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Business Case


Violation of civil rights has been a significant concern since the introduction of the Internet of things. Some of the rights that have been violated include the right to personal privacy, civil aviation regulations and freedom of movement with road safety. A free society is based on the constant balancing of rights. New Zealand is one of the countries which ensure a free and safe environment for its citizens. However, there have been complaints of unobserved civil liberty threats (Hill, 2015). New Zealand is undergoing a significant degradation of civil liberties. This is because of the increased surveillance as a result of technological innovations, and overreaction to terrorist threats. The negative changes to liberties have brought about public claims given that the monitoring is considered to be unnecessary. Apart from many other public organs, the state is one of the organs that support surveillance.

There has been an increase in surveillance of employees within their workplaces. This has led to an increase in some intrusive practices. Some of the surveillance practices at the workplace include monitoring the emails and call logs of staff members, CCTV monitoring of employees and electronic bugging of employees. Also, commercial surveillance is another form of surveillance hat violates the civil liberty of New Zealand Citizens (Basher, 2016). The practice involves collection and selling of personal information for business reasons. Analysis of such sources exposes personal information. Availability of the data sources is likely to make such practices grow even more.

Street surveillance is the other common practice in New Zealand. The practise involves the use of CCTV cameras on the streets, trains and bus stations. The new technologies have the ability to eliminate privacy in public as individuals as often monitored. State surveillance in New Zealand can also be considered to be technology-driven. The State of New Zealand has expanded its legislative powers and technical abilities to monitor its citizens. Some of the main features of this practice include the practices developed by intelligence agencies because of national security threats. All the new surveillance powers are products of the United States and Britain.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the civil liberties of people in New York are being compromised because of the security threats of other countries. The Government of New Zealand is likely to introduce some surveillance initiatives in the future. They include the legal requirement of all telecommunication organizations to keep the details of its customer’s emails, call logs and internet usage. The government also might require telecommunication companies to give them location data from their customer’s mobile phones. Such practices are likely to undermine the personal security of New Zealand citizens.

Terrorist threats such as the communist threat can justify the need why New Zealand is opting for the technological innovation of surveillance, which however compromises the civil liberty of its citizens. Besides technological developments, the other factor promoting then degradation of civil rights is the government overreaction to terrorist threats. The political climate in the United States can justify the policies that have influenced the decisions of some of its allies such as New Zealand. This has made the state of believing that defending the civil rights and democracy of its citizens by increasing surveillance and restricting movements is a good decision.


The report will use the qualitative research methodology as it will be essential during the onset of the project. The method will help to gain a proper understanding of the report topic. It will help in discovering individual experiences concerning the effects of technological advancements on their civil liberties and trends of the topic. Data that will help in developing the report will be obtained through focus groups, case studies and literature review.



The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Management is one of the main bodies in New Zealand that is responsible for any threats facing the state. The state has met by several terrorism threats, which have made the government sought surveillance help so that the challenge can be curbed. 


Internet of Things is common among military and even civilians in today's society. These devices have helped the New Zealand government to counter-terrorism in the region. The tools range from Internet of Medical things, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of military things, among others. The technological innovations have changed people's way of life, mostly in a data-driven society. This is a result of the communication technologies that give access to multiple connections. This, in turn, enhances communication between people and machines or even from computer to machine.

The use of such devices by the government has highly compromised security and privacy (Blake et al., 2017). For instance, about 750 000 consumer devices were compromised in 2014, distributing spam emails. This shows that the personal information of individuals is insecure. The main reason why such things are likely to happen is because of the long period that the internet of things is likely to store the personal information of people. The military has also used the internet of things to maintain order in society. The devices help maintain surveillance, which in turn help the military to detect any possible terrorist threats.

The Internet of things has undermined the civil liberties of New Zealand citizens in several ways. First, the internet of things is prone to attacks from malware designers and cyber attackers. In as much as the devices might be having a network defence system that helps in detecting and preventing unauthorized access, cyber attackers have successfully collected some crucial information, which they later share with unauthorized sources. Such practices have significantly undermined the civil liberties of people in New Zealand. The Internet of things devices is not secure enough to access any persona information. This is because of the many instances whereby the devices have been compromised, leading to the exposure of persona information.

In addition to this, the Internet of things devices such as drones have compromised the civil liberties of people. In as much as such devices help in maintaining security in society, it is done at the expense of the civil rights of individuals. Drones have been used to act as surveillance by the military. Surveillance devices are some of the primary tools that have been known to contribute to the undermining of people’s civil liberties (Cui, 2016). This is because the government, in collaboration with the military, has primarily used the devices to monitor various public locations and even homes so that they can detect any possible security threats. The surveillance can be considered to be unnecessary in some places as what is done is more of undermining the civil liberties of citizens rather than keeping them safe. This is because of the excessive monitoring and information collection that is done by the surveillance devices. 

Customer Value Proposition


The Internet of things devices has highly contributed to compromising of the civil liberties of New Zealand citizens at the expense of the state’s security and democracy. This is because of the large amount of personal information that the devices are likely to expose to unauthorized sources and the amount of private information that the government collects from individuals during surveillance. It is therefore essential for the state to prioritize the civil liberty and privacy of its citizens.

MOST Analysis

Provide a MOST analysis that is relevant and addresses the given case.

The Most Analysis refers to analysis techniques used by organizations to enhance strategy development. The method analyses what the organization wants to achieve through mission and objectives and how the goals will be attained through strategy and tactics. The mission refers to what an organization intends to meet after a long-term period. The objectives are the goals that will enhance the success of an organization. Strategies refer to the approaches that will be used to help in attaining the purposes of the organizations while tactics refer to the short term activities that will enhance the implementation of the strategy.

The New Zealand Ministry of Civil defence and Emergency Management needs to employ the MOST Analysis in attaining its objectives of enhancing that the civil liberties of citizens in New Zealand are prioritized. Addressing any possible conflicts in time

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis refers to the process of identifying people to be included in a project, grouping them as per their level of participation in the project and determining how t involve the stakeholder groups in the project. A stakeholder analysis will be essential to the organization as it will help in identifying the leading organizational players, and to inform all the stakeholders about the goals and plans of the project (Madakam, 2015). A stakeholder analysis will help in communicating the strategic objectives of an organization and the different tactics that can be used to attain the goals. Some of the main stakeholders in the organizational project will include:

  • The directors who are the senior members of staff elected by shareholders of an organization to run the organization on their behalf.

  • External stakeholders who are directly involved in the actions of the organizations such as the government

  • Internal stakeholders such as the employees, shareholders, managers and directors of the business.

  • Managers who are responsible for the daily running of the business

  • Shareholders, who refer to those individuals who own shares in the organization

  • Special Interest groups which refer to a group of people with a common interest such as protection of human rights.

Creation and explanation of a stakeholder power interest grid.

Keep Satisfied

Engage and Consult


Keep Informed

The Power Interest Grid is a tool that is used in categorizing project stakeholders with increasing power and interest in the project. The device is essential in focusing on key stakeholders who can contribute and those who are likely to break the project.

Creation and explanation of a RASCI chart. Both the grid and the chart must be captioned and referenced within the respective explanations.






Project Planning





Define Requirements





Develop options





Finish solution





R- Responsible

A- Accountable

S- Support

C- Consulted

I- Informed

Investigation of the Current Business System

The current business system at the organization has highly contributed to the violation rights of the citizens of New Zealand. This is because the organization has not taken proper measures to consult with the government so that an appropriate means to find a solution to the threat of terrorism. The government has used surveillance in most cases, which is not the necessary measure. In as much as the monitoring helps in maintaining security in the country, it deprives people off their right to civil liberties.

Analysis of Current Applications

In order to attain civil liberties for the citizens of New Zealand, it will be essential for the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management organization to find other means that will help in dealing with terrorism threats other than surveillance. This is because monitoring has proved to be one of the ways through which the privacy rights of people in New Zealand have been violated.

Requirements Catalogue

  • The functional requirements necessary for the organization include the following:

  • Business rules that will help in ensuring that the civil liberties of New Zealand Citizens are attained.

  • Authorization levels are also necessary as they will help in ensuring that the organization adheres to human rights.


In conclusion, the New Zealand government must ensure that the civil liberties of citizens in New Zealand are not violated at the expense of national security. The state needs to find some other means of enhancing security among its citizens other than surveillance which violates the privacy rights of individuals.


Basher, R. (2016). High stakes: disaster risk in New Zealand. Policy Quarterly12(3).

Blake, D., Marlowe, J., & Johnston, D. (2017). Get prepared: Discourse for the privileged?. International journal of disaster risk reduction25, 283-288.

Cui, X. (2016). The internet of things. In Ethical Ripples of Creativity and Innovation (pp. 61-68). Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Madakam, S. (2015). Internet of things: smart things. International journal of future computer and communication4(4), 250Hill, L. B. (2015). The model ombudsman: Institutionalizing New Zealand's democratic experiment. Princeton University Press.

Pinal, C., & Brackley, H. (2016). Natural Hazards in 2015. Lower Hutt, NZ: GNS Science. GNS Science Miscellaneous Series88, 44.

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