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Principles of Professional Communication

Almorsy, M., Grundy, J., & Müller, I. (2016). an Analysis of The Cloud Computing Security Problem. Ar Xiv Preprint Ar Xiv:1609.01107.

In this particular research paper, the researcher is talking about cloud computing and its advantages and disadvantage. According to the author, cloud computing helps the organization to enhance their business models as they can easily incorporate information technology in the organization without much investment. However, this particular method is still not stable as it cannot promise the security of the data that is stored in this particular platform. The problem relating to security is quite complex as new elements have been added to the previous structure. The biggest advantage this particular technology has for the new organization is that the investment cost is very low and if the problems are assessed and solved in due time this particular technology can be very helpful in storing large organizational data. According to the author, the challenges faced by technology can easily be dealt with if the organization can identify the needs of its stakeholders.

Assante, D., Castro, M., Hamburg, I., & Martin, S. (2016). The use of cloud computing in SMEs. Procedia Computer Science, 83, 1207-1212.

In this paper, the author takes the reference of small and medium businesses in the European countries. The main concern of the author in this particular research is the global recession, according to him even if the small and medium enterprises have a very hard time surviving the global recession but still they are not ready to train their respected employees. However, cloud computing can help these small companies as this particular technology provides the organization with multiple opportunities and the proper gear to enhance the technological features within the organization. This particular research is quite familiar to the research in hand as in both cases new and small businesses are addressed. Although this is not the main reason for selecting this particular paper, the main reason behind choosing the paper was to identify how small organizations can fight the global recession with the help of cloud computing. This particular paper will help the organization to take the necessary steps to enhance its ways against a global recession or any other problem that interferes with the smooth functioning of the business.

Alshamaila, Y., Papagiannidis, S., & Li, F. (2013). Cloud computing adoption by SMEs in the north east of England. Journal of Enterprise Information Management.

This particular research is also about small and medium enterprises but the aim of this research is completely different from the previous researches that were studied. The study for this research is conducted keeping in mind the Technological, Organizational, and Environment (TOE) framework. The main aim of the researcher was to identify whether or not theses small and medium organizations can compete with the large organization, and how well a small organization can do if the cloud computing technology is implemented in the systems. The research finding showed that competitive pressure was not at all liable for the small companies to opt for this particular technology, whereas it was due to management, compatibility, uncertainty and other factors that make and organization implement cloud technology. Through this research, it was identified what were the key indicators for the adoption of this particular technology in the newly owned small business, and it will also provide the organization some key insight into how the business can get an edge over its existing competitors with the help of this particular technology.

Abdel-Basset, M., Mohamed, M., & Chang, V. (2018). NMCDA: A framework for evaluating cloud computing services. Future Generation Computer Systems, 86, 12-29.

In the given report the author tries to identify the various problems that can occur during choosing cloud computing, as multiple cloud computing software is present in the market. The author has identified that the demand for cloud computing software has increased significantly as the organizations want quick responses to market requests. However, there are many cloud service providers present in the market and the organization needs to know which particular cloud computing software will best suit their respected business. The research paper provides in-depth knowledge about different parts of cloud computing and which part can be helpful for the business process. Although the researcher aims to identify the performance estimation problem and enhanced quality of question there are still some questions that remain unanswered during the research. This particular research is quite beneficial for the business as it helps to understand which particular cloud computing will best suit our practices and also what will be the best alternative while choosing the provider for this particular technology.

Rittinghouse, J. W., & Ransome, J. F. (2016). Cloud computing: implementation, management, and security. CRC press.

In this particular book, the author has identified some of the reasons why cloud computing should be utilized for any business. Also, the authors talk about different variables that are necessary for the adoption of this particular technology. According to the researcher, one of the biggest reasons why this particular technology is being adopted majorly throughout the globe is because of the economic conditions throughout the world. The cost to implement this particular technology is quite low because of which the demand for this particular technology is quite high along with this the author has also observed other factors which might lead businesses to adopt this particular technology. Some of the factors are small installation cost and maintenance cost, flexible infrastructure, allows small scale businesses to use high-performance applications and many more. This will be very efficient if applied in the small scale business that has been newly established.

Obrutsky, S. (2016). Cloud Storage: Advantages, Disadvantages and Enterprise Solutions for Business. In Conference: EIT New Zealand.

In this paper, the author has identified the major disadvantages that are faced while using this particular technology. If it is a small newly formed business the owner needs to understand that if proper research is not conducted the company can incur heavy losses. Some of the disadvantages that can be identified from this particular paper are. 1) if the system is not fully compatible the vendors try to rewrite solutions for the same and because of that the business has to suffer in the long run. 2) Security is one of the major concerns while using this particular software. There could be a chance that personal information is stolen if the customer, in this case, the organization does not have complete control of this particular software3) bandwidth limitation is also one of the key problems one has to bear in mind while going for cloud computing, if the bandwidth speed is low it can be quite problematic for the organization to move solution from one place to another.

Chang, V., Kuo, Y. H., & Ramachandran, M. (2016). Cloud computing adoption framework: A security framework for business clouds. Future Generation Computer Systems, 57, 24-41.

For this particular research, the author identifies the framework which can enhance the security of the cloud computing system. For this particular article, the researcher has utilized cloud computing adoption framework (CCAF). CCAF is said to be majorly dependent on three technologies namely identity management, firewall and encryption. The encryption is purely formulated on the growth of the file or data shared and other sync technologies. In this particular research, multiple experiments were conducted to establish the strength of the CCAF security framework. The researcher explained all the basic technologies that might have been required for the establishment of this particular framework. In his experiment, he found out that this particular framework can detect and block up to 99.95% of the viruses and Trojans that were present in cyberspace which cannot be easily detected even with the best security system throughout the world. According to the researcher, this particular framework can be very helpful for big data services that are operating in the cloud server. This is the perfect framework to be established in any organization as it safeguards the business from potential cyber-attacks.

Varghese, B., & Buyya, R. (2018). Next generation cloud computing: New trends and research directions. Future Generation Computer Systems, 79, 849-861.

In this particular paper it was identified that cloud computing has drastically changed previously it was a single provider data server but now there are multiple providers of the same service. The infrastructure of this particular technology has changed drastically. In this research the author has deeply explained the infrastructure of this particular technology, they have also identified what will be the outcome of decentralizing computing from data centers. The authors have provided various theories about why decentralization will be an important asset to understand what the future has in store for this particular technology. The new infrastructure will directly or indirectly affect the people as well as the devices. This is directly linked to the given scenario if this particular technology is adapted in the organization it has to be altered or few modifications have to be made in the future, the organization should understand the possible changes that might be needed to address in the years to come so that the organization can be mentally prepared for the future.

Adjei, J. K. (2015). Explaining the role of trust in cloud computing services. info.

The main aim of the researcher is to identify what exactly is the role of trust while using cloud computing services. The research was conducted in the financial institution of Ghana. For this particular paper, the author took the help of previous research that was conducted in this particular field. In addition to this, the researcher also took the interviews and group discussion of people working in the 5 main commercial banks of Ghana. After the interviews and analyzing previous literature in this particular field the author established that the biggest factor that leads to the adoption of this particular technology is trust. Other factors are quite insignificant before trust. New organizations need to trust this particular technology. In this research, the author tried to impose the importance of trust that needs to be put up while using this particular technology. If the businesses want to use this particular technology in their own business it is quite necessary to understand the technology first then implementing it.

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