challenge was to deploy a wireless service that gave full coverage across both sites. All implementation works had to be done very discreetly and with care in order to reduce the disruption to the running of the hospices and disturbance of the families living in and visiting the sites. Solution Provista UK Ltd were recommended to CHAS by Cisco to assist in reviewing, designing and deploying the new WLAN infrastructure. After a free trial, Meraki Cloud solution was preferred by CHAS. It was chosen because of the user friendly dashboard which provides a view of networked clients, bandwidth consumption, and application usage across all sites. It also allows for the creation of push policies to block, shape, or whitelist activity to optimize performance and improve user experience. CHAS aims to provide “home away from home” care and it was important to allow patients to bring their own devices, stream videos, play games and keep in touch with their friends and family through social media, therefore the solution also included a secure but managed Guest WiFi service. Cisco and Provista went the extra mile to fit the solution into a very tight budget for CHAS. “Impressed from start to finish. Provista UK Ltd were head and shoulders above everybody else.” Mark Grant - IT Service Manager Business Benefits By utilising Provista’s solution, CHAS were able to appreciate the following benefits:

  • Full wireless coverage of all necessary areas of both sites
  • Guests can access the services easily and with no technical assistance
  • Patients can bring their own devices and use WiFi to access WWW
  • Staff have and easy access to the records and information at any location throughout the Hospices
  • Staff can move between sites and be connected at either site easily
  • Better working environment and lots of staff compliments about improved service
  • IT support available from any location

Answer the following questions for the above case study:

a) Analyse the approaches taken by CHAS to provide “home away from home” and identify the limitations in the approaches. (5 Marks)

CHAS, in order to generate and manage an efficient drive towards management of overall information and data concerning the organizational activities and “home away from home” concept institution. The establishment and enactment of WLAN and cloud networking approaches seem to be benefiting the organizational process of documentation and ease of management and accessibility of data and communication, improved scalability and all-time support facilities to its patients.

However, the case finds certain loopholes or limitations in the implementation of the approach identified to be enacted, the few of which have been elaborated below.

  • Cost effectiveness

Utilization and implementation of such networking tools that involves the function of cloud computing, especially in a smaller scale segment can prve to be very cost effective to the organization, leading to increased cost and liability sections.

  • Data trust and privacy

In the case of managing the cloud and WLAN factors comes with the big pace for concerns regarding the data privacy and security as these actions involve issues like managing sensitive data, hacking, deleting of the data, third-party involvement, etc. that increases the organizational data’s vulnerability to be attacked and misused.

b) Assume you are the IT Manager of CHAS, what are the additional steps to be taken or what would you do differently? (5 Marks)

In the position of IT Manager for CHAS, the institution of wireless LAN seems to be quite effective model for the effective coverage of overall activities of patients’ care and hospitality in the organization. The institution of wireless LAN connectivity in the CHAS premise can serve the areas of flexibility of processes, networking, data sharing, etc. in a cost effective manner.

However, in the position of IT Manager at CHAS, the following specified steps seems to be essentially involved in the overall wireless connectivity process for the betterment of holistic implementation of the networking and tele-communication implemented.

  • Wireless Control Systems

In addition to the wireless LAN network that seeks to benefit the organization structure by ease of maintenance of activities and documentation process using a round-the-clock availability on networks can be more effectively utilized and performed by intake of a wireless control system as well for integrated security purpose, centralized network management, and unified networking management.

  • Voice-ready wireless networks

Also, the additional step towards involution and incorporation of pervasive voice- enabled unified mobile or wireless networks must be insist in order to facilitate the moving and mobilized, and collaboration of networking activities along with the physical or manual acts.

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