Case Study: A Mother’s Story by Rosie Batty


Abstract of Mother’s Story by Rosie
This article is about the Life of a Woman with a brave narrative account of her family abuse encounters. Although working valiantly, trying everything she could to defend herself and her son Luke, she witnessed the worst imaginable result concerning her ex-husband Greg's murder of their child, Luke (Batty & Corbett, 2016). Rosie has been an articulate and fighter against family abuse, capturing focuses and minds across Australia.

Review with a brief outline of the theme in Rosie’s book that I found most concerning 
The outline of the theme that I found most concerning is that in an attempt to defend herself and her son, Rosie had endured years of family abuse, and had interference and custody orders in effect. The theme determined is the inadequate services and being let down (Batty & Corbett, 2016). Family conflict behaviours often have the potential to greatly affect reactions from different agencies, which includes the system of justice, police department, and social systems. Batty outlined Anderson's history of sexual abuse against Batty as well as Luke. Anderson issued various arrest requests for violation of parole requirements for failing to attend the trial, several diversion orders and was also charged with child abuse offense (Batty & Corbett, 2016). Given this long background of dealing with the law, Anderson was nevertheless able to reach Batty, because he already had access privileges to Luke because of his parent, and in the process demean and harass him. While the eradication of family abuse is a goal for both the alliance and the Labor legislatures, support for health programs of women is not recognised in the budget of federal law. Because of this, many citizens feel that no change has been made in the treatment of abuse against women, following major changes in Australia, like the Sexual, Violence Security of Family and Law Improvement Bill 2016, revised to include greater victims protection (Valentine& Breckenridge, 2016).

In Rosie’s case, if the man would have been raised with a sense of respect towards women, he would not have ill-treated Rosie. The other theme of concern is when Batty described the many instances Anderson would make derogatory and demeaning comments about her and the many occasions he'd try to harm and destroy her, making sure she'd still feel subordinate to him, because he'd still be the one with the power and influence. Some use of techniques of violence and exploitation is a method of violence and control that abuses the weaknesses of the victim, establishes a atmosphere of terror and retains leverage over the victim. This continuing activity creates a revolving cycle of violence by which the perpetuator transforms the survivor into a fragile existence that is continuously dominated by emotional and psychological assault.

Understanding evolved from Rosie Batty’s about family violence is a social issue
It is among the most damaging experiences which affect women and children adversely. It has proved no less difficult to quantify the incidence of family abuse as a societal issue (Short et a., 2019). Batty's theory incorporates the concept of discursive differences about whether family violence is a "gender question" that played a crucial role in moving the discussion to a emphasis on the roles of the perpetrators of such abuse, which in effect helped to reframe family violence as a national concern rather than a private question that happens behind closed doors to nameless, predominantly female victimsThe most likely explanation for this is because much family abuse takes place in the home's safety, so only a tiny number of incidents are recorded. Batty talked about the nature of the family law court that has never been formed to consider or plan to cope with domestic family abuse situations that are in effect their main sector.

The ground of violence related to family is very complicated and, before it is too late, often perpetrators of family violence do not know they have the resources to seek support. With regards to family abuse, it is stated that certain people consider it challenging to comprehend whether a woman wants to remain in a abusive partnership. This poses concerns as to whether the woman is not actually fleeing the violent partnership, or more precisely in the case of Rosie Batty, many questioned why she was keeping her son next to his abusive father. Such queries, however, are counterproductive, because they do not answer the source of the issue. To Batty, it was not until she realized the necessity to visit a counselling group like ‘’Relationships Australia’’ and after speaking to a psychologist she started to believe that she was a survivor of domestic abuse. 

Prevention of family violence as a social responsibility according to Rosie Batty’s book 
Prevention measures for sexual abuse typically consist of school-based counselling services and interpersonal violence in romantic partnerships (Jonge, 2018). Emphasis will be put on gender norms, standards and personal health as well as on interpersonal abuse laws. Initiatives to deter abuse that threatens men and boys are proliferating rapidly.  Engaging people and boys in the reduction of aggression demonstrate successful and creative approaches for the main reduction of domestic violence, sexual assault and other types of misconduct and abuse (Oehme et al., 2016). This integrates ethnicity, masculinity and abuse analysis with case reports from a broad number of countries and environments. This research would encourage activists, educators, and policy-makers to identify, review, and enact policies and approaches that engage men and boys in interventions to reduce violence against women by cross-disciplinary analysis of these varied efforts. The author projects that the society is responsible and must be concerned regarding the domestic voilence as Everyone needs to be responsible and involved in stopping this terrible scourge. The population is accountable and must be worried about the violence at home, because everybody must be vigilant and interested in preventing this awful plagueSociety should stop buying a myth that often people are helpless to resist lashing out, are driven by anger to abuse, or actually do not understand the severity of the damage they inflict

Adopting Batty’s approach to critically frame the practice in collectively working together to prevent family violence across Australia
Batty's commitment to presenting activities strategically in working collectively to reduce aggression requires a positive environment and effective alliances that are key enablers in developing sustainable long-term acts.  For other health promotion initiatives, the mutual benefit health promotion strategy should be seen because it offers fair opportunities and prevents duplication of the initiative as well as funding. There are three key approaches to avoid family violence which involves Stopping family violence before it begins, stopping family violence after it happens, reacting to family violence's long-term impacts. The cumulative effect strategy can be used with the required criteria for certain health promotion programs. Society has to rise and speak out and move to stop men's abuse against women in Australia. When addressing domestic abuse in our area, we must refer to the Australian Government Council (COAG), which backed the regional strategy to mitigate violence against women and children.


Violence towards women is a big concern. It involves physical, emotional, and psychological abuse against women that encompasses both interpersonal and group abuse. Violence towards women is influenced by a variety of social determinants, such as patriarchal gender stereotypes, societal perceptions that promote abuse. This ssay is about a Woman's Life with a courageous narrative account of her experiences with family violence.Rosie had been named Australian of the Year in January 2015. This motivates us to fight against our people for our safety and betterment.


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