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Marketing in Global Context



SWOT analysis.





The tabular form of SWOT analysis.

SMART Objectives.

Personal and professional development plan.



Introduction to Claire Zohu

Aim of this assignment is to do a self-analysis of the personal brand and create some smart objectives for personal growth and career development. It also contains a clear implementation plan that identifies each action that specifies each action, who, what, where, when, how and why.

I am Claire Zohu, 37 years’ old women with two children. I come from Hefei which is the capital city of Anhui Provincein China. I completed my graduation from Chinese university while my husband graduated from Tasmania University in Australia. I shifted to Tasmania is 2009, shifting to a new place was a very difficult task. Everything was new for me, the culture, food, lifestyle of the people and so on. I used to feel bored with the new place as I was not habitual of it. Initially, I was feeling worse but then I realized that if I will think like that then I will never be able to make it my home so I started thinking positively. I never lose any hope even though I wasn't settled properly but to keep myself into some work so that I don't feel that isolation and cultural change I joined work in a local company.

I worked there for five years and then I started my company in the tourism sector. It was one of the biggest career moves and was not easy. Establishing a new company at a new place with less technical skill was a difficult task. I was nervous as to how will it work but everything is now well settled and the company is generating revenues. It is not a big company but I have a head office in Tasmania and other branch offices in China. I have a workforce of 25 people, 6 in China and rest in Tasmania. The aim of my company is that we provide the best services to our clients from china who are willing to visit parts of Australia to Tasmania.

My company has hired a tour bus and some guides to visit the clients as a memorable one. The vision that I see for my company is that we become a global tour and travel company by 2030 through giving some good life experience to our clients. After spending so many years in Tasmania and being an owner of the company now I can say that living in this place has now become a walk in a new park. It is never too easy to adapt to a new location but time heals everything and so it did for me. I am happy to stay here and love this place as it has given me a lot both in personal and professional life.

I think this is not it, I need to become a good leader, have to improve my professional skills, have to make my company reach its goals and for this, the very first step according to me is to analyze myself and set the objectives after analyzing things to plan out my career and personal development.

Swot Analysis

I conducted a SWOT analysis of myself. I know it is a process to determine strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in an organized list to improve oneself (Gürel and Tat 2017). It is like the way I look hard in the mirror every day to find what I am good at and which things I can make better for myself. It is very important for self-analyzing things to improve myself and to know which external factors can undermine my efforts and how can I fight with them by my qualities.


My strength is that I can determine the potential of the business and know how to apply the resources available to get the most of out of it. The best think about me is that I am curious and ask a lot of questions because I believe that for increasing knowledge it is important to ask questions. The moment I stop being curious I think that would be an end to my career and growth. At the position at which I am right now, I have to make certain decisions for the company to create strategies and goals and for it, it is important for me to think deeply on every little aspect. Thus I introspect things deeply (Gürel and Tat 2017). I never get afraid of the competition rather I am more interested in finding solutions for my company. I do exercises regularly to keep myself healthy and fit. In my leisure time, I love to read books and increase my knowledge of the world. 


My weakness is that I am a bit straight forward to the employees. If they are not performing well, I directly say that and it destroys the relationship that I had made with my employees and their motivation towards work. I take slip-second decisions in comparison to other leaders of the company and this is another disadvantage of me. Because sometimes these decisions are found to be good for the company and sometimes they do not. I accept that I lack professional skills. I find it very difficult to communicate my ideas and concepts with others(Madsen 2016). I feel shy when I have to address a large mass of the population. I am not a good orator and even find difficulty in speaking English as it is my second language. These are the reasons why I fail in building a relationship with the stakeholders of the company. My other strength is that I am empathetic about people I understand their problems and challenges experienced.


There is a vital opportunity in the market for women entrepreneurs and I being one of them it feels great to be acknowledged for the work. I can convert the market into niche one by targeting the right group of people who loves to travel. I must blend the technology concepts in tourism because people are getting technological addict and they are satisfied with the companies that provide them everything online. I can learn these technologies and can also provide training to my staff members (Sarsby 2016). I can start English learning classes as it will help me in running the business smoothly without the help of the others. It will help me increase my knowledge and communication skills at the same time. I will go in the market and will try to communicate with the native people ere it will help me improve language.


I lack in engaging my team to work together because of poor leadership qualities. I do not even possess goodmanagerial skills required to boost the employees of the organization. I have poor knowledge of accounting and do not know how to recover the payment from others all this is because I used to work for a very small company where I did not get the opportunity to explore myself and improve in areas where I lack which include professionalism and management. Apart from this, I am a bit short-tempered; it is another threat to the organization (Madsen 2016).Being a mother of the two kids have a nurturing style of leadership qualities which is not appreciated in the professional world.

The Tabular Form of Swot Analysis


· Run the business properly.

· Allocate resources and make the best use of it.

· Curious about things.

· Have sportsmen spirit.

· Positive nature to look at things.

· Have empathy towards others.

· Good emotional quotient.


· Lack of communication skills.

· Lack of professional skills.

· No command over the English language.

· Cannot address large population.

· Take slip- second decision.

· Straight- forward in nature.


· Enter into new markets.

· Provide training to staff members

· Bring the new blend in technology.

· Target niche market.

· Increase knowledge and communication skills(Gürel and Tat 2017).


· Short tampered nature. 

· Poor leadership qualities.

· No managerial skills.

· No proper training because of lack of opportunity working in a small company.

· Have zero knowledge of accounting and finance.

Smart Objectives

Smart objectives are very important for both personal and professional life because they help in strategizing things well. It helps to build a better understanding of why the goals are important and how a person is going to achieve them. SMART objectives help in clarifying the ideas and helps in increasing the focus of the efforts(Bjerke and Renger2017). SMART objectives are divided into five categories which states a different story like the objectives must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and bounded by time.

Here are some smart objectives that I have planned for myself which I am going to complete in a year I will measure it by objective measurement and tracking tools like Trackstar, Weekdone, Asana and so on.

  • To create a balance between personal and professional life.

Being a mother of two kids it is very difficult to manage both home and workplace. I have to attend meetings and sometimes because of personal work either I have to postpone them or have to do it in a hurry which is having an adverse effect on both the lives neither I can become a good mother nor successful entrepreneur.

  • To improve my communication skills and become verbose in English

I lack the communication skills and thus is not able to establish a good relationship with the stakeholders of the company. I know that communication affects both operational and managerial qualities. Clear communication helps in achieving the goals of the organization, the ones I have defined to achieve.

  • To motivate employees of the organization

I have experienced that due to my straight forward nature many of the employees of the company have left the organization (Toffler 2016). Moreover, I do not motivate them by giving rewards or something of that sort. I believe that employees are the biggest strength of any organization. They can either make a company or destroy it thus my third goal is to motivate them to work exceptionally hard for accomplishing the goals of the company.

  • To improve public speaking skills

I lack in public speaking because my presentation skills are not good and I feel nervous when I see a large audience. Today, to lead in the world market it is very essential that I have the ability and the power to influence people towards me and my company. It can be done by improving presentation skills. 

  • Fulfilling needs of the family

While improving professional life and setting goals for it, it is equally important to do something for the family-like organizing family parties, dining out together or spending some time at vacation with children. Being a good mother I want my children and family to be happy always.

These were some of my SMART goals which I am planning to achieve within a tie bound of a year(Bradshaw and Echevarria 2020). All of these are realistic and can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Personal and Professional Development Plan

Personal and professional plan is a medium by which people try to develop their skills through strategies either by joining some training classes or less learning from the experiences of the others in the same professional field. Here is my professional and personal plan which I am looking forward to addressing in the coming days. In this plan, I have found some qualities and skills which I need to develop at some level (Perry 2017). These skills must improve from time to time and thus I have added a time frame within which I have to achieve these goals. Through evaluation of the SWOT analysis, I found that I lack in certain areas like communication skills, Team management, professional development, time management, decision making and so on. Through the personal and professional development table that I have created, I will be able to improve all the areas and become a successful female entrepreneur of the organization which I am running(Varlejs2017).


Areas for improvement

Action development

Time Frame

Proof or Evidence


I will improve on the English language.

I will join classes for improving English and some websites as well where I can learn grammar by giving tests every weekend.

6 months

It will help in communicating well with clients and other stakeholders(Riggs 2017).


Since I am short tamper thus I think that mediation can help me overcome this habit.

Along with the exercise, I will keep half an hour for the mediation as I need to relax from the busy schedule.


After some time, my biggest threat of anxious on small things will get vanished off from my life.

Professional knowledge

I do not have professional skills required for running a business.

I will try to attend seminars and explore how other company leaders are using techniques. I will try to improve my knowledge about finance and budget as well.

8 months

It will help me in improving the conditions of their company to help it sustain in the competitive world.

Time management

Lack in managing time. Gets stuck between personal and professional life.

I will start identifying and prioritizing meetings and try to attend the first and will also try to allocate the resources to the employees properly.

1 month

I will set the time-bound goals for myself along with the organizational targets.


No brainstorming of the ideas.

I will try to understand the needs of the clients and try to provide them with one of the best lifetime experience in Australia.

2 months

Plan services that will attract more travellers to the company.

Decision making

Make quick decisions within seconds without introspecting the consequence of it.

Observing the leaders and CEO of the other companies to take the effective decision in favour of the organization.

1 month

Contributing to making new strategies for the company to achieves its mission and vision(Ahmed 2018).


Lack of technical skills and operating new software's.

Install or hire IT professionals for transforming website.

3 months

Start using a more attractive website with a new blend of technological features.

Leadership qualities

Have a nurturing leadership style(Ragan 2018)

Will adopt a transformational leadership style

2 months

Feedback from the employees about my character will give evidence of the new style.

Conclusion on Claire Zohu Self-Reflection

It can be concluded from the SWOT analysis that I have some strength, some weakness and good opportunity in the market place to showcase my talent but there are some threats as well which can have an adverse effect on my life both personally and professionally. Through the analysis, I found one of mybiggest strength is that I take things positively and do not lose hope even in the worse conditions. I also found my biggest weakness that is I lack in speaking English due to which my communication is not strong but with the professional development plan and strategizing some SMART objective goals I am sure that I will be able to learn and speak English well. I have created five smart objectives to overcome the areas of improvement and has even created a professional and personal development plan to improve myself and achieve my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in Tasmania, Australia. I know setting goals creating development plans for career growth is easy but carefully working on it each day is difficult but I will be proactively working on these.

References for Claire Zohu Self-Reflection

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